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The first was coincidence, the second was inevitable, and the third was fate.


At the second meeting, I had a fortuitous encounter with Lord River, and as my doubtful mind turned into the third, I was persuaded. This wasn’t just a coincidence, either. Maybe this was my chance to finally meet my destiny.


As soon as I started thinking in that way, my thoughts switched from “Shall I?” to “Let’s do it,” and before I realized it, I had determined that he was my destiny.


‘I’ll seduce you!’


Although he’s also a sub-male who would fall for the female lead in the original work, who knows?


He hasn’t met O’Neill yet and fell in love at first sight. Even now, he was showing favor to me, it seemed like he had already passed half of it. 


And wasn’t it obvious that a man and woman who like each other would overcome anything?


My head was already full of Lord River and myself entering the wedding hall.


Since he looks good in a white uniform, he would also look great in a wedding suit. When I imagined him standing on the podium, looking back at me and smiling broadly, my heart was tearing and ringing.


Resting on my chin, I muttered more earnestly than ever.


“Will this year be a good year for engagement?”


But didn’t people say that expectation leads to disappointment?


Time was wasted just thinking about how to seduce Lord River, but after that, like magic, my affairs began to twist one by one.


It all started when I heard a strange rumor.


“What? Are there any forces supporting Marquis Myers?”


It meant that there was a problem with my successor.


As I said earlier, our family has to practice before inheriting the title of Duke.


That was to ‘study abroad’ and ‘proof’.


As soon as he or she reaches adulthood, a typical successor chooses an accompanying secretary. After furthering his education by studying abroad with his assistant secretary, he occupies the remaining time with the proper activities before returning to his home to acquire his title.


The areas of business covered by the top were quite diverse. Trade, distribution, finance, construction, etc.


Among them, the retainers select the appropriate top through a meeting and hold it to the successor. Then, whether the successor maintains the third stage well or grows to the top with his management strategy.


To show meaningful results through the top given, that was ‘proof’.


After the proof was completed, a general gathering would be held with attendance from all retainers. Only when the vassals agree unanimously in a conference to determine whether the heir was qualified to succeed the current head of household, then the successor could ascend legitimately to become a Duke.


“Now it’s just a formality.”


In the past, when the family was growing, it was said that if the successor did not produce any results, he would be kicked out without mercy.


Now, more than the supreme power of the Duke, the vassals wanted to maintain the status quo rather than unreasonably raise the family. So, even when they asked for proof, they openly started giving them a top spot with growth potential.


Before I knew it, bloodlines began to take precedence over business ability as a condition required of a successor, so I was confident.


‘Then I’m the only one.’


I’m the only one who has ever had a hard time with Averine.


At least, the Marquis of Mayers, the son of my aunt, who inherited the same blood, has the second rank in the right of succession. 


However, I was the only one who was born in Averine and received successor lessons from an early age.


So, it was only natural for me to think that as long as I get a suitable guild and manage it well, all of my vassals would unanimously agree that I would become the head of the household.


But the news was a little different from what I thought.


“To be more precise, by appointing the son of the Marquis, Prince Mayers, as his successor.”


“Oh, no. But the Marquis of Myers, my aunt…”


Lowell, who gave me this thunderous news, took it calmly.


“You gave up your successor right in the past.”


Her father’s sister, Marquis Mayers, was said to have been quite capable enough to be mentioned as a successor instead of her father when she was a Princess of Averine in the past.


That’s why my father ran out to become a knight, thinking that his sister would inherit the family.


‘But being deep in lover is also hereditary?’


The Marquis’s wife, my father’s sister, chose to marry the man she loved instead of succeeding the family, and her interests matched with my father, who needed the power of the family to take my mother’s hand.


She had previously seen herself getting married, having a son, and then living happily ever after.


“Suddenly now? Why on earth?”


“I’m not that knowledgeable, either. Only a small portion of the vassals who had previously backed the Marquis of Mayers had started to band together once more.”


“Does my father know?”


“He’s already been knocked down by the supporters.”


It’s strange. My aunt, who I’ve met a few times, looked like my father and was kind and unexpectedly strong, so she wasn’t a great person who suddenly wanted power.


If so, either the son was greedy alone, or someone was instigating him behind the scenes. I couldn’t be sure of anything, but a strange feeling of uneasiness ran up my back. I have a feeling that this wasn’t all a coincidence.


Could it be that it has something to do with the organization that was aiming for our family?


“I don’t know…”


It would only become clear whether it was a leap or nothing at all when the truth came to light, but what was crucial at this point was that I was unable to definitively demonstrate my succession.


It wasn’t enough to just keep myself on top.


Prince Mayers creating his own management? I’ve never heard of that, but just in case. If he rises to the top one day, he might challenge my current position as a successor.


