Author: Nikss

Chapter 15 : I Became The Male Lead’s Female Friend

Translated by Niks

Edited by KBJ


Rudrick turned around to face me.


He was in so much agony, he couldn’t make eye contact with me. He looked like a person who was scared to hear the answer.


I unconsciously reached for him.


But it was a mistake.


It was obvious what would happen if I tried to force him to stop being so sensitive.


But then I stopped holding Rudrick’s arm.


“Rudrick, I never really did that… with you I’m…!”


At the sudden contact, Rudrick was frightened and shook my hand.


There were two more things I have overlooked.


One was that Rudrick’s was stronger than I thought, and the other was…






The herbal tea that our mothers ordered first, was just coming into the room to be served.


There was such a thing…


The tea is hot but I feel cold.


‘Wow, I really didn’t expect that.’


At first, I couldn’t understand the situation well.


Obviously, when I saw Rudrick trying to avoid me, I felt a sense of crisis, so I reached out and grabbed his arm without knowing it.


I still remember the look in Ludrick’s eyes when we made eye contact after he shook my hand reflexively.


His eyes grow in surprise and the feeling of despair passing by.


At that time, I had only one thought.


‘Rudrick’s stronger than he looks.’


He just shook my hand lightly with a thinner arm than mine, but my body was pushed back.


Maybe he was so surprised that he couldn’t control his strength.


That was a good enough reason why he would shake my hand so strongly. 


If that didn’t happen, I would have stumbled and held my balance, or I would have hit my butt on the floor.


But I was more unfortunate than that.


Rudrick pushed me at the same time that a clerk was approaching our table with the tea that our mothers ordered.


My body, unable to balance itself, collapsed and bumped into the clerk…




As I bumped into the clerk, the tea spilled onto my arm.


I heard that if a person was too surprised, they couldn’t  feel their senses, and that’s exactly the case that was happening to me. At that moment, I felt a chill and came to my senses when I saw the tea dripping on my arm.


Until then, I didn’t know why my mother was making a fuss.


But when the pale clerk brought a towel soaked in cold water and put the towel on my arm, I realized and felt the burning pain.




It was a tearful pain. I wondered if this was what it feels like if someone took my arm apart and burned it.


However, if I cry and scream from pain here, my mother, who was about to collapse, would pass out, so I kept up with the pain and endured not to cry.


Meanwhile, a storm came into the store.


Not only the store manager but also the restaurant owner ran hurriedly and bowed to the point where their forehead touched the floor, begging for apology.


It was surprisingly the Duchess who created such an uproar.


‘Bring in the knights.’


The Duchess, who helped my mother that was about to collapse, calmly gave instructions. She called a carriage that could be used immediately and sent a quick servant to contact our house.


Soon after, the knights waiting at the entrance of the store came in. I was transferred to them on piggyback, recklessly.


Even in my vision blurred by pain, I looked around unconsciously. It’s because I suddenly remembered Rudrick.


‘Would Rudrick be okay?’


We were in the middle of a fight before this mess.


Are you still angry or worried? He must have been surprised as much as my mother was, because everything happened so suddenly.


I looked back with a troubled heart.


‘What if Rudrick, who has a tender heart, would fall like my mother?’


Thinking that if I make eye contact with Rudrick, I should smile, telling him that I’m okay.


But I couldn’t laugh.


There stood Rudrick, with an expression I had never seen before.


Rudrick was looking at me with an expressionless face like a doll that has erased all his emotions, he was looking straight at me without hesitation.


* * *


‘What kind of drama was this?’


At the height of the argument with Rudrick.


I couldn’t believe that the hot tea spilled over my arm.


It was a wonderful coincidence that someone would misunderstand me as the heroine.


“Fortunately, there won’t be any scars left.’’


My house went wild when I got hurt.


As soon as my father, who had been away from home, heard the news, he ran to the house, paying for the expensive gate fee.


