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As I was distracted, Mrs. Margaret’s eyebrows, who recognized it like a ghost, went up.


I pretended to be ignorant and looked up at her, and in the end she rubbed her forehead and sighed deeply.


“That’s all for today. I’ll come at the same time tomorrow, so make sure you practice what you’re lacking until then. Especially for Lady Averine!”


She said as she raised her glasses.


“I’ll be watching you.”


“Yes…” I bowed my head and answered calmly.


Staring at her back as she turned proudly, only then I could relax.


In fact, even if I said that, I knew how much she cared about me.


The first time she saw me creaking like a robot, she almost fainted.


It was fortunate that Mrs. Margaret, who was once called the godmother of society, had not given up my education so far.


As the door closed, I slid down on the sofa. Looking at Rudrick standing across, and muttering in a weak tone.


“I’m sorry… I stepped on you a lot today.”


“It’s okay.”


It won’t be okay.


Whenever I make a mistake, I feel that my feet were numb without realizing it, but I was even more sorry to always hear him say it was okay.


However, compared to the number of times I stepped on him on the first day, I’m now more experienced. At that time, I was stepping on one step at a time.


Later, I remember being restless as to whether there might have been bruises on Rudrick’s feet.


I sat down and smiled softly.


“Hehe. I’ve improved a lot, right?”




‘This punk…?’


When I stared at him with a scorching gaze, Rudrick slowly turned away. Watching him smiling awkwardly, I pouted as if sulking.


“Yes, the perfect Rudrick Bouser, would I be good at anything?”


“Even Dahlia would grow with a little more effort.”


I could feel him speaking hurriedly with his sullen voice. I looked at him with distrustful eyes and suddenly thought of something and spoke.


“How could I improve?”




“What’s your secret? Like how could you follow along well with the instructions?”


There was a sense of anticipation in my voice.


Even if he was a genius who learns when taught once, I wondered if he would have his own secret.


But a genius was always a genius.






“You just… have to watch and follow along.”


“Just watch it…?”




I stared blankly at Rudrick and he was also staring at me quietly.


Rudrick’s clear and pure eyes are shining truthfully…


I slowly turned my head and thought,


‘I’m doomed.’


Yes, it was my fault for trying to learn tricks from a genius.


In the end, completely exhausted, I fell flat on the sofa. Rudrick scratched his head, thinking it was strange even after he spit out the answer.




“Oh, that’s fine! I’m a fool who can’t learn no matter how many times I’ve tried, I can’t even dance, so whether I practice alone or not…!”


“Not that…”


Rudrick said with a soft smile.


“Do you want to cheer your mood for a second?”


I glanced back at Rudrick, who made an unexpected suggestion.


What? Are you asking me to play with you after giving such a ridiculous answer?


Do I look like such an easy girl? At the end of the day, do I seem like a person to follow you after getting angry and excited about going out to play?




That’s the answer.


As expected, Rudrick, who wasn’t new to my mood swings, knew me very well.


As I jumped up and laughed, Rudrick looked at me as if he were dumbfounded and soon smiled a little.


Laughing along with Rudrick, I grabbed the doorknob to leave immediately as the words came out.


“Then I’ll get permission from my mom.”


“You don’t have to.”




Rudrick smiled shyly and scratched his cheek.


“I already asked about it in advance. She said it would be fine anywhere as long as we take an escort.”


You’re so selfish…!


I’ve been scolded so much lately that I’ve been under a lot of pressure, and I knew that Rudrick was thinking about what to do with my melancholy appearance.


However, I never dreamed that he had prepared enough and got permission from my parents in advance.


Glancing at Rudrick, I asked in an excited voice.


“Really? Where are you going?”


“Oh, that’s…”


“Wait! No no, tell me later. That makes it more like a surprise event and better.”


“Oh, huh? Okay…”


After looking after me, Rudrick then disappeared somewhere leaving words like, ‘Please wait for a minute.’


Seeing Rudrick’s small and reliable back, I pressed down on my pounding heart.


It’s been a while since I went out with Rudrick, and even with the surprise outing that Rudrick prepared himself.


How could I not expect?


Trying not to expect too much of it, but I couldn’t help but get excited and waited for Rudrick helplessly.


And at Rudrick’s call, I hurried down to the entrance of the mansion, and there I…


I couldn’t help but look forward in despair.




Because Rudrick had the reins of two horses hanging from his hand.


‘Wow… I’m ruined.’




It’s a shame, but I was a little scared of horses.


Of course, it wasn’t like this from the beginning.


As a normal person in my previous life, I rather lack fantasy about horses.


These are things that I’ve only seen on TV, such as skillfully holding the reins of a horse and running happily through a green field, or holding a bow on a horse and shooting at a target.


Looking at them, I thought, It was natural to feel that way.


At the same time, I was reincarnated as the daughter of a high-ranking aristocrat, and the opportunity finally came.


I insisted on riding a horse when I was still young and managed to get permission from my displeased father, but…


‘I didn’t know it either. I didn’t think the words would be that big.’


When I was young, I belatedly realized that my body was smaller than I expected, and that the horse was bigger than I thought.


Besides, I was foolish.


My father prepared a pony for me, who’s still young, but it didn’t look very cool.


Like adults, I wanted to ride a cool horse and ride it dignifiedly.


Although my father tried to stop me several times, I couldn’t turn down my dream.


My father used to ride it easily, so there’s no way I couldn’t do it, right? At that time, I was in a strange bluff.


‘It was soon broken.’


It was when I got on the horse with the help of my father that I felt strange.


The horse’s back was higher than I imagined.


Looking down on the grown from the horse seat looked farther than expected, and it was difficult to balance even when sitting still.


It was because every time the horse shook my little body shook as well.


So I was slowly starting to get terrified.


Just sitting on a horse makes me dizzy and nauseous, but I thought I wouldn’t be able to hold out if the horse moved in earnest.


‘I want to go down right away!’


Unable to overcome the urge, I trembled and immediately tried to get off the horse.


I wish I had just told my father to get me off the horse, but at the time, the only thought in my head was ‘I need to get down quickly’.


So unconsciously, I tried to step on the saddle and go down to the ground as others did.


But it was the most foolish thing I’ve ever done.


Because my short feet didn’t even reach the saddle.




Eventually, I tripped and fell off the horse while my father looked away for a moment.


The knight next to me jumped and took me away, but I still couldn’t forget it.


With the pale face of my father who was running towards me.


But like my father, I was also out of my mind. The reason I was barely holding on to it was cut because I thought I might have a big problem.


I cried like a child and clinged to my father.


Inevitably, my father comforted me, but when I stopped crying and showed signs of calming down, he began to scold me harshly.


It’s forbidden to ride a horse until you’re big enough.


My father put forward this condition, and I had no choice but to sniff and nod.


At that time, I wasn’t very disappointed with the condition.


Since that day, I have been terribly afraid of horses.


Far from fantasizing about the horse, I hated it enough to refuse anyone that pushed me to ride it.


Of course, it’s been years since then, but I couldn’t help but stiffen as soon as I saw the horse because the memory of that time wasn’t completely forgotten.


‘What do I do?’


However, without knowing my serious concerns, Rudrick was just plain cheerful.


I knew that face well. Just a while ago, that’s how I exactly looked while waiting for Rudrick.


It’s the appearance of being excited with anticipation with the cheeks turning red.





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