Author: Nikss

Chapter 4 : I Became The Male Lead’s Female Friend

Translated by Tam

Edited by loreverse

He has such a pretty shy face. How lovely would he be if he smiled? If we got closer, I’d be able to see you smile, right? How do we get close? Should I talk to him?


‘Let’s say hello first!’


Only the brave will claim the beauty first!


In my flow of consciousness, I quickly came to a conclusion and immediately took action with confidence and without a sliver of hesitation.


“Hello, the Young Lady Bouser”


I said hello and—






And the male lead began to cry. 




I was so embarrassed. 


Obviously I was well aware of the fact that the Duchess Bouser and her son, Rudrick Bouser, were here.


But it was like a cute little girl doll who came out from behind the Duchess.


If a third party were to see it, they may have asked the same thing. 


‘Didn’t you mistake their gender because of their long hair?’


That might have happened. In particular, my friend, who was a kindergarten teacher, once told me that children in the second year’s age were divided into “men with short hair, and women with long hair.”


But I’m not ten years old because of my mental age! 


There is no way I can’t tell between a boy and a girl, at least because I’m several times older than a kindergartener, and no matter how young my life as a child is.




I stared at the Angel who hugged the Duchess with tears in his eyes. 


Someone said that beautiful people are pretty when they cry. But my heart hurt at the sight of the tears falling down from his big eyes. 


He tried hard to steal his eyes with his cute hands as if to halt his tears. How lovely was that? I wanted to run and hug him as soon as I saw his trembling shoulders. 


A tearful cheek and a few strands of hair hanging over it. That innocent look was really pretty. Like a girl… 


But apparently, it wasn’t so. 


At the moment, I heard Duchess Bouser talking to him, saying she was at a loss as to what to do.


“Ah— What should we do with a boy who cries such a sea of tears?”


Amongst her words, came one that rang more intensely than the others.


‘A boy?’


Is that girl a son, not the Duchess’s daughter? Then he must have been the son I came to see today….


‘He must be the male lead!’


I felt like I was literally hit in the back.


That child with a white and tiny face, big eyes full of tears, a nose that you want to chew with adoration, and plump pink lips.


The male protagonist was like the girl who popped out from ‘Snow White’. 


In the moment, the fantasy of the male protagonist that I had imagined, collapsed.


‘It’s different, it’s really different.’


Actually before I met the male protagonist, I was really in trouble.


In the original, the male protagonist is the same as the female protagonist. (t/n : they talk about their amazing appearance) 


Even the writer showed more than 10 lines of sincerity when describing the male lead.


[Dark and smooth black hair, blue and cold-looking eyes. His slender muscles revealed under his thin shirt, and his languid stance with one hand in pocket, as if a sleek black panther.]


Right, you were supposed to look like a black panther! 


My ideal type was eight-faced divided in body (t/n: this means the standard for body ratio), fatally seductive, and a sexy and provocative face, and I was even worried if the young male lead had such an atmosphere.


So, no matter how much the male protagonist put a strain on my heart with that alluring face, I vowed that I would not be shaken by a child as I am an adult. 


‘It’s not a black panther, but more like a baby cat?’


Not even a particular cat.


It was like a cat that was peeping away from its mother. A kitten, to be exact.


“Rud, you should do it. Huh?”


When I was panicking alone, the Duchess was also trying to comfort the male lead, who was crying sadly.


Still, he was able to calm down as he was being held in his mother’s arms, and he sniffed and showed signs of stopping crying little-by-little.


My mother, who was surprised to see the male lead next to her, opened her mouth after a while. As expected, it was the same as mine.


“….It’s really a boy, right?”


“Uh-huh.. I get a lot of these types of misunderstandings, but he still can’t get used to it.”


“What do I do? He’s prettier than my daughter.”




I was flabbergasted by my mother’s harshness. 


