Author: Nikss

Chapter 6

Translated by Niks

Edited by KBJ


No wonder I was sweating so much in the prolonged silence..


Of course, I already knew the male lead’s name, but since it’s our first meeting I should act like I don’t know this boy’s name.


I think it would be easier to call him by his first name than to call him “Little Duke”, and it wasn’t that I didn’t want to get along with a pretty boy.


But what’s with this silence…? Maybe I rushed in too quickly? 


‘I guess so.’


Before I could even ask, he said in a small voice. 






He asked an unexpected question.


“You don’t like me, do you?” 


I frowned. 


At first, I thought I misheard. 


But the male lead in front of me had a more serious face than I thought, and no matter how long I waited, I couldn’t take back what I said.


In the end, I had no choice but to ask again with half confidence. 


“Who doesn’t like who? The Duke?” 




I couldn’t help asking that question, so I shut my mouth for a moment..


It’s because the male lead’s words have complicated my confused mind more.


‘Are you still grumpy?’


But it seemed that the male lead didn’t care about it.. 


‘Did I tease him too much?’


However, I was surprised and a little troubled, but I didn’t seem to feel bad about it. 


Was it my illusion?’ 


With that in mind, I looked at the male lead, but he already seemed to be  in his own world. I suddenly felt nervous when I looked at him with my head down and thought.


‘Are you thinking about something else?’


Although we barely talked, from what we’ve been through so far, the character of the original male lead from the book was clearly different from that of this male lead. 


When the cold and relentless man in the original story was told that someone doesn’t like him, he says, “You don’t like me? Then die.”


 The male lead from the original story was a great man who would wield a sword without any hesitation.


But the little male lead thought I was uncomfortable because I was a little quiet. And he was embarrassed because I teased him a little bit.


When I saw this, I could roughly guess the personality of the male lead as a kid.




He must have suffered a great deal of conflict before he asked that question.If I hadn’t asked him for his name, he might have felt hurt. 


And that would have been the same now.


If I was confused here and didn’t ask him properly, it would lead to a misunderstanding. It was hard to find the right words. 


“Why did you think that I didn’t like you?” 


In the end, I chose to ask in person.






He was silent for a while. I waited silently until he spoke, not asking anymore.


Not long after, I heard a small voice. 




He continued with a short breath. 


“Because I showed myself crying…” 




“A-and…because I was about to cry again…”



I asked carefully just in case. 


“… are you finished?”




It seemed like it was really over. 


I opened my mouth wide in shock. 


‘That’s really all?’


I took a closer look at the male lead to see if he was lying, but seeing him fidgeting with a depressed look on his face, that didn’t seem to be the case. With a heavy heart, I asked him. 


“Why did you think so? Did I look like someone who wouldn’t like to see others crying?”


The male lead’s shoulder shook as I spoke in a reproachful tone. When I tried to apologize immediately, he lowered his eyes and muttered an excuse.


“Well, yes.” 




“A crying child is…”


He hesitated a bit before he continued. 


“Not something you like to see.” 


That wasn’t the end of the story—he kept talking.


“It’s bad to cry… because it’s loud a-and ugly. I think it’s natural to be annoyed.” 




“That’s…why I thought I would be hated.”


I looked at him blankly. 


His face still looked gloomy, but it was a little different from before. He looked like what he was saying was obvious.


As if a crying child was supposed to be hated.


I felt suffocated thinking about how much I would have been scolded if I thought like that. 


Only then did I start to regret what he said, thinking that his worries were nothing much, but I was the one who didn’t know anything. 


‘You should have listened to the end.’


I wanted to tear my head off right away, but instead I clenched my fist instead.


It was useless to regret and blame myself now, the water had already been spilled. For now I should think about how to clean up the mess.


‘You have to say something.’ 


Should I apologize that I didn’t know, or should I say that all those words are wrong, or should I comfort him that he’s okay?


 I don’t know what’s right or what’s wrong, but I decided to say what I could.


“Me, too…”




I looked up at the sky for a moment and opened my mouth as if I had made up my mind. 


“I cry a lot, too.” 


The male lead’s eyes opened wide when he heard my spontaneous confession. I was a little embarrassed by the fact that it was so trivial. 


But it didn’t matter because I was going to say more embarrassing things.


I cleared my throat and continued to talk.


“Aren’t you only crying? Did the little duke even lie on the floor when he cried?”


“Oh, no.” 


I spoke confidently. 


“I was lying down.”


I felt the male lead give me a strange look, but I asked him without worrying about it.


“How about it? Do you still think I hate it?




“If you aren’t sure, why don’t you cry right now?”


“I don’t want to.” 


When I looked at him as if he was really getting better, he nodded enthusiastically, smiling at his pure appearance and patting his head..


“Me neither. I don’t hate it and I’m not annoyed.”


When he heard me, he opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something, but then closed it again. 


Looking at him with his head down, I was also silent. He seemed to understand what I was saying without answering, but he still seemed anxious and chewed on his lips.


 I was a little hesitant when I saw it. Then I continued.


  “Dahlia Averine.”


 His head went up on its own when I said something out of the blue. 


For a moment, the male lead and my eyes met. I looked at him and smiled sweetly.


“I don’t give my name to people I hate.” 


His eyes opened wide. I asked him.


“What’s yours?” 


The male lead bit his lip when I asked him. The words seemed to be stuck in his throat. 


He was silent for a moment and soon looked at me.

The blue eyes were wetter than before. 


A trembling voice leaked from him. 


“Rudrick Bouser.” 


He smiled lightly. 


“Thank you.”


Looking at the smile, I secretly thought. 


‘I think I won’t be able to forget the male lead’s-Rudrick’s smile for a long time.’ 


  • • • • •


It was inevitable that I became more concerned with Rudrick after that. 


At first, I only thought of relationships that would leave a good impression. 


Did you say things don’t work out the way you expected?


In my case, it was Rudrick. 


If the boy’s childhood was a little more dirty, or if he had a normal personality, I wouldn’t have to worry about it like this.


Meeting the real male lead was fascinating, but I would soon forget about and focus more on my daily life.


However, it was because Rudrick was more fragile and easily hurt than I thought.


‘I wasn’t this nosy.’


Just like I couldn’t save every single beggar on the street, I couldn’t do anything about Rudrick’s situation.


No matter how much I knew about his unfortunate family history, I had no solution.


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