Author: rolypoly

Chapter 4 : Honey, Why Can’t We Get a Divorce? 

Translated by Tam

Edited by Briggy

“Didn’t you see what I was trying to do?” I raised my voice, unable to keep a straight face. “I tried to steal your money!”


Sylvester slowly raised his chin with his arms crossed. “So?”


Hair as dark as the night sky, blue eyes glittering under the light. He was excessively handsome, it was almost damaging to the heart.


I looked at Sylvester in the eyes, trying to suppress my pounding heart, but seeing me, his lips raised up into a smile. “As a lady of Duke Ryzen, you should have bad habits—just like that. You’re finally doing your job, so I like it.”


What the hell was that supposed to mean? 


‘I’m so lost.’


Come to think of it, Sylvester Regen was called the King of the Back Alley. He, who was born half-human and half-demon. Sylvester inherited the blood of an aristocratic father, but for someone whose mother was part of a mafia, he wasn’t treated like a human being.


How could he have racked up so much wealth and established the most powerful family in the Empire? He must be using half of his demon abilities!


Well, humans are stupid; they melt at his words and laugh at every joke he says, not knowing he was using them for information. The emperor himself was misled and gave him the title of Duke. With this, Sylvester established the Dark Guild and began using it to fill his pockets further.


Seeing his success, people cursed at him whenever they got the chance, but in the face of Sylvester’s incredible wealth and insurmountable power, people gave in.


Of course, I know this family’s background, but what does stealing money have to do with any of it? I didn’t understand.


“Is it also part of the family virtue to encourage theft? I’ve never heard of that before.”


“Do you know what kind of jobs dealers usually handle?”




“Theft,” Sylvester said with a laugh. “Especially information and money.”


“So you’ve been stealing, too?”


He shrugged his shoulders. “Not always, but sometimes.” He raised his hand and started swinging something back and forth right in front of my face. 


“That’s my bracelet!” I shouted in surprise.


‘How did he do that?


It’s like he was a magician and it made me sick.


“Learn more. You’re still immature.” A husband who encourages stealing. This crazy ba—.


Third plan!


I ditched the plan to steal his money, my husband was too crazy.


‘I feel like crying.’


I couldn’t try to be wasteful of my allowance because of my stupid commoner mentality, I couldn’t bully my servants because I was too nice, and I couldn’t even steal any money despite it being my last chance!


“What the hell am I supposed to do for you to divorce me!”


Me, me, me—.

An echo resonated in the room. It was surprisingly noisy even for me.


Sylvester’s eyes narrowed. “It’s strange.” He gave me a suspicious look. “You’re suddenly talking about divorce.”




“And you said you’d live leeching off of me forever.”


“I did what?”


‘Ophelia you must be crazy!’


“You told me to stay still like a statue because my only redeeming trait is my face.”


“I said what?!” ‘She must have been out of her mind!’


“I’m cancelling that statement! For real!” I quickly waved my hand. “Pretend I never said any of that and just divorce me, okay?” I begged.


Sylvester’s eyebrows moved slightly. “And if I don’t want to?”


“But why don’t you want to?”


“That’s something I’m supposed to ask you.” Sylvester took a step closer to me. “I have enough money for you to use in your life.” He wasn’t lying, not even to the Ophelia who lives life extravagantly.


“I’m handsome enough for you to stare at all day.” This was also true, Sylvester’s good looks were a hot topic even in amongst citizens of foreign countries.


With his black hair falling gently atop his eyes, Sylvester tilted his head and asked, “But why is it that you want to divorce me?”



I swallowed nervously.


If you didn’t know the situation, you wouldn’t understand why I wanted to divorce him, and this was exactly what Sylvester must have felt.


‘But I need that divorce.’ That way, I wouldn’t get involved with the Crown Prince and Sylvester, the villain! 


But I couldn’t say that, so I could only tell him, “Because I don’t love you.”


‘I will divorce you because I don’t love you.’

It was weak, but at least it was more sentimental than anything else I could ever think of.


Sylvester’s eyes shook and he let out a low sigh, running his fingers through his hair. “Then,” he looked at me in the eyes and said, “Do you love the Crown Prince?”


‘What the hell are you talking about?’


I was speechless for a moment, my mouth gaping open like a fish out of water, but Sylvester mistook that as an affirmation to his question. “I shouldn’t have asked you, of course you do.”


“N- no, It’s not that.”


“I’ve never really cared before, but this time I’ll ask you to make a deal with me.”


“…A deal?”


He watched me with his arms crossed. “Seduce the Crown Prince with all your might.”




“Turn him over to our side. However you want to do it.”


“No–? Honey– Wait a minute–”


“If you do that.” Sylvester looked down at me and smiled with his eyes. “I’ll give you that divorce.”


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  1. WHATTTT!!! He wants her to service the CP? This is getting interesting.

  2. Wow…this is fresh… never had there been a male lead that would encourage the female lead especially their wife to seduce someone else…