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My mother looked visibly disappointed, but there was really nothing I could do for her.


I only know a little information from the original, I’ve never actually seen that sub male.


“I’ll look for him together. There’s nothing to do, and it’s better if there are several people looking for him!”


“Thank you. If you find him, please let me know.”


With that said, my mother turned around and hurriedly disappeared.


As I saw her back from afar, I seriously hardened as soon as my mother’s image was out of sight. It’s because I remembered a person I had forgotten for a while.


‘That’s right, Rudrick…!’


That kid Hayward wasn’t important now. Of all things, Rudrick ran out of the room because of my prank and was hiding somewhere in the mansion.


He was even…


‘He was dressed as a woman!’


Because of this, he might be discovered first by the people who visited, and walked around the entire mansion.


Especially if he was found by my parents or the Duchess, it’s over!


Unable to bear the shame, Rudrick may decide not to set foot in our house forever.


How would I make up with Rudrick again? Recognizing the seriousness of the situation, I rushed down the hall and started looking for Rudrick.


If it’s Jeron, it’s nothing, but I have to find Rudrick first and hide him.


Then I need to know where Rudrick was. If it’s Rudrick, where would he hide? Had he gone where no one could find it?


If that’s the case, then the garden, which people rarely visit, it’s perfect.


Then it’s perfect because no one would think of finding him there, right?


Dahlia hurried out of the mansion, just as she was about to enter the garden entrance.




Just in time, I found Rudrick walking out of the garden!




Jeron was mumbling in his dream-drunk eyes blankly.


‘Dahlia, dahlia, dahlia…’


How could a name sound so sweet?


Every single one of them was so lovely.


‘A white and smooth face, a small body that seemed to fit in my arms, thin and slender arms and pink lips that trembled as she said her name.’ (Jeron)


It was the first time I felt this way. It’s been so long since we parted, but the girl’s face was already imprinted on my eyes.


“Oh, was this what they call love…?”


Who would have known that he, who prides himself on being more realistic than anyone else, would fall in love at first sight.


Of course, Jeron, he didn’t even know it himself.


As if all the time I had lived until now was to meet that girl, every second I breathed felt unfamiliar.


After realizing that, Jeron wanted to see the girl even more.


The name of the girl I wanted to meet, even if we meet again, I’m still longing so much…


‘Let’s meet again!’


It had been less than a minute since the girl left, but Jeron quickly got up from his seat, resembling a child like someone he hadn’t seen in ten years.


Of course, it was him who didn’t know what to do because he was wandering around lost in the mansion.


But Jeron felt full confidence surrounding his body. It seems he would go anywhere wherever the girl was.


And the girl was also his goddess of fortune.


He moved only thinking about the girl, but before he knew it, he saw the entrance of the mansion.


For a moment, Jeron with his eyes wide open in surprise stopped, and covered his mouth. It was because the image of the girl could be seen from afar.


My heart, which had been pounding slightly, was beating crazily again.


Jeron felt it instinctively.


This must be fate!’ It was inevitable that he and the girl met, and that they met again…




But Jeron soon had no choice but to put on a dazed face.


Someone approached his lovely girl.


A boy with brown hair and calm red eyes. The high-quality luxurious clothes, perfect for his white height, made it clear that he was not of ordinary status.


But for Jeron, the boy’s identity and status didn’t matter.


Only the face of the girl who saw him, and the smile of the girl, who smiled excitedly, was engraved on his eyes.




Jeron’s head, blinded by jealousy, began to spin rapidly.


Who was that bastard for my lovely girl to give such a pretty smile? She was expressionless to him, or she only made an occasional impression on him.


Why smile for that guy?


Then, by itself, the Averine’s mansion behind them came into view, and at the same time, it reminded him of the conversation his parents had.


‘The Duchess of Bouser was also here.’


‘There’s also another kid here. I heard he’s the same age as Jeron.’


A boy his age who happens to be in Averine’s mansion. Yes, there could only be one.


The eldest son of the notorious Duke of Bouser.


“The Duke’s son…!”


Ugh‘, Jeron gritted his teeth grimly.


Still, I wanted to see just how notorious he was.


He had a warm yet gentle impression, contrary to the expectations that everyone would be reluctant to meet him as a horribly big bandit-like child.


He looked like an ordinary person.


He smiled familiarly at the girl, then immediately took off his jacket and draped it over the girl’s small shoulder, so gently that made Jeron grit his teeth harder.


Because the girl in that jacket was blushing!




To a girl who was so precious that I couldn’t even touch her fingertips!


The child of that playboy!!


What’s even more upsetting was that the boy and the girl looked so good together.


As if there was no room for him to intervene, that comfortable appearance, as if a deep bond had already been formed between them…


‘I see.’


Only then did Jeron discover the girl’s identity. No, maybe it was strange not to know.


There was only one main character in the stories that I had heard countless times during that time in this Averine mansion.


‘Princess Averine.’


Why? Why didn’t I meet the princess sooner?


In a way, he would have been closer to the princess before she met that bastard.


Why couldn’t we meet earlier than the bastard Bouser kid, who came from the north, why was the seat next to her taken already?


It’s too late to regret. The princess’ eyes looking at Bouser, it’s the first time I felt this way…


The way she blushes beautifully and listens to his voice, the eyes that sparkle like jewels, and how she sometimes bursts into laughter in front of him…


Really, it’s… It’s like a girl in love.


‘Oh my…’


Jeron stared at her with faint eyes.


The heart that was trembling with excitement earlier, was causing a tingling pain as if it was about to tear apart.


Jeron pitifully pressed down on his heart.


The owner of his heart, the cause of the first beating heartbeat.


‘My first love, the girl I found miraculously in the feast of green garden, who made me feel alive and made me happy from the very moment I met her.’




That’s how his first love ended.




As he ran out of the garden, Rudrick looked around him. Then, as he raised his head when he heard the voice he had been waiting for.




There stood Dahlia, the person he eagerly hope to be there.


As if searching for him urgently, Dahlia gasped and glanced at the entrance of the garden.


Then, when she finally found him, her eyes widened.


Seeing this, Rudrick realized that he was smiling.


He intended to show Dahlia that he was still angry.


Because this one was really too much. No matter how apologetic Dahlia was and no matter how much she comforted him, he wouldn’t easily let go of it.


However, that determination disappeared without a trace as soon as he saw Dahlia.


In fact, he was worried that just looking at Dahlia’s face he would forget his anger, but how could he pretend to be angry when he sees her sweating and looking for him anxiously?


It was a problem for himself to be particularly soft about Dahlia, but it was also a problem for Dahlia, who was endlessly affectionate at important moments.


‘How could I be angry if you do this?’


Rudrick, who was complaining inside, looked at Dahlia with a more excited expression on his face.


It was nice to see Dahlia again seeing how far away he was hiding, and he was also looking forward to what she would say to him.


Should I apologize? Or are you worried about where I’ve been? (Rudrick)


However, what Rudrick heard was the exact opposite of he’s expectations.


“Rudrick, hide!”




Something covered his head.


Rudrick blinked in bewilderment. Then, he muttered staring blankly at the clothes that wrapped around his upper body.




However, Dahlia, who approached before him, began to ask questions out of the blue.


“Rudrick, who did you meet?”




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  1. I’m reading this moment for a second time (the first time was in the manhwa), and it’s still so funny. The drama of Jeron’s first love 🤧