When my father arrived, my mother had already shed some tears, and I finally got up with a fever, lying in bed and grunting.


Later I heard that my father almost fainted on the spot when he heard the news.


My father called all the famous doctors to our territory, or all over the capital, to examine me.


I also did not forget his threat ‘If my daughter doesn’t get well, I would not be able to spare my life.’


Perhaps thanks to that, my wounds healed quickly.


Although I have a healthy constitution, the doctor said that fortunately, the temperature of the tea was not that high and that the burn was not serious.


‘But you’d better be extra careful for a week because you don’t know when you’ll have aftereffects or secondary infections.


In the past life, people always assumed the worst situation and said it, and the doctors here were no different.


That made my parents even more terrified.


‘Dahlia should be on probation for a week.’


And my parents, who listened to the doctor’s words, gave me a week to recuperate.


It was in the name of lying in bed and taking ‘iron stability medicine’.


‘I only hurt my arm!’


On the first day of the burn, I groaned in pain, but a day or two later, the pain subsided and I quickly got better.


If anyone sees my situation, they might think that I have burned the whole body rather than a burn on my arm.


I want to take a light walk because I’m bored. My parents said with a rare serious look on their faces.


‘If you try to sneak out, you’d be grounded for a month.’


My parents’ determined decision to add this threat forced me to cry and stay still in bed.


‘I’m bored.’


My arms were a little throbbing, but I had nothing else to do but lie in bed and look up at the ceiling.


So it was natural that I had a lot of thoughts.


For example, what happened at the time of the accident, how I got into an argument with Rudrick, and when I had a tea spilled on my arm, and my surroundings that I couldn’t care less about because I was so distracted at that time.


Above all, it’s because of Rudrick’s expression that I saw last time.


‘Why would he have that look?’


He had a strange expression.


It’s an expression I’ve never seen from Rudrick before, even while I was observing him.


His face turned pale with his eyes wide open in surprise, and his tight lips made him even look like a corpse because no blood seemed to flow.


‘Did the accident also surprised you so much?’


It was definitely surprising. It happened while we were arguing right in front of his eyes, and there’s no way he wouldn’t be surprised.


But Rudrick’s condition looked worse because he was terribly surprised.


It was me who was injured, but it was Rudrick who was more likely to fall and collapse.


Rudrick, who was trembling with his fists clenched to the point where the bones stood out on the skin, somehow went beyond being shocked…


‘He seemed fed up with fear.’


Thinking so far, I shook my head and shook off my thoughts.


‘It’s gone too far.’


Yes, it wasn’t my injury that brought fear to Rudrick.


And no matter how much I thought about it, it was just my guess. 


Only Rudrick knows the truth.


So, I could ask Rudrick when we meet again.


Although we’ve gone beyond awkwardness and fought recently, I’ve been attached to him so far. 


Would he visit me?


But reality came.




I counted every day and waited for Rudrick to visit me.


Of course, my parents, or even Duchess Bouser, come to see me every day.


I wasn’t bored because of them, but it felt very different from waiting for Rudrick’s visit..


Above all, there was a story that we couldn’t finish. I have to see you no matter what…




Are you really not coming?


I could understand if something went wrong at Duke of Bouser residence. But to say that, the Duchess of Bouser was stamping her attendance at our house every day.


So what happened to Rudrick?


Are you sick? Are you hurt? Or do you feel bad? Are you still mad at me?


Or did you feel awkward because of what happened a few days ago?


There were a lot of things I wanted to ask, but I couldn’t even see a single strand of  the person in question.


Frustrated, I grabbed Duchess of Bouser and asked her why Rudrick wasn’t coming.


‘…I’m sorry.’


She said this and made an ambiguous smile.


I couldn’t ask any more details because that smile seemed somewhat apologetic and confused at the same time. But that situation has already been going on for a week.


It’s been a week!


Now I was on the verge of coming to Duke of Bouser’s residence.


‘I’ll make sure to see your face today.’



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