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In the first meeting by chance, he came in at a moment of carelessness and made my heart flutter, and in the second meeting, he naturally gave a gift while saying something special.


‘It’s not just a gift, it’s a memory.’


Maybe he’s not just my little ray of sunshine, but a fox?


In the end, it turned out as he said. Now, looking at the bracelet, Lord River’s face naturally came to mind, and I was given his memory, not just a bracelet as a gift.


But the gift wasn’t particularly bad. No, it was rather good. It’s been a long time since I felt butterflies, and I felt a pleasant excitement.


“It’s already the second time.”


It was also incredible to meet each other twice in a row by chance.


If we meet one more time, it’s already the third time, then… It’s said that three coincidences are inevitable, but if it’s me and Lord River…?


I was drinking kimchi soup out of the jar and flirting when I heard a knock on the door. (Slang – Assuming)


Then, while thinking, one of the attendants came in and said politely, “The carriage is ready.”


Oops, it’s already this time. I took out the bracelet I had once worn and put it down quietly in the box, instead of picking up several bottles of medicine on the desk.


The identity of the medicine bottle was obvious.


It was the ‘fatigue reliever’ that Hestia created in a short period of time.


‘It’s not just a simple fatigue reliever medicine.’


It was a new medicine that was countless times more effective than the drug that Count Giovanni would develop.


Although I was distracted by meeting Sir River on the way, I did not forget the purpose of visiting the town in the first place.


A love affair was a love matter, and business was business.


Upon arriving at the mansion, I immediately delivered the information obtained from the informant to Hestia.


Hestia, who looked through the documents I had received, soon became puzzled and said strange things.


‘I’m sure this isn’t it?’




I stared at her in bewilderment, but Hestia was more shocked than I was.


“The medicine I developed is a fatigue reliever, but… It’s not a stimulant. Even this medicine has a strange effect.”


“That’s not the effect… ?”


“Yes, there is no stimulant like this in the first place. I can’t believe anyone could go back to their normal condition as soon as they take this and stay up for days and nights.”


Seeing Hestia explain in detail and continued, “If it really exists, I would have bought it from him right away. So the effect of this medicine is…”


“Do you mean he’s lying?”


“Yes, he’s obviously lying. If it’s Count Giovanni, that would be possible.”


I thought I knew that already… Because Count Giovanni likes to brag about himself. 


That’s why he couldn’t stand Hestia, who was better than him, and kicked her out.


‘But it’s strange. He was so proud, telling those lies. It’s not about the medicine. It’s all about confidence…’


When Dahlia nodded in sympathy with Hestia’s words, she immediately smiled.


“But I’m different. Even if it’s not up to that crazy effect, I can make a similar medicine.”




Yeah, I don’t know what kind of medicine Count Giovanni would develop.


“Alright. Now, if we focus only on fatigue relievers and make them as effective as possible with as few side effects as possible…”


Hestia let out a strange laugh and shouted, “I can finally break that bastard’s head!”


When Hestia said that, the gleam in her eyes frightened me so much that I took a step back… It’s game over.


Instead, I took her hand and motivated her, saying, “Yes, I’ll keep the research facility in your name.”


This was the medicine that Hestia, whose excitement, exploded and completed in a short period of time.


I actually ran the sample around, and it worked better than I thought.


Like someone bragging, he was not at a normal level for days, but as soon as he drank it, his body became light, and he was full of energy for a while.


Jeron was shocked by the efficacy of the medicine and said he took a few more on his own.


I was convinced of the effect of the medicine by carefully observing it.


“It’s game over.”


Now all I have to do was release it on the market.


Of course, if this drug was effective, simply taking it off would be enough to spread through word of mouth. But that alone wasn’t enough.


The point should be spread as quickly and widely as possible.


And I knew a good publicity tool for that.


An organization that doesn’t really need to spend money, no, has already invested money for a long time, and now it’s time to recover it.


“Wait a moment.”


And I was on my way to see the head of the organization.


As I buried myself on the fluffy sofa and gazed out the carriage window. The carriage came to a halt when I saw a familiar sight.


