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It was the second hardship faced by the male protagonist and the big event that led him to be recognized as a ‘War Hero.’


Maybe it would have a big impact on my life, so why have I forgotten all this time?


Even though I regret the days of living without a sense of crisis in peace, I noticed another fact and I turned pale.


“Then… Those dreams…”


‘It wasn’t a dream.’


No, I did have a dream, but to be exact, I was looking at ‘the Contents of the Book’ in my dream.


‘Is this a precognitive dream?’


To say so, I was just a reader, so wouldn’t it be right to say ‘I remembered‘ rather than a precognitive dream?


However, the reason why I didn’t notice the simple fact was that the content of the dream was a bit strange.


I also read the book thoroughly several times.


And the scene I saw…


…It was Dahlia’s point of view.


As I said before, Dahlia comes out for a while to provoke jealousy between the two.


She was in the same position as an extra, which was worse than a supporting role.


Therefore, the novel never described her story in detail.


Nevertheless, was it because I was reborn as her that I saw the original story through Dahlia in my dream?


Or was there some other reason?




But a sudden headache came and I had to stop thinking.


There are still a lot of unanswered questions, but in fact, it’s not that important.


There was something else that really mattered. The reason why I became contemplative as soon as I realized that it wasn’t just a dream.


No, in fact, let alone how, I didn’t even know how the war was going to happen and in what form.


In the first place, [Silver Lady] started a few years after the war ended.


Therefore, the description of the war was not long in the text. At least, when the female lead heals the male lead’s wounds, it sometimes comes out in fragments.


So I had to find another way.


I was able to find some clues as I stayed in the room for days and days and wrote down the original story like crazy.


And the most powerful clue




[No matter how many kingdoms formed alliances, but compared to the Empire, it was a mess.


Obviously the war could have ended sooner…]


If I remember correctly, the male lead definitely said so in the original.


[Yes, the epidemic.]


If there’s no way to stop the war, wouldn’t it be better to end it quickly as the next best thing to happen anyway?


And if you’re looking for a cure for an epidemic before the war.


‘We can reduce the war by a few more years.’


Since then I’ve been busy walking around.


To check the circumstances of the neighboring kingdoms to see if there’s any sign of war, searching for information related to epidemics and finding medicine.


Time flew by…


In the midst of that, I kept dreaming.


I had another dream…


The dreaming cycle was irregular.


I dream once every few months, sometimes every day…


And the daily life in the dream progressed step by step each time I woke up.


As if in a novel, as if I was living that person’s life instead, the dream continued in chronological order.


The opposition of my father and his retainers and my mother’s concerns who said they should go to war directly after receiving an official letter from the Emperor.


The days when I saw my father off on a rainy day and waited for his news at the mansion.


And when I was in despair and panic at the news of the prolonged war.


Today, I had my last dream…


A dream that I couldn’t believe, a dream that I had to wake up crying hoping it wasn’t real.


‘Father, no! Father!’


‘Lady, your Excellency has already…’


‘Honey? Honey. Oh, no… Honey… please no…’


It was the death of my father.


For about two years, I did my best on my own.


I believed so…


I listened intently to the successor class that I had neglected so far, and worked hard.


I went around and gathered information.


Fortunately, I had the knowledge in the book.


Using the information in the book that I had compiled for several days, I broke through a competent intelligence officer and freed people to gather as much information about war and epidemics as possible.


That way, even if I can’t prevent the war, I’ll be able to spot any hint that a war might happen.


That information will definitely help me in the future.


And the situation has gone like this.


And my parents knew for a long time that I was up to something.


I had no choice but to do so. Even though I was the only daughter of a Duke, I was a minor after all, and my father could easily understand most of what I did.


And yet my parents didn’t stop me.


There was a document of the information I had gathered so far.


I quickly glanced through the documents I had arranged one by one, and pulled out a single piece of paper stuck in a pin.


It was a piece of warm information I received just recently, and it was also the result of my hard work.


Finally, I found a clue to cure the epidemic.


I don’t want to recall it, but my father came back 8 or 9 years after the war started. It was right after the war had ended.


I still didn’t know why my father did that.


But wouldn’t it be possible to change the future if we ended the war before it happened?


‘I have to change it.’


I carefully scanned the documents.


As I was doing that, my heart, which was beating nervously until a while ago, calmed down.


While I was at it, I looked through other documents.


Now that we have some clues about the epidemic, all that’s left is about the war.


In fact, in the early days of my research, I focused on finding clues about the war.


No matter how much I tried to find a way to cure the epidemic, the best way was to prevent the war.


But at the same time, it’s the hardest way, so I wasn’t expecting much about this.


And my prediction was right…



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