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When I saw the bottle Theodore was holding, I shouted in surprise.


“That’s right! That’s it!”




Hudson panicked and reached for the bottle, but Theodore loosened his grip and he collapsed onto the floor.


“It’s a nutritional supplement! I heard that just applying it on your body gives you strength, so I just visited the room to give it to Captain!”


“You said you didn’t have anything like this a while ago!”


“Lady keeps making me look suspicious so I can’t help it!”


Hudson didn’t give up even in this situation.


“Lady, as Sir Hudson said, you could be mistaken. Sir Hudson tends to come and go freely in the chief’s office. So just calm down…”


Someone advised me carefully, perhaps to stop me from getting agitated.




I couldn’t resist the rush of anger and shouted regardless of the gazes I felt around me.


“Then, if you had something business to do, why did you secretly visit her while she was in the shower!?”


I cried out with my arms wrapped around me as if I didn’t know what to do with the goosebumps running through my body.


“What kind of subordinate enters the room without asking permission while his superior is taking a shower!? Not even of the same sex, but in the room of a superior of the opposite sex!”


At my cry, the audience was astonished.


“Sister always took a shower at this time because she was considerate of me! There’s no way you don’t know that! You even looked at the shower room several times to keep checking!”


The gazes around Hudson began to get fierce.


“You don’t know how scared I was because I thought it was a pervert!”


Hudson wanted to make an excuse, but he seemed at a loss for words.


Then Theodore opened the bottle and sniffed it.


“This seems to be a muscle relaxant.”


“…You can tell what it is just by smelling it?”


I asked because I was surprised that he could figure out what it was in an instant.


Theodore also held it out to the knight next to him so that he could smell it.


“Oh, that’s right. It’s a muscle relaxant.”


Theodore nodded confidently at the words of the other knight.


“Any knights would know. It’s a prescription for muscle spasms.”


The knights who smelled it nodded at Theodore’s words.


“It’s a medicine applied to the skin so it’s useful. But you don’t look for it unless you train too much.”


“We haven’t had any hard training lately.”


Hudson’s expression began to whiter as the knights around him swayed.


“Lady Liviatan, can you repeat what you witnessed?”


“Of course.”


Theodore’s question drew attention once again.


I tried my best to keep my voice from shaking.


“I saw Sir Hudson pour that medicine into Sister’s glove that she will use for tomorrow’s contest.”


“That’s not true!”


In the tense atmosphere, I continued.


“I was so suspicious so I asked what he did, and he started running away. I think he was going to ruin Sister’s competition tomorrow.”


When I uttered the last words, I remembered how miserable Viola look in my dream, and my voice trembled.


“He must have intended to put it on the gloves and let it permeate her skin. Then, because of the medicine’s effect, Sister would stop playing in the competition….”


In the end, I couldn’t finish my words.


I couldn’t get Viola’s poor figure out of my head, so I felt like my tears were coming out.


I could feel the eyes of the knights around me looking at me with pity, perhaps they thought I was frightened.


“Since Sir Hudson said it is unfair, shouldn’t we investigate Captain’s gloves according to Lady Liviatan’s testimony?”


“That’s right.”


The knights around him nodded at Theodore’s words.


As I was relieved that the situation seemed to be being sorted out, Hudson persistently pleaded not guilty.


“Aren’t you trying to blame me for what you did?”


“Why would I do such a thing?”


I spoke confidently, but my body began to tremble.


Perhaps because I could imagine what Hudson would say next.


“To be honest, everyone knows that the relationship between the two of you was not good! Who doesn’t know that Captain didn’t even treat Lady as a human being!”




And it came out just as I had expected


“Didn’t you do it out of anger because the person who hates you keeps asking you to bring a lunch box? If you’re trying to put the blame on me, you’ve chosen the wrong person!”


When I couldn’t say anything to the old rumors he had brought up, he laughed unpleasantly.


Even though I was standing still, my heart began to beat fast just like when I ran as hard as I could earlier.


I felt dizzy as anxiety eroded my whole body.


Even though my sister and I had gotten closer, I was frustrated by the fact that the gazes around me hadn’t changed much.


