Author: Nikss

Chapter 12 : I Became The Male Lead’s Female Friend

Translated by Niks

Edited by KBJ 

‘Will Dahlia be happy and have fun with me?’


If Rudrick was the only one who enjoyed it, he had to do the same for Dahlia, even if there were things he hated to do.


‘Wouldn’t you get sick of me because I’m boring?


Rudrick closed his eyes for a moment.


It felt like his feet gave out completely.


* * * * *


Rudrick became weird.


It’s ambiguous to say that something has changed, but it’s definitely different from before.


I had been observing Rudrick for a long time, and I could tell something was definitely different.


Our innocent Rudrick wasn’t like this. 


He couldn’t just think by himself without hearing me like this!


“Rudrick? Rudrick!”




“What are you thinking so hard about?”


Usually, when I said this, Rudrick would be surprised and say while blushing, “Oh, it’s nothing.”


But rather than blushing, Rudrick, who had changed, did not answer.




He just stared at me without saying anything.


The gaze seemed strangely deep and depressing, so he would smile lonesomely and shake his head a little before I noticed anything strange.


“It’s just…”


Then he left behind such vague words.


I was dumbfounded and couldn’t understand him. Rudrick fell into his own thoughts again, and in the end, if I didn’t say anything, it was time to part with each other.


Even today, I let him go without asking, ‘Do you have anything to worry about?’, but I was stuck in a room for a while and tried to find out why Rudrick was different.


Something was definitely wrong.


What was strange was that, for example, I felt that Rudrick was hiding something.


Not long ago, Rudrick didn’t hide his feelings, even though he might not tell me.


No, to be exact, it would have been true that he couldn’t hide it.


Rudrick didn’t seem to know that his emotions were revealed through his facial expressions or moods. I also thought that he was too young to hide his feelings.


But did he grow up in just a few days?


These days, Rudrick showed me how he hides his feelings in front of me as if he realized it.


‘Was it only that, or rather, are you looking at me carefully as if you are observing me now?’


‘Rudrick, observing me?’


Just like I did to Rudrick not too long ago.


There were several reasons for such behavior.


In my case, I naturally observed Rudrick because he didn’t want to express himself, and I usually did it to check his feelings or intentions.


But for that reason, Rudrick didn’t have to observe me. I’m not hiding anything from Rudrick, and I’m not even looking for anything.


It didn’t take long to find out that it was my mistake.


“Are you eating peas now?”


It hadn’t been a long time since I was eating with my family, and my mother suddenly said something unusual.


Somehow today, I was filtering out the peas, feeling that the peas were piled up on my plate, and I naturally answered my mother’s words without much thought.


“It’s the same as before. But, didn’t you know that?”


Yes, my mother couldn’t have known. I hated peas.


Although I was sorry to see Rudrick forcibly eating peas, I lied back then. In reality I didn’t like peas very much.


I could eat them if I had to, but I didn’t want to put them in my mouth.


When I was young, I used to leave peas at every meal, which made my parents feel sick. I was a little older now, so I tended to eat them sometimes.


And my mother, who watched my entire growth process next to me, couldn’t have known it. No, I could say that she knows better than anyone else.


Then why are you asking that question all of a sudden?


As soon as an unknown sense of anxiety passed through her mind, mother tilted her head and said with a puzzled expression.


“Oh, then why…”




“Because you changed plates with Rudrick and ate them.”


Did we get caught?!


I almost jumped up in surprise, but with desperate will, I barely dropped a spoon. However, I could not hide my shocked expression, so my mother’s smile became deeper.


“Uh, how did you…”


“If you exchange them so openly, wouldn’t anyone know?”


“What? Who exchanged what?”


Of course, my father, whose eyes were wide, seemed to have no idea.


I thought our parents would not be able to see it because they were busy talking, but I felt like my face turned red naturally because I remembered the past, I told Rudrick that we would never be caught.


I asked my mother to change the conversation quickly by fanning my hand to cool my heated face.


“No, it can’t be helped… But why?”


“Well, a few days ago, Rudrick gave you a black bean pound cake.”


For a moment, I was stunned and stiffened.


“Oh, how did mother know that…”


“We met in the middle of the hall. My daughter doesn’t like peas, so I was wondering why Rudrick was carrying a black bean pound cake. I thought you were finally not picky about food, but it was still the same.”


“Well, wait a minute. Then…!”


I asked carefully in a trembling tone, cutting off my mother’s words as if she was truly sad.


“Have you… told Rudrick? That I don’t eat peas?”


“Huh? Of course…”


My mother, who was talking, soon covered her mouth as if she realized something. Looking at the reaction between Rudrick and mine at that time, She seemed to roughly guess the situation.




“It looks like I made a mistake.”


Only then did I know.


Why did Rudrick’s attitude change at some point?


Rudrick found out…


‘That I lied to him.’


In no time, the atmosphere in the dining sank.


My mother was looking at me quietly, and my father, who still didn’t know the situation, looked at me with a confused expression and asked strangely.


“Why are you so pale?”


When I found out that I had been caught lying to Rudrick, I was about to apologize.


‘Maybe he was offended.’


It wasn’t like I didn’t know how Rudrick felt.


Even if I did it for him, I still lied.


Rudrick believed me and brought a pound cake made of black peas for me, but how absurd it must have been to hear that I hate peas.


Perhaps he was suspicious that I lied in other situations because of this incident. So you must have observed me as your personality had changed suddenly for a few days.


I understand. And I know what to do.


But when the situation comes, why can’t I talk?


“Rudrick, I need to talk to you for a second…”






The day after I heard the truth from my mother, I called Rudrick up without delay.


I was in a hurry and couldn’t organize everything I would say, but in any case, all I had to do was admit my fault and apologize.


But when I stood in front of him, I started to think strangely.


‘What should I say?’


I don’t really like peas very much, but I lied when I said I like them?


Why did I lie? I think Rudrick doesn’t like peas, so I’m going to change it. 

Did I look like I couldn’t even eat peas? Oh, no, you look troubled. I’m just being considerate.


What if you are offended, saying that you didn’t need such consideration?




In the end, I couldn’t talk anymore and parted with Rudrick like that.


As a result, it was unavoidable that my relationship with Rudrick became awkward.


I was convinced that I couldn’t take the opportunity to apologize on my own, and since Rudrick was still observing me and shutting his mouth, it was natural that our relationship wasn’t the same as before.


I wonder if even our parents would notice that our relationship was awkward. Later, the Duchess of Bouser even asked me directly as if she was worried.


‘Did the two of you have a fight?’


I reassured the Duchess, saying that we weren’t fighting, that it was something I had done wrong and that we would reconcile soon.


However, the Duchess couldn’t help but hide her troubled expression.


And my mother, who was guessing the rough situation, seemed to feel responsible for the awkwardness between us.


One day, she said something vague in passing words.


‘Trust your mother.’


Most of the people who say these things don’t solve things, they grow more…


But at that time, I also nodded my head silently, because I was also troubled with Rudrick.


I realized later that I should have stopped her.


“Shall we go shopping?”


As I was sighing, thinking about how to spend time with Rudrick today, my mother gave us a strange suggestion, different from usual.


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