Author: Nikss

Chapter 10 : I Became The Male Lead’s Female Friend 

Translated by Niks

Edited by KBJ

“Look. They’re busy talking, so they won’t look here. They won’t know if we exchange peas with bell pepper secretly.”


I said to Rudrick, striking my chest proudly.




“They might find out if you keep dragging on. Come on. Okay?”


The more I urged him, the more he became confused.


There seemed to be a conflict between Rudrick’s mind that he should not break his parents’ words, and that he didn’t want to eat peas.


Soon after, Rudrick made his decision.


The victory was of course the pea-hating side.


“Well, then quickly…”


Rudrick’s hands trembled as we were exchanging.


It would have been even worse if I missed the plate and broke it, so I went ahead and changed Rudrick’s plate and mine to do the trick.


At first glance, my parents were still distracted by the conversation. I looked at Rudrick with a smile as if we had committed a perfect crime.


“It’s not that much, right?”


In a blink of an eye, Rudrick looked at the changed plate. Before he knew it, the peas were gone, and instead there were some pieces of bell peppers left.


Rudrick, who blinked his eyes in a daze, soon looked at me and smiled shyly.




Then he lifted the fork again and began to eat with a bright face.


Looking at him with a proud look, I also turned my head to finish eating.


Then I met my mother’s eyes.




My mother had been looking at us for some time.


My mother alternated between the plate of Rudrick and the plate in front of me and soon nodded as if she understood the situation. But when she saw the peas on my plate, she tilted her head in wonder.


I smiled embarrassingly at my mother like that. I shook my head slightly as if telling her to pretend she didn’t know.


My mother looked at me and quickly smiled and turned back to my father.

After sweeping my chest, I picked up the tableware again and started eating peas casually.


* * * * *


Claire Averine suddenly looked toward the children sitting.


Her daughter, Dahlia, might have thought that she had changed the plate without anyone knowing, but from the moment they started talking, Claire had already been looking at the children.


The two, who were whispering as if they were plotting something in secret, soon noticed her and secretly switched plates. There was food they couldn’t eat, so they decided to secretly change plates.


Claire laughed a little when she noticed the two children’s actions in an instant.


If you don’t want to eat it, you can leave it. Rather than leaving it, the decision to change plates was both funny and cute.


Anyway, Claire was tolerant of that, so even if she saw the two changed plates, she had no intention of scolding them. In fact, after changing the plate, Rudrick was eating better than before.


However, it was on the side of Dahlia that I became curious.




Weren’t they supposed to switch between foods they don’t like?


Claire looked back on Dahlia’s plate, wondering if she had seen it wrong. It was clear. There were five peas on it.


Before Claire could question it, she made eye contact with her daughter.


Dalia, who is quick-witted like me, smiled embarrassingly at her. And then she started eating peas without a hitch.


Claire tilted her head as she saw Dalia.


‘Didn’t Dalia hate peas?’



* * * * *


A few days later.


Rudrick glanced at the kitchen.


Dahlia, who had been playing with him until a while ago, was tired and asleep.


Dalia, who wasn’t really moving her body, was so absorbed in the puzzle that she said something mysterious, “I’m old now,” and soon reached out on the sofa.


She said, “Let’s get some rest,” and then she fell asleep.


Instead of Dahlia, Rudrick cleared the puzzle and looked at her sleeping face.


The face, which was always confident and naughty, looked like a lamb at the moment she fell asleep, and Rudrick muttered without realizing it.




He was surprised by himself and shut his mouth.


What else does it mean to be pretty? He said he couldn’t even talk when Dahlia was awake anyway. In addition, if she was awake, there was no other frustration.


Rudrick sighed, regretting the impulsive words he had spoken.


But he meant it. Dahlia used to tell Rudrick he was pretty every time, but she looked prettier in his eyes.


Her healthy atmosphere and lively face were much better than Rudrick.


Nevertheless, Rudrick couldn’t be honest.



‘Because I’m ashamed, I’m embarrassed, and I don’t know if Dahlia felt burdened.’