So in the end, I also had to make significant results. It was also better than Marquis Mayers.


“It’s going to be annoying.”


But it’s still okay. There was a secret weapon prepared for a possible emergency.


“The mine I got from the Crown Prince!”


A mine in the eastern range of the Pelitos. 


They mistakenly thought that there was nothing there, but in fact, it was the mine where the bonanza of a large amount of magic ore was buried.


It was impossible to bring the mine myself, even though the mine belonged to the ghost top, and I could not reveal that I was the owner of the ghost top. But at least it could be useful for showing results.


Most merchants would be attracted if we reveal that there’s a large amount of magic ore buried in the mine at the ghost top. At that time, I was going to get in between and get distribution rights.


As if it were a great deal of negotiation, that’s the exclusive right to pay!


“It’s all planned out.”


So I wasn’t too worried. At the very least, as long as I get a business that could raise results by dreaming of magic ore, it won’t collapse with my bullets.


I never dreamed that there would be a powder that could break down.


“What, what?”


My mouth gaped in shock.


Lowell, the person in front of me, didn’t say anything as if he understood, looking at me who couldn’t manage my expression as a princess.


No, rather, he told me again, looking darker than ever.


“The business that the Princess will take on has been decided.”


“Well, I mean, it’s…”


Lowell sighed and continued, “It’s the lodging business.”



Lodging Business


It wasn’t long before Averine got into the lodging business.


There once was a travel craze among nobles, and thanks to the short-lived rise of the lodging industry, even Averine bought a few suitable inns in line with the current trend.


However, the travel craze has also subsided, and the number of people using inns decreased rapidly. Even Averine was hit harder because it had established high-class inns targeting nobles.


So in the past, people often said that they should close the lodging business and sell the inn…


In response to the opinion that it should be left just in case, the inn was left almost neglected, and the business that remained as a nuisance was the lodging business.


By the way, the petting complex was assigned to the top of my management.




I was dumbfounded and was just laughing to myself.


Still, Dahlia was a legitimate successor, but at least she knew she would receive a top job related to Averine’s main business.


But what about lodging? It’s not just distributing things necessary for lodging, but literally running lodging facilities!


“How can I work this out?”


The fact that the magic mine I had built with assurance quickly changed into a piece of toilet paper made me laugh uncontrollably. I was simply betting on this, so I felt careless as I daydreamed of a pink wedding with Sir River!


It’s a pink marriage, and I’m going to lose my seat. He should have noticed an ominous premonition from the time he said he supported Marquis Mayers.


‘Someone’s trying to get in my way.’


There was even a rule that the family head could not intervene in the proof of the successor. 


In other words, he decided to shake me in a place where my father’s hand could not reach at all.


After being adequately struck by a rear guard while being negligent, I gritted my teeth dejectedly.


“If I caught you, I won’t let you go…”


And the one who was staring at me… Jeron, who ran to my urgent call, sat on the sofa and clicked his tongue. 


Then quietly hitting me with facts.


“You appear to be the first to become enraged.”


“Hey!” shouted Dahlia.


“Somehow, you seemed oddly optimistic.”


Jeron, who had discovered all of my concealed techniques till now, stared at me and proceeded, stating that I couldn’t be so pitiful.


“If the mine didn’t have magic ore stone rice, what else were you going to do? What do you believe in so confidently?” said Jeron.


At his logical rebuttal, I had nothing to say, and I immediately shook my head. Then I answered in a strangely anxious but confident tone.


“No, that case is certain.”


Because it was a mine that the female protagonist of the original work discovered.


Jeron, who was unaware of my circumstances, gave a look that he couldn’t quite grasp my thoughts. Then he shook his head as if he’d given up.


“If you’re like that, it must be so. But what should I do? It’s useless now.”


“… Can you please stop pouring oil on the fire?” said Dahlia.


“Is there an appropriate strategy, then??” asked Jeron.


With my shoulders drooping, I answered, “I called you because I didn’t have one.”


Jeron gave me a solemn expression while maintaining his intense gaze, as opposed to his customary fuss. I joked about it, but he understood that it was a bad situation.


Jeron quickly started speaking after briefly becoming lost in thinking.


“There is a nightfall law.”


I threw my head back at that word. No matter how hard I tried to comprehend it, the solution presented itself straight away.


“What is it?” asked Dahlia.


As expected of Jeron, I picked a good person. I look at him with overly twinkling eyes.


Jeron put on a burdensome expression because of my gaze, and then slowly raised his hand.


“There are two ways.”




“The easy but long way, the hard but fast way.”


Jeron glanced at me with expectant eyes.


“What do you want to choose?”


I shouted in response to his expectations, “Easy but fast way!”

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