“Sir Hudson seems to be misunderstanding something. Sister Viola and I don’t get along as badly as rumors say.”


Hudson sneered at the words I uttered.


“Don’t deny your ugly wish of wanting the person who hates you to be defeated.”


‘How well does this person know so much about us that he talks like this?’


My stomach was boiling and I wanted to grab hold of the collar of the person in front of me right now and ask.


What have we done wrong to you?


Why the hell are you so shameless even after doing this?


“Honestly, don’t you think that you might be pretending to reconcile because you’re conscious of people’s gazes around you? It’s only natural that Captain was generous to you…”


Before Hudson could say anything more, Theodore hit him hard in the back of his head and warned him.


“Shut up, you punk. You are now a criminal. Can’t you understand the atmosphere?”


“This bastard…”


Hudson glared at him with bloodshot eyes, but he said without blinking.


“They’re obviously close sisters, so who are you trying to fool?”


Theodore’s words brought back my mind that had been in a daze


“And I don’t know about a crooked bastard like you, but in the first place, siblings always fight and then reconcile.”


At those words, I stared blankly at Theodore.


My eyes met his.


My emotions began to swirl as I saw him say things that I couldn’t confidently say so easily.


I inadvertently spat out the words that I had been holding in my heart for so long and hadn’t been able to come out of my mouth.


“It’s funny.”


“… Lady?”


When I put on a strange expression, the knights around me began to worry about what to do.


They seemed to think that I had been hurt by his words and actions.


‘Not at all.’


I spoke loudly with a firm look on my face.


“As you may know from the rumors, my sisters and I were not on good terms. But what’s wrong with that?”


I would be strong in the face of my shyness.


“I’m on good terms with my sisters now, and I’ll be on good terms with them in the future, so it’s not a problem!”


I cried out.


I said what I wanted to say, not paying attention to the gaze toward me or the new rumors that would follow.


“In the first place, I don’t know if Liviatan is an easy family that you carelessly mention.”


At my words, silence fell in the lobby.


I looked down at Hudson coldly and said.


“I want you to know that I never intend to let this go lightly.”


“Daisy, what are you doing there?”


When I thought the situation was sorted out, I heard a welcomed voice from behind.


I felt like I was going to burst into tears at any moment out of relief, but I maintained my expression and turned my head away.


“Sister Viola.”


I smiled lightly, but Viola was startled and hardened.


Viola came up with a quick step and began to examine my complexion.


“Why is your expression so bad? What happened…”


But while Viola was taking care of me, covering my cheek, Hudson quickly got up and began to run away.


While everyone panicked seeing him running hard after pushing the knights around him.


Something brown flew in a large trajectory and landed right on Hudson’s head.




With an invisible groan, Hudson fell forward, accompanied by the crackling sound of breaking glass.


Dark red liquid spilled around him, and the sound just before must have been the sound of a wine bottle breaking.


Theodore, standing next to Hudson, shook his head and clicked his tongue.


Then he came over here with a brown object that had fallen near the Hudson.


“A basket?”


In his hand, a familiar brown basket was held broken.


Viola raised her hand to block my view, as if to prevent me from seeing Hudson’s wine-covered face.


“I’m sorry, Lady. I wanted to give it back completely intact, but I ruined it.”




I thought it was familiar, but it turned out to be one of the baskets I had brought with me for the lunchbox.


‘I gave it to Theodore last time.’


“It’s okay. Because you caught the criminal.”


Even if I said that, Theodore had a sullen expression while holding the handle of the broken basket.


“I broke the expensive wine, too. I bought it to give it to you as a return gift.”


“You can just give it back.”


I was flustered by his rapidly sinking figure and the moment I tried to soothe him, I heard a loud shout next to me.


“What is this, Sir Theodore!”


Viola was angry at Theodore.


It happened before everyone could open their mouths, so they couldn’t intervene recklessly.


“I asked you what did you do, attacking a colleague like that!?”


“I’m sorry.”


Theodore bowed his head immediately without even making an excuse.


“…You made a commotion, so there will be a fair punishment. Keep that in mind.”


I didn’t even have time to organize my thoughts.


I hurriedly grabbed Viola’s arm and said.


“Theodore didn’t do anything wrong!”

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