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To be honest, I was concerned about what to do if all the knights looked like Rudrick and were reticent and unable to communicate properly.


But as soon as I saw their tumultuous appearance from the first meeting, I was convinced.


These people would spread it on their own without any effort!


‘It’s not normal to lead such a unique group.’


Was it the original Bouser Knights, or was it the Division Commanders next to the wealthy Rudrick?


If I look at Rudrick holding them in one hand like a bomb that may explode one by one, anyone would be more than amazed.


‘Still, it was helpful to me.’


And from now on, my plans had become real.


Before I visited Duke Bouser’s residence, I had already ordered the mass production of the medicine, since Hestia presented the finished product.


It happened that Averine had surplus manpower, and I had a trump card, called my parents.


After explaining the approximate situation to my father, I received help in the overall production and distribution of the medicines.


Unlike me who had never done this before, my father skillfully attached an expert to help me, and thanks to this, the progress of the work was accelerating.


‘Now, when the rumor is spreading, I can start selling the medicine on a large scale.’


Of course, not all good things happened always.


For example, Count Giovanni, who had noticed something disturbing, began to send constant correspondence a few days before.


But I’ve been brushing up on all his correspondence so far. What could he possibly do? We already have the contract that he stamped himself.


“Haha… I’ll be gentle and prepare to launch a lab.”


As I was bewildered, one of the maids who was putting powder on me looked at me unsatisfied.


“Lady, if you keep moving, your makeup won’t finish well.”


“Yes. You have to look pretty on a day like this, when will you do this again.”


“That’s right!”


The maids, who were chatting loudly, screamed and shouted.


“It’s a date!”


“I’m telling you it’s not…” Dahlia explained.


Maybe it’s because my dating cells have deteriorated since I’ve been single for a long time. 


I just overlooked what it would look like to others when I said “Let’s play” to Rudrick with pure intentions.


I think that’s how we used to be when we were young. Furthermore, I wanted Rudrick to hang out and have a peaceful time together.


Come to think of it, we were full-fledged adult women and men. And an adult man and woman spending time together, even if they are friends?


“Lady, are you going on a date?”


… I couldn’t help but hear these words.


Of course, I denied that statement, but it was after rumors had already spread throughout the mansion.




After that, my parents came to visit me, and I had to listen to all kinds of comments and advice. 


‘No way that I brought this situation upon myself!’


I’d be lying if I said it was unfair, and I was worried that the scandal that had faded with this outing might rekindle. Even so, it’s okay if the people involved don’t think so.


“… You wouldn’t think so, right?”


Reassured that it would be okay, I quickly got up from my seat.


I asked them to dress me lightly several times, but looking at their masterpieces with all their might, I glanced at the window.


“It’s time for him to come…”


According to the original plan, I had to go pick up Rudrick.


I was the one who proposed to hang out first, and I was the one who set up the schedule in advance, so I thought it would be comfortable to move after I picked up Rudrick first.


However, Rudrick’s response to my plan in the letter was strange.


He didn’t care what I planned or where we would, but he insisted on picking me up.




How strange I felt at first when I received that firm reply. But it didn’t matter who came first. I readily accepted. So I was stamping my feet and waiting for Rudrick,


One of the ladies-in-waiting gave me a cup of tea, saying, ‘My hair is getting messy’, but I didn’t hear it.


In the distance, a familiar pattern of the carriage was entering.




I sprinted through the door before the maids had time to stop me. 


As they were concerned about my hair, which had been neatly brushed at best, was disheveled, but it didn’t matter.


Because I was busy running to a person I could see from afar.





Rudrick, whom I had not met for a long time, was still brilliant.


Still, I thought I’d gotten used to that crazy look after meeting him a few times, but my eyes were reset just because I hadn’t seen him for a few days.


He wasn’t dressed up like from the victory party, he just wore a simple suit with his hair neatly down, but there was a halo behind him. 


A strangely languid feeling was also added, creating a more important atmosphere.


Rudrick approached me while I was covering my face with my hand, making it difficult to look at him for more than three seconds, let alone make eye contact.


I was embarrassed as his face got closer and closer, so I couldn’t say anything.


“The sun is a bit strong today.”




Rudrick looked up at the sky for a moment. Then he said, “It’s cloudy.”


I laughed in silence.


“Let’s just get going.”


Saying so, I hastily pushed his back toward the carriage. 


Still, I think my nonsense was useful in its way, given that I was relieved by just exchanging a joke.


I walked towards the carriage with more natural steps, but soon I heard a familiar voice.




When I turned my head, the Division Commanders I had met a few days before, Ruth Fedex and Leona Selvig, were sitting in the driver’s seat of the wagon.


“This time, I am entrusted with escorting the Princess. Please take good care of me.”


“Please take good care of me, too. By the way, can the Division Commander or others be escorts?”


“On the contrary, it is a matter of keeping the duty of Your Excellency and Princess, so we should step up ourselves.”


I had thought about it before, but this division commander, Ruth Fedex, was soft-spoken for a knight, and he spoke well.


Was it okay if we didn’t have an escort knight? While I was thinking about such trivial matters, Leona Selvig, who was alternately looking at me and Rudrick, said with a subtle smile.


“Princess, it seems you haven’t been paying attention?”


“What? Of course. It’s been a while since we went out together, so shouldn’t we pay attention to this?”


“Oh, you two are connected. It just so happens that our Excellency…”


“It’s too late. Hurry up.”


Rudrick intervened in the middle of the conversation and grabbed me by the waist. Then, before I was startled, he picked me up and sat me in the carriage.


Immediately, I looked at him with a puzzled look at the soft cushion that touched my butt.


‘Wow, did he just carry me?’


No, I’m not that short, and I’m a bit taller. How could he lift me lightly like a paper doll?


—“Is it possible to hug the princess?”


Later, I shook my head, remembering one of my dreams of asking for a hug for the princess.


That’s too much. But it doesn’t feel bad to sound stable, so I added one more of my ideal type.


[A person who can lift me lightly.]


“Where shall we go, Princess?”


I raised my head at the sound I heard, Rudrick was already sitting in front of me, ready to depart.


I came to my senses and beckoned Sir Ruth.


“Let’s go downtown first.”


The carriage started to move.


It’s strange, but seeing the two of us riding in a carriage like this reminded me of the first time we went to a downtown area when I was young.


At that time, it was a schedule that my mother forced me and Rudrick to reconcile, and at that time I was also full of thoughts about how to reconcile with him, let alone play with Rudrick. Even though I had to rush home from the dessert store.


Maybe it’s because of the disappointment. I wanted to come downtown with Rudrick alone later.


Of course, it’s not that we haven’t been downtown since.


However, due to our young age then, most of the time we were accompanied by our mothers, so we had no choice but to follow our mothers rather than play together.


It’s not that I wasn’t happy, but I sometimes imagined it when I was young.


In the distant future, when I become an adult who would not need my mother’s company, I want to go shopping with Rudrick in the downtown area, drink tea and have fun together. And it would be nice to look at the night view together in a place with a nice view.


My wish was about to come true after 10 years.


“We’ve arrived.”


When the carriage stopped, Rudrick got down first. Then he reached his hand to me. I smiled brightly and took his hand, glad to see him escorting me naturally.


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