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The cute dress with laces, decorated with ribbons, was an ideal dress that could be called a collection of ‘Dahlia’s tastes‘.


When I was a little kid, I used to wear a dress with a design like this and Rudrick was so cute wearing such a dress…


I don’t know if I ate too much meat or if I ate too much dessert?


At some point, my body started to grow, and after that my body became much larger than my peers, and I could no longer wear such a dress.


It was also due to the fact that my face got a bit bigger and I was embarrassed to wear it.


Still, the lingering regret was that Dahlia kept a dress that didn’t fit her size deep in her closet.


But just yesterday, the moment I discovered this dress, I suddenly remembered it.


‘Yes, let’s put this on him!’


That’s what I’m gonna make Rudrick do!


However, it was a pity that he would not like to wear a dress, so I came up with a variety of ways to do it and I was proud of myself for thinking of such a method.


How plausible it was. Having Rudrick as a mother and wearing this dress in the name of ‘to immerse himself in the role’.


However, Rudrick’s defiance was formidable.


He laid out various reasons for why he shouldn’t wear a dress, and when I was covering my ears, he finally complained, ‘Why should I be the only one perfect?’


But I couldn’t keep quiet so I replied with a serious nod as if agreeing he had a point.


“Okay. Then I’ll dress up perfectly as a man, right?”


In my imposing reply, Rudrick was eventually dragged away by the maids with a crumpled face.


And now that Rudrick was changing in the other room, I asked another maid to help me dress up as a man.


Just like Rudrick’s first time dressing up as a woman, in fact, it was also my first time dressing up as a man.


It’s not like I never imagined the heroine dressing up, roaming freely outside, disguised as a man, as it was often done in the novels, hiding her gender.


However, since I was born prettier than in my previous life, I wanted to try on a dress I hadn’t worn before, so I put that fantasy behind.


However, as I grew older, I resembled my warm-hearted father rather than my beautiful and elegant mother.


The maid who dressed me in men’s clothes put on a short wig on my head for the last touch.


It was brown, similar to my hair color, and somehow the wig was better.


“Oh, you look so good.”


The maid who helped me dress up was impressed.


Then I looked in the mirror in front. Where did the mischievous little girl go? Now there was a boy who looked exactly like my father reflected in the mirror.


“Wow, we look so much alike.”


Indeed, I was my father’s daughter.


They say that the first daughter of the family always takes after her father, but how could we be so similar?


It was only now that I understood the words of the nanny, who told me every day that, ‘The Lady was the same as the Duke when he was a child.’


So, while I was staring at myself in the mirror, amazed in my own reflection, a scream burst out from the other side.




“What do I-, what should I do?”


“Crazy, it’s really crazy!”


I looked back to the side where the sound came from.


“What- what’s crazy?”


The scream didn’t end once.


The screams that came in succession were certainly filled with excitement accompanied by surprise, and my questions deepened.


And before long the question was solved.


The main culprit who made the maids scream, opened the door and walked out.


“That’s crazy…”


And Rudrick, the main culprit, was like a blooming flower.


A blush bloomed on his small, pure white face, like a young seed that had just sprouted. As he blinked his long eyelashes, the withered leaves bloomed, revealing the blue jewel hidden within, reflecting the sunlight, creating a gentle halo.


And how lovely the petals wrapped around him underneath.


It was just a cute dress when I wore it.


The layered laces along the hem of the rich pink dress were like petals in full bloom, making him look like a beautiful flower.


In addition to that, there were many things that were lovely, such as the ribbon fluttering from the chest and the shiny cute ornament worn on the head. 


But I stopped thinking about it.


This was because while the bell was ringing in my ears, my heart dropped as soon as I met Rudrick’s eyes.




Was this the famous heart attack..?


But the damage was bigger than I thought. It wasn’t just a cute thud, but it felt like someone was beating my chest hard with their fists.


As I grabbed my heart and staggered, Rudrick’s eyes, who was staring at me, widened.


Then, as if startled, he also ran towards me, but it was so cute that I had to frown in agony.


“Dahlia? Are you okay?”


I glanced anxiously at Rudrick, who was helping me. Holding my ragged breath.


“Rudrick, stop.”




“Stop it.”




“How much cuter are you going to be? Until I go crazy?”


Rudrick stared blankly at me and muttered.


“No, now.”


Then I took off the ornament and ran away then came back to his side, and I hurriedly clung to his arm and shouted.


“Joke! You haven’t granted my wish yet!”




“You didn’t forget, did you?”


Rudrick’s body flinched. Seeing that his pupils were shaking, he must have forgotten.


But his eyes soon turned calm, as he thought he had already been surprised by dressing up as a woman.


Maybe the reason why I pushed for this so-called ‘game’ was because I thought I wanted Rudrick to dress up as a woman.


Since you’ve already given, you’re probably thinking that all you had to do was pass the time.


Of course, it was half right and half wrong.


Cross dressing was also important. Because I wanted to see Rudrick in his dress. But does he know?


‘From now on, it’s real.’


As I was thinking, Rudrick sighed in despair.


“Then what should I do?”


Dahlia looked at Rudric and smiled broadly.


“Rudrick, you want to finish this quickly, don’t you?”




My smile got darker when I saw Rudrick, who couldn’t bear to lie.


Rudrick stiffened as if it was quite meaningful for me, and I quickly fixed my expression and answered lightly.


“It’s simple. You just need to do this.”


* * *


After that I started explaining to Rudrick the situation I was aiming for in detail.


Rudrick listened to me with a pretty motivated face.


Contrary to the idea that he would wear it all day, I had a handful of hope when I bragged that I would finish it quickly if he did this.


But the longer I spoke, the more his expression hardened.


“Well, instead of working in the Imperial Family. You’re my wife, and for your information, we’re married for love.”


“…don’t you usually get married in an arrangement?”


“Let’s just say it’s a marriage out of love! Anyway, the two met at the founding festival about three years ago and fell in love at first sight. But, in fact, that woman was my only brother’s fiancee, and the older brother waa a garbage who plays with many women…”




“Heheh, anyway, the two of them overcame adversity and hardship well, and eventually got married. Do you understand what I’m saying?”




“In other words, we…”


“It’s called ‘Newlyweds’.” Dahlia spoke clearly.




“It was a difficult marriage, and the couple were dripping with honey.”


[Dripping with honey- I guess Dahlia meant a ‘lovely couple’.]


Rudrick understood what I meant, and his face turned red as if it was about to explode.


Oh man, you shouldn’t be embarrassed of something like this yet. I kept talking, pretending not to know, hiding my dark thoughts.


“So, you shouldn’t do it like a normal game. We have to act like we’re going to die and live together. Okay?”


“…I don’t think I could do it well.”


I banged my chest as if asking him to trust me.


“It’s okay. You just have to do what I tell you.”


Then Dahlia explained in detail what Rudrick had to do next.


From now on, what kind of situation are we going to play, and what kind of role he was in, and what actions he should take.


And finally, I clearly informed him that he must say this line.


Rudrick’s face, which had been listening to me in silence, slowly began to turn pale, and when he heard the last words, he freaked out and cut me off.


“What do you want me to do about it…!?”


“Now, do you understand? Didn’t you promise me? Then I’m leaving?”




Ignoring Rudrick’s desperate cry, I ran out of the room without delay. 


My heart pounded as I leaned in the front door.


All right, here we go. If you just open this door, the situation I’ve been dreaming of would unfold…!


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