‘Let’s stop thinking.’


Rudrick shook his head to shake off all the thoughts.


Instead, he left the sleeping Dahlia and left the room. The place he headed to was the place he had been to before. It was the dining hall.


Dahlia seemed pretty tired of playing with me. She might be hungry when she wakes up, so it would be nice to prepare snacks to eat when she wakes up.


In fact, it would be right to call a servant to bring Dahlia’s snacks, but Rudrick didn’t want to wake Dahlia, who was sleeping so peacefully.


That’s why he’s heading to the kitchen himself.


To be honest, Rudrick didn’t know where the kitchen at Averine’s mansion was.


However, he knew he was going in the right direction because he heard someone say the kitchen was close by.


And Rudrick’s guess was right.


‘I found it.’


When he followed the footsteps of the servants going back and forth in the dining hall, there was a large space that looked like a kitchen.


Rudrick, who visited the kitchen as planned, hesitated in front of the kitchen without entering.


Because he was wondering what kind of snack he should bring for Dahlia.


‘What would Dahlia like?’


He wanted to bring Dahlia’s favorite snack. Dahlia had a clear preference of food she liked, so when we eat a food she likes, her face brightens.


In addition, he wanted to see Dahlia smiling brightly while saying “Thank you, Rudrick” when he brought her favorite snack.


As a result, he had no choice but to think more seriously, and at last, Rudrick came up with a memory.


‘Because I like peas.’


That’s what Dahlia said in the dining hall just a few days ago.


Dahlia helped me a lot at the time.


Actually, Rudrick couldn’t eat peas very well.


He’d eat most of the food, but he couldn’t stand the bitter taste that spread in his mouth whenever he ate peas.


However, if he made it obvious that he didn’t want to eat it, Rudrick would get in big trouble.


His father hated when Rudrick was picky. He sometimes asked if he was old enough to be picky, and he often looked at him pathetically.


Rudrick also agreed with his father. I’m not a couple of years old, I’m nine, and I’m still a fool who couldn’t eat.


That’s why Rudrick couldn’t answer Dahlia immediately when she asked him if he hated peas.


‘You might be disappointed.’


Like his father, who looked at him as pathetic whenever Rudrick couldn’t eat peas. Dahlia might also see him that way.


When he imagined that, Rudrick became depressed. Until now, Dahlia has been kind to Rudrick.


Ever since we first met.


Dahlia was the only one who listened to him carefully and laughed at him saying, “It’s okay.”


So, Rudrick did not want to disappoint Dahlia, who had just met him, more than his father.


Nevertheless, in the end, he told the truth because Dahlia told her secret honestly.


‘I can’t eat bell peppers.’


Saying so, looking over the plate she was pointing at, there were indeed some pieces of bell peppers left there.


Then Rudrick was a little embarrassed. She trusted him and told him honestly, but he lied because he was afraid Dahlia would be disappointed.


But she didn’t show signs of disappointment, or rather made an unthinkable suggestion.


“Do you want to trade?”


It was the first deviation in Rudrick’s life.


In the first place, Rudrick couldn’t even imagine. He wasn’t brave enough to disobey his parents’ words, so he even cheated on food that couldn’t be exchanged for another’s plate.


But Dahlia did it too easily.


Rather, it seems strange that he feels embarrassed. Dahlia, who changed plates with skillful hand movements, smiled with a trustworthy face.


‘It’s not a big deal right?’


As she said, maybe everything he was embarrassed about felt like “not a big deal”, so Rudrick thought for a moment, even though his heart was pounding.


‘It’s fun’.


“Duke Bouser, what’s the matter?”


Rudrick, who had been lost in thought for a moment, looked back in surprise at the sudden voice.


He thought he knew the face from somewhere and it turned out to be the maid from Dahlia’s bedroom.


She walked in and out of Dahlia’s room a few times, but she hadn’t spoken before, so Rudrick shrank for a moment.


But he needed someone’s help to get Dahlia’s snack, so Rudrick took courage and looked up.



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