Honey, Why Can’t We Get a Divorce? Chapter 147 - Final Chapter

Author: Tam

Sylvester left, and I lay down on the bed, staring at the ceiling. 


Largo will no longer be back now.


He will no longer have the qualifications to succeed to the throne, nor will he be permitted to take part in imperial politics.


That’s it.


‘It’s a relief.’


The only thing that bothers me is Sylvester’s mother, a witch I met in the snowy mountains—.


I wanted to meet her again and have a proper conversation.


To do that, I would have to summon her first, but there was no way. Because there is no magic circle.




‘Can’t we find the magic circle hidden by Largo?’


I remember Sylvester and Callian talking about starting a fire back then, but that didn’t seem like a bad way to go.


‘Let’s talk to Sylvester when he gets back.’


I thought so and tried to concentrate on recovery.


It was then. 


“No! You can’t go in!”


“Get out of my way!”


There was a noise coming from outside.


What happened? 


I looked at the door with my body half up. As soon as that happens, the door opens. It was none other than Fleur who came in.




She came running to me, throwing out Irene. 


Oh, she was left.


I put my hand on my forehead and stood up. 


“What’s going on? You don’t even make an appointment, and you’re being rude.”


Fleur paused for a moment at my words. I left her behind and looked at Irene stamping her feet.


“Go out.”




Irene looked at me in bewilderment


“But, Madam. I think it’s dangerous—”


“I’ve killed monsters countless times, but how it’s possible that I can’t even deal with a single person. It’s okay, so go out.” 


At my words, Fleur’s face turned white. I giggled and gestured to her.


“So, Countess.”


And I looked right at her.


“What are you doing here?”


Fleur gulped down her dry saliva.


Then she opens her mouth.


I know what Fleur is talking about. Why did I make such a big deal, what should she do now, take responsibility, or something like that. 


I didn’t even watch the video, so I stared at her blankly. 


But a remarkable word came out of Fleur’s mouth.


“Why didn’t you die?”




I opened my eyes wide at the unexpected remark. Then Fleur shouted. 


“Why didn’t you die? You should have died!”


She clenched her fists and gritted her teeth. 


“Do you like to live like that? Is it good to live by stealing what other people have, harassing others, and behaving harshly?”


Ah, I got a headache.


Fleur seemed to have gone far enough.


Well, it can happen. 


Fleur, too, seems to have lost everything—


Largo, whom she believed in, became a rotten rope and she was abandoned by Callian. 


“First, let me tell you this.”


So I answered deliberately in a calm voice.


“I’ve never taken anything from you.”




“And I never bothered you. I’m talking about recently.”


Fleur bit her lips. 


“I almost died because of Madam over and over again.” 


I know. 


This is what Ophelia did in the past.


That’s why you let yourself be a total villain. I’m sorry about what Ophelia did in the past.


“But why doesn’t Madam die? Why?”


But this is not the case.


I touched my forehead again.


“What do you see human life as?”


And I said, 


“Do you think that if I die, you will become an Empress? Do you think you’ll have everything just because I disappear?”


Fleur clenched her fists and trembled. I looked straight at her and continued. 


“Wake up, Fleur.”




“There’s nothing you can have in a world where you haven’t achieved anything on your own.”


I could see Fleur’s eyes shaking.




She screamed angrily, but soon slowly loosened her fist and dropped her shoulder.


“I can only live like this.”


It’s a faint voice. I listened more.


“I’ve lived like this all my life. Selling a smile to a man, trying to be loved up. There was nothing else I could do. Because I’m not as great as you are!”




“But why do you kick the ladder that allows me to go up? You hate me so much? Did you hate me so much?”


Fleur now had a face full of tears.


I looked at her like that and sighed calmly.


I understand.


I understand Fleur’s feeling. 


In this society where women can’t do anything by themselves, she knows that the only way she could go up was to meet a man.


That’s why I hated Fleur terribly and on the other hand, I felt sorry for her. 


“I told you.”


I spoke in a low voice.


“If you climb up the ladder that someone else gave you, one day the ladder will be cut off.”




“Of course, Fleur, it’s not your fault. The guys who didn’t let you build the ladder in the first place and made you rely on the ladder he gave you were wrong.” 


Fleur dropped her head. I looked down at her and continued.


“But, Fleur.”




“It’s time to wake up.”




“Because you’re young and smart. I’m sure you can do it on your own.”


I could see Fleur’s feet getting wet. She was crying. 


I could have handed her a handkerchief, but I didn’t.


“Of course, don’t expect my help. No, don’t expect the help of the entire Duke of Ryzen. You’ve been mean to me, and I’m not good enough to help you with that.”


Fleur slowly raised her head. Her eyes were fading with tears, but I could see her anger. I laughed. 


Yeah, that’s the way Fleur is. 


“I didn’t expect your help either, Madam.”


