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“True or false…”


I muttered intentionally following Adelio’s words, and still smiling, he said.


“It’s kind of nasty.”




“Daisy, didn’t you say they hated you even though you didn’t do anything wrong? I thought if it was me, I would feel that it was unfair.”


I nodded violently as if deceived by Adelio’s kind voice.


“But I’ve done something wrong, haven’t I? I’m always lacking compared to my sisters….”


“Daisy. Again, hating people for that reason is something that only bad people do.”


“…My sisters are not bad.”


“So let’s check if they really mean it.”


As I let my shoulders drop weakly, he kept comforting me over and over again.


“Daisy. A normal relationship isn’t something that can be achieved through one-sided favor.”


That’s true.


If something like that was possible, the relationship between me and my sisters wouldn’t have broken down this much.


‘You’ve given up on me who’s been trying so hard and now you suddenly show your love to me, how I can trust you?’


Adelio spoke warmly as if he understood my feelings.


“So I think it’s their turn from now on.”


“Yes, I’ve done enough.”


Adelio nodded, saying yes to my blunt tone.


“…But how can I be mean to my sisters?”


“Are you scared?”


“It’s not that I’m scared…”


I bowed my head, recalling Liliana and Viola’s angry faces.


“Yes, I think it’s a little scary. I can’t even remember their smiling faces.”


“Is that so?”


In the end, nothing was solved, but Adelio’s words comforted me to some extent.


Before I knew it, I arrived at the main gate of the temple and greeted him face-to-face.


“Thank you for today. It gave me a lot of strength.”






Adelio grabbed me as I was about to go back, and, after a bit of agitation, he opened his mouth.


“I don’t think anyone would blame you for being mean to your sisters, Daisy.”




“Honestly, if you want to let it go, that’s fine, but Daisy, it’s so unfair.”


I blinked in embarrassment at Adelio’s sullen tone, and he smiled even more brightly.


“Or think of it as being a little naughty to your sisters. You’ll feel more at ease. “


I asked Adelio, who was looking at the carriage that had just arrived and had a regretful expression on his face.


“It’s the first time we’ve seen each other today, so why are you being so kind to me? Maybe it was really my fault.”


“Well, because I think Daisy’s a good person? Maybe that’s why I don’t want you to be hurt.”


My voice trembled a little at my rising emotions.


“…Thank you for your words.”


Hearing those words for the first time from someone else besides my parents gave me courage.


“Adelio has cheered for me, so I’ll try to be brave. I will negotiate with my sisters this time.”


Adelio opened his eyes wide as if surprised by the sudden change in my attitude.


“You don’t have to overdo it. It’s just a story of what I would do if it were me.”


“No, I’ll try. I think I can do anything because someone is rooting for me. Anything related to my sisters!”


I replied with a big smile and an excited voice.


At my answer, Adelio smiled shyly.


“I hope everything goes well.”


His face under the light was so bright that I unintentionally stared blankly.


From his round and pretty forehead, his sleek nose, lips, and the line went down under his thick neck, and without realizing it, my eyes were fixed in one place.


“…Is there something on my neck?”


“Oh, no.”


I felt like I was staring too hard, so I waved my hand with a red face.


‘Strangely, my eyes keep going near his neck.’


Perhaps because his face was shining more under the bright light, my eyes were especially on the shadowy part under his neck.


I quickly removed my rude gaze and smiled broadly.


“If you don’t mind, Adelio, can I come to see you next time?”


Adelio smiled after me as if he didn’t mind my rudeness.


“Sure, I’ll be waiting.”


✲ ✲ ✲


I took a deep breath in front of the front door with the setting sun behind me.


It was so much fun having someone listen to me seriously that I didn’t realize how much time had passed.


Naturally, in the temple, I was full of courage and confidence, but when I tried to enter the mansion, my heart trembled.


‘No, Daisy. Adelio has cheered for you, too.’


I would continue to suffer unless I could confirm whether my sisters’ hearts were true or false.


I couldn’t just move on like this. It was a problem that I had to face at once. Let’s do it!


