Author: Nikss

Chapter X : I Became The Male Lead’s Female Friend

Translated by Niks

Edited by KBJ


Rudrick was bowing his head to see the menu that his mother put out, so his face was hard to see. However, it seemed to me that he was in trouble because he couldn’t order easily and hesitated.


Looking at the scene, I swallowed and a sigh came out.


‘I knew you’d be like this.’


At this rate, it was obvious that any menu would be picked up and served to him.


Even after our mothers rang the bell and ordered herbal tea.


The two of you were waiting for us leisurely, but for Rudrick, the wait was bound to be endless.


He’ll be so nervous that he won’t be able to say that he doesn’t like the food he picked.


It must have been, if it was Rudrick that I know.




With a firm mind, I quickly stepped in before Rudrick spoke.


“I don’t really want to eat cake today, can I just have some tea and fruit?”


My mother looked at me wondering about my words.


“You’ve been so impatient to eat sweets before.”


“I ate too much dessert earlier. I don’t think I could eat any more.”


“Well… right.”


Even though my mother nodded, she still seemed unconvinced. She might wonder why the kid who once only ate dessert for three meals didn’t want to eat suddenly.


In fact, as my mother responded, I was confident to eat dessert here and eat dessert again when I got home.


But today my purpose was not to eat dessert.


“Then do you want milk and honey in your tea?”


Still, my mother asked me, she was worried, and I shook my head firmly.


“No, just give it to me. Rudrick, if it’s hard to choose, how about the same one as mine?”


Then naturally, I asked Rudrick so that he could choose the same menu as me.


Rudrick was reluctant to let others know his preference, so I couldn’t even come forward and let them know that he hated sweets.


I couldn’t recommend the menu secretly because I didn’t sit next to him as usual, so I let him choose the menu after me.


I wondered if it would be possible for Rudrick to eat fresh fruit and bitter black tea. Unlike sweets, Rudrick was quite good at eating bitter ones.


I looked at Rudrick with a glance asking if he was okay. As usual, hoping that he would nod his head shyly, with his brightened face.




But Rudrick looked a lot different from what I expected.


Rudrick was staring blankly at me.


Rudrick, biting his lips and looking at me with trembling eyes, seemed to be shocked by my actions, and he couldn’t talk for a while.


Soon after, Rudrick slowly opened his mouth.




Rudrick’s voice was trembling without fail. At that moment, I intuitively felt that something was wrong.


And my anxious premonition was not wrong.


“Why are you lying?”


* * *


When I heard Rudrick’s words, I was lost for a while and finally came to my senses.


The teaspoon in my hand has already fallen to the floor, but I asked back in a trembling voice without thinking.


“A lie…?”


There were many excuses.


As my mother said, I really had a lot of dessert before I came here.


And even though it was a famous dessert store, there was nothing to be disappointed if I didn’t eat here today.


And so did fruits and black tea.


Although I didn’t enjoy the bitter taste of black tea, it wasn’t something I couldn’t eat. 

Rather, if only Rudrick was okay, I was willing to eat it deliciously with him.


Yes, it wasn’t dessert that mattered to me.


‘Spending a good time with Rudrick. I was thinking that a certain amount of concession was necessary for that.’


I can just say it as it was.


‘Oh, what should I do?’


My mind was already blank.


“It’s true… I had this much dessert at home. Right? Mom?”


“Yes, you did…?”


I smiled awkwardly and stabbed my mother in the waist. Then, my embarrassed mother, like me, nodded nervously.


But my desperate excuse didn’t work.


“You can eat sweet things as much as you want.”




“You said you’ve had cake all day. Was that a lie?”


Did I say that…?


I thought desperately when I said that, but I couldn’t remember anything as if someone had erased it in my head.


Did I say that when Rudrick was having a hard time eating dessert, when I ate his share? Or did I talk about everything I couldn’t say normally?


But that’s not what matters. I tried hard to smile and appease Rudrick.


“I was just, I was just saying. I’m a human being, and sometimes I’m sick and tired of…”


“I mean beans.”


I just stiffened.


“You said you hate it.”


” …”


Rudrick gave me a resentful look.


I couldn’t face Rudrick and looked down at the table. His tightly clasped hands were shaking a little enough to turn pale.


‘…I have to tell you.’


Weren’t there any words I have prepared? At that time, I said I couldn’t help it, and he seemed to hate it, so I wanted to help him.


No, it’s not that, I have to apologize first.


I’m sorry I lied. I think I shouldn’t have made a fuss. If it was unpleasant, I wouldn’t do it again.


Determined, I raised my head to speak again, and I stopped.


Before I knew it, Rudrick’s eyes were filled with tears.


“You why… did you do that?”




“Are you trying to keep up with me while hiding what you don’t like?”


“Rudrick, I…”


When I tried to speak in a hurry, Rudrick shook his head and continued.


“I know, it’s for me.”




“I know…”


Rudrick paused for a moment. He lowered his head and bit his lips to the point that it became pale, and his hands almost reached out without realizing it.


But Rudrick was faster than that.


“I’m not happy at all.”




“The things Dahlia does for me are just annoying.”




“If I think that Dahlia was holding up for me, I couldn’t stand it. Because I’m not enough, I’m making it hard for you because I’m not enough… I hate myself so much.”


What Rudrick’s thought of me, when I heard it for the first time made me suddenly dazed.


I didn’t know that Rudrick was thinking that way. I only thought my one-sided consideration was uncomfortable, but I didn’t expect it would have made him anxious like that.


I tried to apologize in a hurry.


“I’m really, really sorry. I don’t even know that…”




But it was Rudrick’s calm tone that stopped me.


“I have one thing to ask.”


Rudrick looked up and at me. His face, which had been kept hidden, was revealed under a bright light.


His face, which had become pale, was soaked with tears, and then he smiled.


Like when he says ‘Thank you’ to me, with a sad expression.


“Did you really enjoy being with me…?”


Rudrick was asking.


I only looked at his face vaguely.




Did I have fun? Of course.


If it wasn’t fun in the first place, I wouldn’t have been with Rudrick until now.


But when I found the light of doubt in those eyes that had lost trust, I lost the power to answer.


‘Would you believe me?’


If he knew I had lied to him so far, would he believe my “delighted” word now that he realized that I had adjusted every step for him?


Maybe you would doubt it. He would continue to doubt whether it was really fun for me to be with him, and whether I was lying ‘again’.


But I still have to talk to you.


Even if he didn’t believe my words, or even if he didn’t believe me for the rest of his life, I had to tell him my sincere feelings.


It was fun, and I also liked being with you.


“I’m sorry for showing you ugly things. I’ll be out for a while.”


By the time I came to my senses belatedly, Rudrick was getting up from his seat.


As he stood up, the Duchess, who was watching us with a confused look, raised herself. But I was the one who moved before that.




I stood up and blocked Rudrick from walking out.


“Let’s talk a little more.”




“You haven’t heard my answer yet. Right?”


However, Rudrick’s rejection was tougher.


“I’m sorry. I think it’s hard to talk right now.”



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