I got out of the carriage escorted by a knight Then, the vast mansion of the Bouser family, which I had visited a few days before, opened up in front of me.


After being guided by the butler into the mansion, I sat in the drawing room and waited for him while sipping tea.


Not long after, I heard the familiar sound of footsteps outside the door, and soon the man I had been waiting for appeared.




Rudrick appeared surprised. 


Well, he must be surprised that I appear so casually after such a dramatic separation.


But I didn’t care and spoke with confidence, “Duke Bouser.”


Then Rudrick’s face hardened. It seemed that he realized that I wasn’t here for a personal matter.


But that statement was half right. Of course, I came here for a public matter, but the contents of this visit were full of private subjects.


I smiled broadly as I saw him stride into the room and immediately sit down on the sofa across from me.


When Rudrick’s eyebrows narrowed further at my appearance, I proudly told him.


“I need to borrow some knights.”


The reason I wanted to borrow the Knights was obvious.


‘For effective publicity.’


The Knights of Bouser were the most notable organization within the current Empire, along with Rudrick.


After all, they are the main players who made the biggest contribution to the war. Even during the height of the war, their activities were often heard throughout the Empire.


The common people naturally regarded them as heroes, and the responses of the nobles were not much different.


Even at the Victory Party, because of his unique atmosphere, everyone couldn’t easily approach Rudrick, but other members of the Knights were flocking to him, so I spilled everything.


As a result, no one else would have the same promotional effect as them.


‘Yes, I don’t need power.’


To be exact, the ‘honor’ of the Knights of Bouser was needed.


For example, ‘A special medicine proven by the Bouser Knights! Uh? After drinking once, the fatigue goes away and the strength soars?!’ people would be interested.


And if those people experience the medicine even once out of curiosity, it would be over.


It was only a matter of time before the rumors spread, as Hestia and I were sure the effects of the medicine were certain.


However, there was a limit to borrowing only the name of the Bouser Knights. 


There’s a high possibility that someone would fall for it.


‘It’s most effective for the knights to spread the rumors themselves.’


That’s why I asked Rudrick directly.


I’m going to take this opportunity to borrow some knights of the Duke of Bouser.


However, I didn’t feel like I brought up the main subject because I was in a hurry, so I hurriedly tried to explain the reason to Rudrick, who did not respond.


If only Rudrick hadn’t spoken up first.


“Do so.”




With that brief word left, before I could say anything, he ordered the butler to call all the Division Commanders.


The butler quickly left the room without even asking anything.


It was done quickly in a few minutes while I was engrossed. I stared blankly, leisurely at Rudrick, and finally spoke.


“… Don’t want to listen and ask what’s going on?”


“I don’t care.”


It was a very simple and clear answer. Rather, it was me who was embarrassed by him.


“But… What if I use the Knights for bad things? Like wielding the Knights for personal revenge?”


“Then it can’t be helped.”


Rudrick, who said that, had a calm face as if he really didn’t care, and I’m a little stunned.


Does he believe in me, or it’s because he had confidence I could handle anything?


Still, in curiosity after a while, he only asked one question, “… But was there anyone you want to take revenge on?”




I was about to say what nonsense that was, but I kept my mouth shut.


This was because the door opened and the Division Commanders entered.


“Your Excellency, have you called?”


Unlike Rudrick, who was relaxed, there was a clear light of tension on the faces of the Division Commanders.


It seemed as if they had heard the general circumstances on their way to this room.


Yeah, that’s usually the way it’s supposedly normal. Rudrick was very strange.


“But I didn’t receive a title yet. You’re already calling me Excellency?”


Indeed, from their point of view, Rudrick would already be the Duke.


As I looked over at those who were saluting while thinking about something else, Rudrick, who actually called them, didn’t even look back and brought up the main topic.


“Dahlia wants to use you guys.”


“What, what?”


The Division Commanders’ faces changed into various colors.


There were people who couldn’t hide their embarrassment, and there were people who closed their eyes tightly, saying, ‘Something has come.’


Most of them were bad reactions.


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