But I’m still my mother’s daughter. I should be the prettiest to my mum’s eyes, correct?—


As I looked at my mother with hurt in my eyes, I felt a gaze flicker towards me. As I turned my head in doubt, the male lead and I made eye contact. 


It was me who should have been surprised, but I had to admit it when I saw the male lead’s cute behavior, who was upset and slipped into the Duchess’s arms. 


‘Oh well, I’m absolutely adorable too.’


The world is so unexpected. 


In this life, I was ecstatic to have been born naturally pretty, but I was comparable to a squid when in front of the male lead. (T/n : squid means ugly) 


Suddenly, seeing the male lead chatting with the mothers in the center, I sneaked towards him.


At this rate, I felt like I had to apologize for my first impression of being ‘an ugly girl mistaken as a woman’ by being friends with the male protagonist.


When I was just one step away from him, I wriggled my finger and tried to bring it up…..


“Don’t worry too much. Dahlia will lift up your mood.”


I doubted my ears.


“Oh, mother? What are you saying…..”




It was frightening to see my mother looking back with such a bright smile.


“What did your father always say?”


“……you must always be responsible for your actions.”


“Who made Duchess Bouser’s son cry?”


“…It was me.”


“Then what should you do?”


Can I cry now? Being struck by my mother’s logic, I struggled with a terrible heart.


“..I should be responsible..”


The eyes of the Duchess Bouser latched onto me, perhaps because she was moved by my responsibility. And at the same time, the male lead gazed upon me too. 


The Duchess smiled and looked apologetic, but did not refuse my favor.


“Oh, can I?”


“Of course! Haha, I’ll take the responsibility and play with him.”


“You’re so mature. I wish Rudrick was half as good…”


‘Please don’t say that!’


I’ve seen it. The mumbling of the Duchess made the mouth of the male lead frown in sulkiness. The way he looked at me now seemed to have sharpened from before. 


‘I’m doomed.’


I had already become his rival even before becoming the male lead’s female friend. 


In the meantime, the Duchess was pushing the male lead’s back towards me.


“Please take care of him.”


My mother’s bite made it worse. 


“Well, have a good time.”


It sounds like they said ,‘I will have a good time without you.‘ And my thoughts were proven right.


Mother was already moving away from us and into the dome.


I realized my mother’s intention by looking at the face of the Duchess, who was brighter than before.


‘You tried to pass it on to me from the beginning!’


Even today, when I was screaming at my mother’s back, I felt the presence of the person in front of me.




It was obviously the aura of the main character. It was a burden that my mother left upon me because I was the culprit who mistook him for a girl. 


The hero of this novel stood in front of me.


I tried to manage my facial expression while ignoring my sloppy mouth. I used to talk a lot, but it was hard to keep my mouth open today.


Though my thoughts got complicated and my mind went blank, I tried hard to hold it in. It was my last chance to make up for my first impression.


‘Let’s just apologize first.’


With courage, I stuttered and opened my mouth.


“I-I’m sorry to have mistaken you as a young lady.. That’s… That’s because you’re really lovely..”




“Haha… Was I not supposed to have mentioned it…? But I’m sure you will be a handsome man in the future! I’ll assure you—”




“Oh… Uhm… And then..”


The more I said it, the more I felt like I was spiralling down into hell, but it was too late; I was already like a car with a broken brake. Even I couldn’t stop the torrent of words that came out of my mouth, and ended up shutting it in the long silence instead.


“I’m doomed,” “I’m done,” and “Let’s die.” All sorts of things were going on. Suddenly, I decided to resort to the last method.


“Shall we….walk first?”


Then he glanced away as I tried to extend my hand towards him.


I couldn’t dare look at the male lead, so I closed my eyes tightly. I thought it would be upsetting if he ignored my hand coldly.


How much time had passed? As I quietly tried to withdraw my hand…




I could feel the small warmth that held my hand tightly.


I almost screamed at my first touch with the male lead. 


He was really cute. 


And an hour later, I wanted to scream in a different sense.


It was all so awkward. 



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