Author: Nikss

Chapter 17 : I Became The Male Lead’s Female Friend

Translated by Niks

Edited by KBJ


When I finally saw Rudrick after not seeing him for a while, he looked very thin feeble.


When I saw him from the gap in the door, he looked fine because he was far away, but it was different when I took a closer look at his face.


His pale face, his cheeks, and dark circles draped under his eyes clearly showed how hard he had suffered.


After seeing his face, I couldn’t help but feel upset. But I desperately had to pretend that I didn’t know he was there.


Because meeting him alone later was my goal.


“Well, I don’t know the exact symptoms, so I made the medicine a little bit stronger. It can be more intense than the previous medicine, so sleep well today and take painkillers and sleep inducing drugs…”


The attending physician produced the prescribed medicine and made up the medicine in a hurry.


Of course, he, a competent doctor, was puzzled seeing my wounds that were no different from yesterday, but thanks to my desperate movements and the initiative of my parents, I ended up crying and took the medicine.


Somehow, I gave a heartfelt comforting word to him, and I noticed the sleep-inducing medicine among the medicines he was giving me.


‘I shouldn’t take that medicine.’


I pretended to be sick and managed to create an opportunity for Rudrick to secretly visit my room, but I took medicine like before and fell asleep, so I didn’t intend to lose the opportunity and fell asleep again.


Fortunately, I remembered the fact that my doctor gave me medicine one by one for lunch and dinner, so it wasn’t hard to find the sleep-inducing drug among the medicines.


I grabbed the sleep-inducing medicine with my thumb. Then I pretended to drink the water that my father handed over with the medicine, and when I returned the cup of water, I hid the medicine under my sleeve.


And because of my meticulous behavior, no one seemed to know that I hid the medicine.




I hoped that time would pass quickly.


And as if heaven was helping me, things went smoothly. This was because my parents did not stay in my room for a long time and left quickly because of the doctor’s request that I should ‘have a good rest.’


I lay alone in such a quiet room for one moment.




I was looking at the ceiling and staring in wonder.


Even if I didn’t take sleeping pills, I was getting drowsy because of other medicines the doctor made me swallow.


Most of all, thanks to my constitution where I could sleep when my head touches the pillow.


I thought he wouldn’t come right away. 


But I couldn’t even know when he would come.


No, would he really come? Maybe I was mistaken?


Or maybe Rudrick remembered my doctor’s request and he doesn’t come to my room, hoping I’ll have a good rest? It seems like a long time has passed, but maybe he was already gone? 


When I glanced at the window, the sun was setting aside. Rudrick, who came to visit the mansion, usually used to return to their house during this time…


‘Ah-no. He would surely come. I should trust him!’


I shook my head and made up my mind.


The reason why I suddenly fell into negative thoughts was probably because I was lying down on the bed. If I’m doing something else, I won’t feel depressed and time may pass quickly.


I made up my mind and jumped out of bed right away…


Tackle, Tackle—


I fell flat on my back.


Suddenly, I heard the sound of footsteps, and I pulled up a fuzzy blanket. I was a bit embarrassed by the unexpected surprise, but at the same time, I was happy with it.


Because I was convinced.


‘It’s Rudrick.’


Rudrick is coming!


My heart was pounding.


I was excited to hear the footsteps.


As my footsteps got closer, the sound of my beating heart got louder and louder.


I gulped down my dry saliva, and pressed down my trembling heart, then closed my eyes and waited… Soon after, I heard the sound of the door opening.


Rudrick entered my room.


I tried to open my eyes right away. If I caught him sneaking into my room, I don’t think Rudrick could get out anymore.


I could hear a low voice.


“Why did you throw it away?”


I jumped out of my bed.


‘Ho-how did you know?’


I definitely thought that I hid the medicine well carefully, but was that my mistake?


No, but the Duchess and even my parents who were close to me seemed to have no idea of what I did earlier.


They seemed to be seriously worried, and before they left, they were so worried and anxious about me.


But Rudrick, who was farther away than my parents, noticed it?


‘No way!’


Was it also an ability of the male lead?


Does he have vision that transcends humans?


Or maybe… Did my parents notice too? 

Maybe that’s why they asked Rudrick to visit me because I couldn’t properly do the ‘acting show’ and they felt sorry for me. So was there any hidden camera?


Indeed, all my thoughts seemed to have been driven at that short moment, but not long after I realized that all my thoughts were wrong.


When I lifted my trembling eyes and looked at Rudrick…


I met his blue eyes that looked embarrassing just like me.


That’s why I was able to know instinctively.


‘You’ve caught me!’


Maybe Rudrick was half-confident before he opened the door?


I don’t know how he noticed the trick, but he must have seen me hiding one pill by chance.


However, he wouldn’t have been convinced of my uncomfortable appearance of being sick, he wouldn’t be sure unless seeing me after I calmed down.


So he must have come here.


Of course, there may be things that I’m worried about, but the scene he saw would have been more annoying.


And as if my guess was correct, Rudrick carefully brought it up.


“…Were you faking being sick?”


I couldn’t even deny that…!


I thought I would at least be caught by my mother who was quick-witted. I didn’t even think that Rudrick would be the one who would notice me, nor even think that Rudrick would look at me like this.


What should I do? Should I make excuses? Or should I apologize first?


After thinking about it for a while, I decided to be brazen at this situation.


”Didn’t you know?”




As if he knew what I was thinking, Rudrick remained silent, expressionless, neither positive nor negative.


I was anxious about the silence, and I said, thinking to get to the main point.


“I’m sorry to make you worry. But I wanted to see Rudrick even this way. Rudrick I …because I wanted to talk to you.”




“You know why I wanted to see you alone, right?”


At the moment, Rudrick stiffened and nodded gently.


“Yes, I know.”


I was a little puzzled why his face looked so determined, but I quickly convinced myself.


Yes, it would be embarrassing for him to bring up the past. Furthermore, we were arguing until the moment I was burned, so it would be even more annoying for him.


But coming all the way to my room on his own means that Rudrick wants to finish this talk, right?


After a long time, I opened my mouth with a heartwarming smile at the feeling that Rudrick felt the same way I did.


“I was talking at the dessert shop before…’’


“I don’t want you to see me anymore…”




I looked at Rudrick with my eyes wide open.


Rudrick also stared at me and blinked blankly.


We’ve been facing each other for a while. In a moment, the words he said were automatically played repeatedly into my ears.


You don’t want to see me anymore… You won’t meet me anymore…


”I don’t want to!”


Suddenly, Rudrick flinched and trembled at my jumpy appearance.


But once the lid was open, I was an unstoppable runaway locomotive. I huffed out of bed and immediately stood in front of Rudrick. 


Rudrick also didn’t avoid me even though his body would stiffen.


I bent my knees and looked into Rudrick’s face and said earnestly.


“What are you talking about? What do you mean you don’t want me to see you anymore?”




“Are you kidding? No way because of my injury? That was an accident. It wasn’t Rudrick’s fault…”




Rudrick stopped talking to me.


“I’ve been thinking about it.”




“Why does this keep happening and why Dahlia needs to be hurt.”


“That’s… ‘’


“It’s all because of me.’’


Before I could even say anything, Rudrick quickly continued.


He looks desperate, as if he would burst into tears at once, and I had no choice but to stare at Rudrick.


“Because of me, you forced yourself to endure, you got hurt because of me… ”




“It was peaceful until you met me. It’s like I broke the peaceful life of Dahlia, so…’”


Rudrick took a short breath. Like a person who spits out words that he never wants to say. He bit his lips hard and gave out the last word.


“It’s good for you not to meet me anymore”


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