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Chapter 5

Translated by Niks

”What’s happening?”

Obviously earlier on, we were surrounded by people.

Actually, I was expecting a little when I reached out my hand, but miraculously, the male lead held my hand.

But from the moment we first met.

I had to endure the male Lead’s cuteness with all my might, and I couldn’t be rude at our first meeting.

If I hugged him suddenly, I might be labelled from a “weird girl” to a “pervert child” because it was not an aristocratic behaviour from the start.

Yes, my purpose is to be friends with the male lead, and not to be unscrupulous.

I was worried if I could be a kind and thoughtful friend to that lovely and cute child, but well it’s okay I guess.

After all the other person is a child who seems to be less than 10 years old.

“Nothing much.”

**Hoowook Hoowook**

I’ve been working hard to clear my mind while calming this boiling excitement.

But as time passed, I felt a sense of uncertainty and anxiety.

And it wasn’t long before I knew what caused this anxiety.



It’s been an hour since I decided to walk with him.



Both of us were not saying anything.

Really, not even a word.


I swallowed dry saliva in a choking silence. Wherever my confidence went before, a cold sweat ran out of my neck.

In fact, it’s not just behind the neck.

The sweat glands were exploding in my hand, as well.


My plan wasn’t like this!

The night before I came here, when I first met the male lead, I had prepared about 100 words that were friendly, and naturally in my mind.

When I arrived at the Duke of Bouser’s residence, 50 out of the 100 words disappeared, and now, when walking with the male lead, it was completely volatilized, and my mind went blank. But that didn’t mean that I couldn’t say a word like a fool.

Of course, the nerd seems to be right, but… Even though I look like this, I’m an adult who lived twice as much as this young boy. I thought that now is the time to show the prowess that came out of years.

I threw the most acceptable material with a friendly smile on my face as if treating customers.

“Is the weather nice today?”

However, the customer was not very happy.

‘That’s right.”

That’s all?

It seems like that it was the end of the conversation.

I pulled up my lips, which was twitching, then I spoke again.

“It looks like it’s really spring. Can you see the flowers in the back? Do you think the gardener is good?”

“I do not know… It’s been a long time since I came down here..… ”

“Ah… I see, is that so.”




Again, silence followed.

And after repeating this situation exactly two or three times, I lost every word to say.

Maybe I didn’t know, thinking this will be easy. If I talk in a friendly way, the words will naturally follow.

However, what I overlooked was that the male lead was more silent than I thought and that there were few overlapping topics to talk between us.

I couldn’t bring out the family history of the male lead, which wasn’t very good.

I’d rather tell you about our family, but it hurts my heart to tell you about my family’s harmony when you’re in a bad situation.

“Neither this nor that.”

After thinking about so many things, there was nothing to say.

Soon afterwards, my mind was filled with the thought of ‘How can I get myself out of this difficult situation?’ rather than ‘How can I create a much more friendly atmosphere?’.

Plus, my situation got worse as time passed. It would be so because my hand holding the male lead was getting wet with sweat.

Because I sweat too much.


When I endured not to become a “pervert child” and a “strange girl,” I now have become a “sweat girl”. It is also a girl who sweats a lot’.

I wanted to let go of this hand at once and wipe the sweat from my chin, but the situation didn’t work that way.

I couldn’t say let’s put it back because I was sweating, after putting my hand first.

But it doesn’t look good to wipe off the sweat after letting go of your hand quickly and grabbing it again. Is…. is that okay?

At this moment, I was contemplating what kind of excuse it would be natural to release my hand.

How long do I have to let go of his hands, how do I wipe the sweat so that it will be natural without being noticed?

I didn’t know that the male lead expression was getting worse due to my prolonged silence.


When I was ready, I turned my head and looked at him. And when I was about to open my mouth to speak, I swallowed up in vain.

There were tears in the eyes of the male lead who was looking at the floor.

“What, what’s going on?!”

Why are you doing that! Did I sweat too much? Is that because it is very unpleasant?

Because of my pride, I couldn’t talk about sweat, and I grabbed him on the shoulder.

Then he shook his head, wiped his eyes with his sleeves, and soon answered with a trembling voice.

“Oh, no. that…”


I gave a trustworthy smile asking him to say anything. But my smile soon stiffened like a cube of ice.

“Because Youngae seems to be very uncomfortable.”

Uh…How did you know?

No, it’s not that you’re uncomfortable, but I was sweating too much on my hands, and I was a little worried about that…!

There were many things I wanted to say, but I was so embarrassed that I didn’t think of falling off as if my mouth had been glued.

“I think it’s difficult because I don’t have a horse around… I….I’m so sorry. We can look around like this again next time…”

The Male Lead, who bit his lips and shed his tears silently, was so beautiful and dazzling. Yet, I seemed to be confused in a different sense.

Now I had to tell the truth.

With my eyes closed, I took a deep breath and made up my mind. Soon, with eyes full of determination, I calmly spoke to him.

“Duke, please open your hands.”


“Can you see it?”

Is this sweat?

But seeing his face still full of question marks, a strange feeling of despair came.

In the end, do I have to say this? I straightened my face that was turning red, and I barely opened my mouth.

“This is sweat right…”

He looked at me distantly, then lowered his head, and then he said in a small voice.


Seeing him who couldn’t hide his embarrassed expression seeing my shiny palm because his hand wasn’t wet anymore, I shed tears of blood deep inside.

However, my face was already flushed red.

The male lead was hurriedly looking for something out of his arms as if he had thought of something, looking like he didn’t know what to do.

“Uhm how about this.”

It was a handkerchief. I turned my red face and accepted the handkerchief.

“…..I’ll use this to clean the sweat from my hand, and I will make sure to return it to you.”

“No! I don’t even know if that’s…… ”

Really? You don’t even know…?

When I looked at him with suspicion, the male-lead seemed even more in panic of what to do. His appearance was pretty cute, and I raised my eyes and pryed without knowing.

“Aren’t you sweaty? You must be uncomfortable right?”

“I really didn’t know! I thought Youngae was uncomfortable because of me… … ”

“The duke was uncomfortable because of me?”

“No way!”

At his screaming cries, I hurriedly covered my mouth and turned my head, because laughter seemed to burst without my knowledge.
However, he couldn’t hide his trembling shoulders, and the male lead, who noticed lately, began to cry again. He seemed to realize that I was making fun of him.

I looked back at him with a smile on my face as I felt that he would cry again.

“Well, I’ll trust you if you’re not going to pretend. Instead…… ”


“Please tell me your name.”

Hearing my suggestion. His eyes became round.

I wondered if it was too much to ask, I scratched my eyes and quickly added at the end.

“Well, the Duke shouldn’t even talk to me.”


“Because we have yet to introduce ourselves, of course, it was my fault, but… Isn’t it okay to do it now?”


“Is…it not okay?”

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