Author: Nikss

Chapter 16 : I Became The Male Lead’s Female Friend

Translated by Niks

Edited by KBJ


Today was the last day my parents talked about, but I couldn’t help but move.


I really wanted to make sure with my own eyes that Rudrick had not taken a single step into our house so far, and most of all, I felt like I would never see Rudrick forever after this day.


If he really didn’t come, I would have to run into Bouser’s mansion. I sneaked out of the room with that determination.


As I crept past the parlor, with a careful sound of footsteps, I heard some people’s voices leaking through the slightly open door.


“Aren’t you going to see her again today?”




My eyes widened as I looked through the crack of the door.


Rudrick, who I was so worried about, was sitting in our parlor.


‘This kid?’


He’s not just sitting there. He sat there sipping the tea my mother had given him, with a very peaceful face!


I felt like a fool for worrying about him all this time.


Was it just my imagination that I thought we were close until now? Or did our relationship break after fighting?


The words “again today” means that he’s been coming here so far. What? You mean you didn’t want to see me, and you’re pretending to come and visit purposely?


‘I’m really disappointed, how frustrating!’


I was about to rush straight into the parlor without any plans in mind, just to face him. Suddenly I heard Rudrick’s quiet voice.


“… because I don’t have the courage to face her.”




I froze while holding the doorknob.


‘What?… What are you talking about?’


Without having time to think deeply, I heard a voice that said the answer to the question in my head.


“It’s not your fault.”




“It was just an accident.”


The owner of the low voice was my mother. My mother spoke in a soothing tone.


However, Rudrick still had no answer, as if he wasn’t convinced.


I couldn’t see his face properly because he bowed his head, but he looked like he was holding something back, as I saw the teacup he held shaking lightly.


Since then, a different story has continued beyond the door. However, I couldn’t even enter the parlor and had to hold the doorknob for a while.


Only then did I know why Rudrick didn’t come to see me until now.


In addition, the meaning of the expression Rudrick made at that time.


‘He was feeling guilty.’


When I grabbed Rudrick’s arm, he was surprised and shook my hand without realizing it.


‘You think it’s your fault’


The reason why Rudrick avoided me was simple.


‘Because in his mind he was the one that hurt me.’


I don’t know why he thought so.


Wasn’t it my fault in the first place? I was the one who grabbed his arm to stop him from avoiding me. 


Don’t tell me he was feeling guilty for letting go of my hand.


I simply thought that the reason why Rudrick didn’t come to see me was because he was “awkward” or “shy,” and I never thought it would be because he was feeling “sorry.”


However, if you think about it, Rudrick’s behavior was more consistent.


For example, his face when he looked at me as if I was out of my mind because I was tired, why did he feel ‘frightened’ from that expression? And why he couldn’t even step into my room since then.


Rudrick was probably scared.


‘He’s blaming himself.’


Anyone else would have done the same and vented their anger, saying, “What do you think of me?” Strangely, Rudrick also said that, and I could understand him.


Because he has an exceptionally delicate personality. He would have blamed himself for everything.


‘What should I do?’


After belatedly realizing the truth of the incident, I missed the timing to enter the parlor and dragged myself in front of it, and then returned to my room.


On the way, I met some of the servants and was in risk of being caught escaping from the room, but there was no time to worry.


Before I knew it, my head was full of worries about how I could meet Rudrick.




When I returned to the room, I closed the door and leaned back.


I didn’t have time. Today was the last day of my parents’ probation, and Rudrick must know it.


That means after today, I’ll be free to walk outside the Room.


Rudrick, who came to the mansion while I was on probation, was more likely not going to come to our mansion to avoid meeting me.


‘Yes, that might work!’


It’s a little shameful, but maybe it’s time for me to cover up the fire?


After making a decision in a short time, I ran into bed.


This way you could definitely hear me.


I sprawled down on the bed and raised the blanket to the end of my neck.


Then, holding both hands tightly and giving strength to the stomach as I learned in the music class, then take a deep breath and shout loudly to the maximum voice I could produce.




I cried.


“Ahhhh! Mom! Dad! “


And cried!


  * * *


This was the idea I came up with.


‘First-hand victory!’


Let’s cry first!


There was a deep concern about using this simple but clear method.


At this age, I felt ashamed of having to do this, and I felt uneasy about what if I got caught.


However, this was the only way I could think of.


As a result of crying out loud, plucking my head and thinking over and over again, I suddenly recalled the memories of that day.




It was the day when I came to my senses after I burned my arm.


The pain, which would have been hard for an adult, was not enough to be endured by a child’s body, and as a result, I was feverish and couldn’t wake up for a day.


Sometimes I remember the noisy surroundings, the stinging pain in my arms, the cold towel on my forehead, the feeling of a cloth that wipes my soaked body in sweat, and finally…


‘The little warmth.’


When the disturbance around me died down and I was sleeping comfortably, I remembered the feeling of someone holding my hand tightly.


It wasn’t too long, and I wasn’t even sure if my memory was correct at that time because I was dizzy and confused.


So I wasn’t paying much attention.


Only a few people could sneak in and out of my room. I just thought that my parents might have come to see me for a while.


However, I changed my mind only after hearing strange words from my mother.


She said that, ‘The maid saw Rudrick come out of my room in the middle of the night… ’


I was surprised. It’s amazing that Rudrick sneaked into my room, but what I’m more surprised about was…


“You stayed up all night?”


‘Because I was worried about you, Charles said that she would stay overnight. I saw your fever drop and went back in the morning.’


‘That’s… I see.’


My mother said sadly, but I couldn’t afford to agree with her. I realized it at the moment.


The feeling that he quietly held my hand in silence.


It was Rudrick who held my hand.


‘So I thought you’d definitely come to see me.’


But neither the next day nor the following day, Rudrick didn’t show up for a week.


In the meantime, I was worried about what was going on, but only after I knew the truth, I could feel it dimly.


Rudrick won’t come and probably won’t meet me unless something happens.


Then shouldn’t I make something happen?


‘Pretending to be sick!’


When I was in pain and couldn’t come to my senses, Rudrick came to me on his own, so I thought I could create a similar situation this time.


However, I didn’t want to get hurt by deliberately aggravating my wound, so I finally came up with faking an illness.


To be honest, it was a risk-taking method.


Beyond the fact that if I get caught in the wrong way,  my parents would get angry and increase the period of probation, and in the worst case, my relationship with Rudrick would end.


It’s not because I couldn’t think of another way or a better idea. However, it’s like water that was already poured, and now I have no choice but to act with all my might.


And surprisingly, my acting worked smoothly.


“Miss? Miss! What happened to you? My Lord, Madam—!”


”Dahlia! Does it hurt a lot? What should I do, my baby… ’’


“Get the doctor quickly!”


The impact of my faking illness was greater than I thought.


“Hurry up and get the doctor!”


My whole family was in a state of chaos in no time, and my parents, who ran anxiously, were so surprised that their faces turned pale.


Just before the regret of “was it too much?” When I saw my parents, I turned my head naturally to the familiar presence that I felt outside the door.


Then I realized once again that I was right.


There stood Rudrick, who I was trying to see so much.


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