Author: Nikss

Chapter 11 : I Became Male Lead’s Female Friend 

Translated by Niks

Edited by KBJ

“I- I want to… bring a snack to Dahlia’s room.”


“If you had pulled the rope, I would have brought it to you. Do you have any snacks you want?”


The servants of Duke Averine were different from the servants they had back home at Bouser Duchy in this regard.


Unlike the servants at Duke of Bouser where they only do their jobs then disappear, Duke Averine’s people would talk warmly like this.


‘I heard that the atmosphere of the house resembles the owner, and that’s right. Unlike the gloomy and cold-hearted house of Bouser, Averine’s seemed to have a more familiar and soft atmosphere all over the house.’


Rudrick honestly admitted the difference between the two houses with a relaxed mind.


“Because Dahlia was sleeping… a snack with peas would be great.”




The maid blinked and tilted her head in confusion.


“Oh Madam! She had been looking for food with peas in it lately. I’m sure she made something in advance… would you like to come in?”


Since the kindness of the maid was a little burdensome, Rudrick tried to refuse, but he entered the kitchen without realizing it, attracted by an unknown atmosphere. 


Mumbling an unknown word, the maid opened the kitchen door to Rudrick. 


Soon the eyes of the servants in the kitchen gathered on Rudrick.


 “Oh, Duke Bouser? What are you doing here?…”


“He’s here to get a snack. Bessie, do you have a dessert with peas?”


“Wait a minute. There must be something that was just baked.”


There were not many people in the kitchen because it was a long time after lunch, but some were busy working on dinner ingredients.


While Rudrick was looking around the kitchen curiously, someone started talking to him.


“Oh, you must be good at eating peas. You are admirable.”


Rudrick looked at the person that had spoken to him. She was a middle-aged woman wearing a mottled apron.


“I know. My lady makes a fuss about peas.”


“Oh my God, really. She used to leave a lot of peas in every food, the chef suffered from headaches because only peas were left on the plate.”


“Wow, I can’t believe how hard it was to secretly mix the peas in my lady’s food.”


“When will she stop being picky about food?”


The faces of the kitchen servants who said that were all full of affection, so Rudrick smiled when he saw them.


It was because he felt uncomfortable with what they said.


‘Dahlia couldn’t eat peas…?


But Dahlia clearly said,


‘Because I like peas.’


So what does that mean? Did her taste suddenly change?


Maybe. They were talking about the past as if they were reminiscent of the past. Dahlia may have hated peas when she was young.


‘But now, I’m not sure…’


Rudrick, who was mumbling to himself, felt his heart beating strangely fast. 


And the feeling got worse when I met the Duchess of Averine.


“Oh, where are you going?”


Rudrick was on his way back to Dahlia’s room with a ‘Special Black Bean Pound Cake’ that the maid boasted.


In the middle of the day, the maid said, “Do you want me to bring it to your room?” but Rudrick refused, because his nervous beating heart wouldn’t calm down and he wanted to get out of there.


‘Yes, if I’m feeling uneasy, I could ask Dahlia. She would certainly be honest with me.’


On his way rushing his steps with such anxiety, Rudrick met the Duchess on the way to Dahlia’s room.


A gentle smile hung on her slimmer face as if she resembled Dahlia.The Duchess, looking at Rudrick, soon turned the pound cake he was holding.


“Oh… I’m going to eat it with Dahlia.”


“Really? Why didn’t you call the maid?”


“Dahlia was sleeping so I’m afraid to wake her up. I want to bring it separately…”


“Good boy.”


Then the Duchess gently patted him on the head, and he felt his face was burning.


“Is this a pound cake?”


“Yes, it’s a special pound cake made of black peas.”


“Black peas…”


The Duchess said, tilting her head.


“Did her taste buds change after that last time?”




“Dahlia hates peas.”


The Duchess, who said that, was thinking about something else and couldn’t see Rudrick’s expression. Soon after, she smiled and nodded.