She took a deep breath and turned away.


“I hope we never meet again.”


“It’s the same for me.”


Fleur went back the way she had come. But her steps seem lighter than before, am I mistaken?


Anyway, I lay back in bed with a little lightheartedness.


Everything seemed to be getting organized slowly.




By evening, Sylvester had returned.


With a bunch of stuff in both hands.


“What’s that?”


Ophelia yawned and asked. Sylvester glanced at Ophelia.


“Did you sleep all day?”


“Yes, you told me to take a rest.”


“Well done.”


“I know I did well, but what is it?”


Ophelia said, looking at the two suspicious-looking boxes. Then Sylvester replied casually.


“This is the magic circle that Largo had.”


“Aah. Magic circle—. What?!”


Ophelia asked back in surprise.


“How did you get it? Did Largo give it?” 


Sylvester’s eyebrows wiggle slightly.


What should he say?


Should he tell the truth that he has robbed the magic circle by saying that he will spare him right before he kills him?


No, he shouldn’t. 


“Y, yeah. Well.”


So Sylvester makes it up roughly. 


“Yes, because it will be useless now.”


Ophelia clapped her hands joyfully at his words.


“Then you can call your mother again!”


Sylvester’s eyes suddenly shook at her words.


He slowly approached Ophelia sitting on the bed.


Then he shook his head.


“I’m not going to call my mother again.”


Ophelia opened her eyes wide.


“Yes? Why?”


“I’ve decided to forget the past.”


He said, stroking Ophelia’s cheek.


In fact, it was he who missed his mother terribly.


So he lived to paint her for more than 20 years.


But after they met—.


‘It was nothing.’


Yeah, it was nothing. 


His desire for revenge and longing had all become insignificant.


This is probably thanks to Ophelia.


Thanks to Ophelia, he realized true love, and he loved her sincerely, so he no longer felt the absence of his mother.


So Sylvester said to Ophelia.


“Our future together is more important, isn’t it?”


Ophelia looked at the sincerity in Sylvester’s eyes.


“Now the Crown Prince will be Emperor, and he will make us independent. All we have left is to live happily ever after.” 


That’s true.


There was nothing more to bother them now. Nothing.


“But is that okay?”


Ophelia asked carefully. 


“You… wanted to find your mother.”




Sylvester shook his head.


“I’m more than happy to find you.”




Finding Ophelia, not breaking up with her, loving her, and making her love him, were all happy things.


“So that’s it.”


Sylvester was therefore satisfied with this moment. He loved Ophelia, he loved her, and he will continue to love her.


“I love you.”


Ophelia slowly lowered her eyes, feeling Sylvester’s touch.


She recalls the emptiness she felt when she first became possessed.


When she couldn’t even think of happiness because she was struggling not to die.


But it’s different now.


There was nothing more to worry about now, and she was satisfied enough to hope that this moment would last forever.


She loved Sylvester, she loved him, and will continue to love him.


So she was satisfied with everything. 


“Me too.”


Ophelia said, hugging Sylvester’s neck.


“I love you too.”


Sylvester folded his eyes and smiled and approached Ophelia.


Gently kiss her lips. Soft breaths brushed against each other.


It was then.




Ophelia pushed Sylvester and started to vomit.




Sylvester grabbed Ophelia by the shoulder.




“Ah. Wait—wait. Uck!”


“What’s wrong? Are you okay? No, it’s not. Get me a doctor right now!”


Leaving behind Sylvester, who was screaming while rolling his feet, Ophelia unwittingly embraced her stomach. 


This feeling, no way—.


“As expected, you should have taken a break! Damn it. Lie down now, you! Don’t move!”


Sylvester cried, laying Ophelia down and covering her with a blanket. Ophelia rose again, waving her hands.


“Honey, it’s not like that.”


“What do you mean no!”


Ophelia pulled Sylvester’s tie. And whispered in his ear.


Sylvester’s eyes open wide.


“W, what?”


Ophelia smiled at Sylvester, who was stiff.


“We’ll have to check it out when the doctor comes, but I think you’re right.”


Then he continues with a shy voice.




Sylvester buried his face in his hands.


“Oh. Oh my.”


He lowered his hand and shouted at the ceiling.


“Oh my!”


And hug Ophelia tightly. It is an urgent gesture that seems desperate.


“Thank you. Thank you very much.”


Sylvester said, burying his face in the back of her neck.


“I love you, Ophelia.”


“Me too.”


Ophelia smiled bashfully and touched her stomach again. Sylvester kissed Ophelia again and whispered.


“Really, I love you with all my heart.”


Ophelia buried her body in Sylvester.


She’s happy. 


She wondered if she could be happier than this.


But she knows.


There will be happier days than this in the future.


That is why Ophelia was able to close her eyes with a happy smile. 


<Honey, Why Can’t We Get a Divorce?> Completed. 


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