I made a firm commitment and tried to enter.


But before that, the door of the mansion burst open.




I could see Liliana, who was looking for me with her voice raising, and Viola, who burst open the door behind her.


“Where have you been? I was worried!”


“Ah… I mean.”


“If you were just a little late, Viola might have released the knights. Next time you go out, tell me where you’re going. That way, I’ll be less worried.”


“Oh, yes.”


I couldn’t even speak and just nodded at Liliana’s quick words


At my reply, Liliana erased her uneasy expression and smiled contentedly, and Viola escorted me into the mansion.


Listening to the closing door, I reflected on the determination in my mind.


‘Don’t get angry… A little naughty, a little nasty… It’s too difficult. Will I be able to do it?’


Unable to get out of my gloomy thoughts, Liliana clapped her hands and reversed the chaotic atmosphere.


“Oh! Viola bought dessert for you today.”




When I smiled slightly at the good news, Viola nodded with a blunt expression.


“On my way back from work, I saw grapefruit tart, and I thought of you.”


“Ah, grapefruit tart…”


I blinked at the word grapefruit that came out again.


‘Since the blunt Viola bought it for me, I should eat it.’


“Yes! I paid more attention to your meal today. For a refreshing taste, I put grapefruit in the sauce for the grapefruit salad and steak…”


At the feast of grapefruit dishes that followed Liliana’s words, a huge thunderbolt struck my complicated head.


If I didn’t say it clearly now, I would be buried in the grapefruit field given by these two people.


“Sister, I….”


But Liliana cut me off before I could open my mouth.


“Daisy likes grapefruit! Right?”


Viola also nodded quietly, and the employees around were looking at us with warm expressions.


In this friendly space that didn’t include me, a crooked mind arose along with an unknown resentment.


‘I hope Daisy doesn’t get hurt.’


For some reason, I suddenly remembered Adelio’s friendly words of comfort.


‘Oh, now I got hurt again.’


How long have I been ignoring the pain and trying to ignore such trivial words and actions over and over again?


Liliana said and tried to put her arms around me.


I pulled out her arm roughly.




Liliana looked astonished by my sudden action, and Viola, who was standing next to me quietly, also stepped back in a panic.


‘Why, why am I the only one who needs to be hurt?’


A feeling of shame arose again.


Why am I the only one surrounded by worries like this, paying attention to the people around me who are giving meaning to each of my likings and getting stressed out?


Should I just receive whatever they give me, whether it’s affection or negative feelings?


No, that’s not it.


I don’t want to.


“I don’t like grapefruit. I hate it so, so, so much, so much!”


I took a deep breath and spoke clearly to my sisters.


“It’s bitter, and I have a hard time every day eating grapefruit! It was so hard for me to force myself to eat what Sisters gave me!




Liliana tried to approach me in embarrassment, but I immediately retreated.


It was cool when I actually spit it out, but I had no idea what to do next.


‘…No, Daisy. While you’re at it, you have to say it till the end.’


If it wasn’t now, I wouldn’t be able to properly convey my feelings to my sisters.


My sisters would never understand this unfair and painful feeling.


‘You have to, Daisy.’


After much consideration, I decided to open my mouth again.


I clenched my hands and screamed with my eyes closed tightly.


“It’s uncomfortable for me that Sisters are doing this. It’s too burdensome, and I don’t like it. No, I hate it!”


I spit it out.


I slowly opened my eyes, breathing heavily.


After showing my true feelings, I was afraid that Liliana and Viola would be angry again like before.


‘Don’t be afraid, Daisy.’


If that’s the case, the Sisters’ feelings are only that much.


‘It would be better if they get angry. Then I won’t be so confused again.’


I plucked up my courage and raised my head, making eye contact with Liliana and Viola.


I thought they would be angry because of my insult, but their expressions were different from what I thought.


Liliana’s expression contorted as if she was about to cry, and Viola’s face stiffened with guilt.


I could feel it as soon as I saw their expressions.


I don’t want my sisters to be hurt like me.

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