Author: Nikss

Chapter 2

Translated by Tam

Edited by Mata-san


Reincarnating in the novel, makes me grow up really well. 


I was worried about how to spend my boring childhood because it’s my second time in my life. Surprisingly, the baby’s life was very busy. I had to learn from the beginning how to keep my arms and legs moving at my will, how to sit down, stand up, walk, and so on.


Unlike my previous life, I grew up with an adult mind and I was amazed by the change in my body.


Certainly, until yesterday, my short sausage-like arms stretched out differently from day to day, and when I had one or two teeth on my thin gums, I suffered the urge to bite anything like a dog. Still, the reason I was able to grow up safely was thanks to the help of my parents. 


My new parents were nice people. Of course, like the daughter of a high-ranking noble, I was mostly raised by a nanny. However, my parents showed infinite interest because I was the first daughter, and they spent time with me often.


My father was a small and blunt person, but his character was friendly, and my mother was an elegant and caring person enough to be a good example of a noble wife. 


It’s just like a handsome and beautiful picture. 


I still remember it now. When I opened my eyes for the first time, I saw a colorful beauty. The joy I felt when I found out they were my parents!


 ‘Genetics are the best.’


I drooled with a shameless smile. According to the nanny I was a mix of my mother and father, and so I couldn’t sleep because I was looking forward to my future beauty. I was smiling whenever I saw my parents because I like to see beautiful men and women.


 My mother poked me in the cheek, wondering, ‘Childrens cry often.’ 


And here’s what she said next. 


“Oh, it looks like our own butt.”




“You know what? Your father’s butt is very firm.” 




I didn’t want to know that……


After I was born I just learned my father’s big secret, and I was sweating a lot of cold sweat. The nanny, who represented my heart, said, “Madame, the young lady can hear you.” She said to her but my mother can’t help and just laugh so hard. 


The elegant and beautiful mother seemed to be a little weird, different from her appearance. No, to be exact is not just a little, it is by a lot. It wasn’t long before I found out that my mother was surprisingly playful and funny. One day my mother came into my room with my father with a bright face.


My father looked at me quickly and smiled brightly even though he was busy. When I saw my father, I thought I was going to die because I remembered his “firm butt,” but I was holding it in and acting cute at my father. The mother, who smiled at the sight of such a friendly father and daughter interaction, suddenly made a suggestion. 


“Shouldn’t it be time to decide on a nickname for the child?” 


My father immediately glows at that moment. 


 “That’s good. Do you have something in mind?”


Father and mother were a couple who rarely used honorifics for each other. It is said that before become the Duke, it became a habit to honor each other by making a knight’s oath to my mother, who was a princess of an allied nation. 


It’s a really lovely couple, so if you see them talking, you’ll smile…




…..And I didn’t. 


“Because it’s Dahlia, shouldn’t the nickname become Darling?”


I dropped my pacifier that I was biting. 


‘How does Dahlia become Darling?!’


Suddenly, when I looked toward my father’s side, my father was already thinking. I heard that my mother has a playful personality even when she was single, but I think she is a bad girl who likes to tease others despite her personality. 


My mother said to my father with an indefinitely lovely smile. 


“Please call her like that.”


‘My opinion. How about my opinion!’ 


My mother looked at me in my struggle and smiled brightly. 


“Oh, our daughter must be happy, too. She reacts so lively as soon as she hears it.”




I wanted to cry right away, but I felt so comfortable after eating baby food and snacks a little while ago. 


Eventually, I shook my body to the point where the bed was rattling to complain, but I had no choice but to stop when I heard my mother once again.


 “Come on, Dahlia’s urging you.”


I don’t think I can communicate with my mother. I looked back at my father as the last support. Father may know that I don’t like my nickname.


Father, can’t you see it? My face, my raised eyes, my shaking fists! My father looked down at me sensibly at my earnest gaze. My father, who had been facing me for a while, opened his mouth as if he had been possessed. 


“Da…. Da…. Da…”






My father closed his eyes and said, “…… I’ll call you later.” 


My mother covered her mouth as if she was upset. 


“Sure.” After that, he made all sorts of excuses as if he wanted to escape the situation quickly, and then he said, ‘Since I’m busy, I’ll be leaving then…”


My mother covered her mouth and looked at my father’s back. Suddenly, there was an evil laugh that came out of my mother’s mouth. My mother who took care of me spoke with sincere joy. 


“Isn’t your father so cute?”


 I looked at my mother with blurry eyes. ‘How evil.’




‘Can… can we get along?’ 


– Contrary to my worries, I was able to adjust quickly between my little wild parents.


I also resemble my mother more as I am really the daughter in the house. 


This is because I also followed my mother, including making fun of and teasing my innocent father.


My mother and I got along really well.


I was often acting cute and asking my father to give me a nickname, as well as the most difficult question for parents as ‘Where does a baby come from?’, I used to ask the same question which would make him sweat right away.


Of course, every time my mother would say in front of my father, ‘Should we make a brother for her tonight?’ I used to help the teasing. It was a routine for my father to run away blushing. 


There were many difficult days, but basically, we were a harmonious family. I wished for this peace to last long.


But God didn’t hear my pleas.


“Charel is coming to the capital.” 


“…the Duchess of Bouser?”


“Yes, what the hell happened…”


As I was eating a cake at the moment, I suddenly stiffened up.


To be exact, after hearing the word “Bouser,” I was looking at my mother and father and putting down my fork.


Even my mother rarely looks dark. 


Normally I would have worried about my mother and ask her what was going on, but now I had no choice but to just bite my lips while listening to the two stories.


Duke Bouser. 


The place of the male protagonist ‘Rudrick Bouser’.

The fact is that this is the world in the novel and in this reality I am a supporting character shortened my breath.

The fact that Duke Bouser is coming is a sign for the first meeting between me and the male lead is coming soon.

“Is the Duke Bouser coming with you?’

“No, Charel alone brought his son.”

In addition, I knew why my mother and father’s face were dark.

The average male lead in a novel has a bad past. On the other hand, it is good to give the hero the probability of falling into the heroine, and the rescue narratives are also people’s favorite relationship moments.


And the male lead of [The Silver Lady], ‘Rudric Bouser’ did not deviate from this rule either. 


Whether going to war or acting as a Duke at an early age, there were countless misfortunes happening to him, but the first of them, “the total mess family,” was about to begin. 


He wouldn’t…


“They must have had another fight.”


Does this misfortune happen when Duke Bouser is having an affair?

Unlike my parents who got married while dating, the Duke and Duchess of Bouser married according to their families interest.

It was often called ‘political marriage’. Something common among the nobility. 

In my previous life, my mother and father relationships were common, but there were very few cases here.

Perhaps that’s why the Duchess of Bouser used to envy my mother, her best friend.


“If he also treats me kindly…”


The Duke Bouser was cold-blooded and merciless,  worthy of the nickname “The Cold Duke of the North.”


His character remained unchanged in front of his wife.


The Duchess knew the nature of the duke and still married him, so she had no complaints about it. Rather than that, the Duke who kept public and private affairs separate respected the Duchess, so the two would get along very well.


….if the Duke didn’t cheat.


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