“It wasn’t long ago, but… But if she likes peas, that’s a good thing.”




“Then enjoy your meal.”


To the silent Rudrick, the Duchess patted him on the back and left.


Rudrick stared blankly at her back as she was moving away.


There were many thoughts in his head. From what he had just heard in the kitchen, to the convincing words of the Duchess, that “Not long ago.”


Nevertheless, one of the biggest question in his mind was 


‘Why did Dahlia lie?’


And the question didn’t go very far.


A few days ago, with Dahlia’s gaze looking anxiously at Rudrick, the words she said came to mind.


‘If you don’t like it, you can leave it.’


‘Then shall we change?’


The words she said rumbling in Rudrick’s head got worse, he felt dizzy and nauseous.


Rudrick raised his hand and pressed hard near the pounding, beating heart. He murmured quietly, 


“I feel like throwing up.”


The first thing Rudrick did was denial as the reality that he had turned a blind eye to what was in front of him.


It’s not that she had fun, there must be some circumstances.


But in the end, Rudrick had to admit it.


‘Dahlia really hated peas.’


When Rudrick arrived in the room with an upset heart, Dahlia was already awake.


Dalia, who was playing with her feet alone as if she was bored, saw Rudrick enter the door and her face brightened. Looking at Dahlia’s face, Rudrick felt his trembling heart calmed down.


‘Yes, it’s useless.’


Dalia seemed to like him, so even if there was a little misunderstanding, their future relationship wouldn’t be different from before.


The illusion of Rudrick, who brainwashed himself like that, was soon broken.


It was because Dahlia, who was smiling broadly at the pound cake that Rudrick brought, saw the black peas in it, and soon had a troubled look on her face.


Her expression disappeared like an illusion, but he didn’t miss the short moment, and Rudrick soon stiffened.


But Dahlia didn’t seem to notice it.


‘To be honest, I don’t like peas’


Rather than saying that, she broadly smiled at him, pretended to really like peas and began eating deliciously.


“How did you think about bringing something like this? Thank you.”


When she thanked him, he felt strangely calm instead of the usual excitement and he couldn’t say a word.


Probably from then on.


Rudrick started to look at Dahlia carefully.


The usual Dahlia was no different from the Dahlia that Rudrick knew.


A person who is more honest with her feelings than anyone else, kind enough to sympathize and respect the other person’s heart, and has no hesitation in sharing love with others who grew up being loved.


But there was a time when she was the only one who lied.


It was when Rudrick was hesitant about something.


‘What should I do?’


Dahlia had a habit of asking him first before choosing anything.


At first, he remembered that it was difficult, because Rudrick had rarely ever chosen something by himself.


Even if he chose, what he wanted had never come true. He had to move only as his father wanted, like a puppet.


So, when Dahlia waited for him to make a choice for himself, Rudrick eventually had no choice.


Because he kept hesitating about what to choose and whether it was really okay for him to choose.


However, even though Rudrick always hesitated for a long time, Dalia was neither frustrated nor rushed him.


He looked at him calmly as if she understood, and soon she would choose an option that Rudrick couldn’t choose for himself.


‘It was really magical.’


‘And all the options that Dalia chose for me were things that I liked, so I thought that Dahlia might have similar tastes to me.’


‘But that wasn’t it.’


Dahlia didn’t use magic to read his mind.


Ruddrick, who had been watching Dahlia for a while, soon noticed.


First, she asked Rudrick for his decision, and then she looked at his reaction to choose what he would like.


As if she had chosen it herself so that he wouldn’t feel burdened.


That is why he enjoyed being with Dahlia.


‘Because they all fit me.’


When did that start?


From looking at Dahlia, she seemed quite accustomed to fitting herself. Like a person who has been acting like that from the beginning.


He stopped thinking about it for now and just watched her eat, but a while later Rudrick was forced to ask a question.


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