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I didn’t like what he had been doing, so I called him by name without even realizing it, probably because of the habit of calling him ‘that guy’.


Viola paused and asked me quietly.


“Daisy. Have you made any acquaintance with Sir Theodore?”


“No, not like that.”


In order to rectify the situation, I explained in detail what happened a while ago.


I emphasized Hudson’s suspicious behavior, Theodore who helped me when I almost collapsed from exhaustion, and that he shouldn’t be punished for preventing his last escape.


“I see.”


After all the explanations, Viola’s expression didn’t change.


“Where did you get hurt?”


“Fortunately, I didn’t get hurt! Again, I’m all right thanks to Sir Theodore’s help! I didn’t even fall!”


She took a look at me and Theodore and said.


“I will cancel the punishment I was supposed to give to Sir Theodore. First, let’s get rid of Hudson and we’ll talk again. Wait here.”




“You looked roughed up. Wait a minute, Daisy.”


Viola began giving orders to knights gathered around to deal with the situation.


“Go get my gloves. And the evidence, to me.”


Under Viola’s direction, the knights began to move quickly.


She put the bottle close to her face and frowned quietly.


“This is indeed a muscle relaxant.”


“I’ve brought the gloves!”


Naturally, the inside of the glove was wet and smelled exactly like the medicine bottle.


“The smell of this medicine disappears when it dries completely. Just because it dries doesn’t mean the effect goes away. Rather, it penetrates the skin better and enhances the effect of the medicine.”


The obvious evidence eventually determined Hudson’s arrest.


I watched her sort things out and let out a sigh of relief.


“I am glad.”


“Me too.”


Then, I smiled at the voice coming from next to me and turned my head.


“Thank you, Sir Theodore.”


“No, I just did what I was supposed to do as a knight.”


“If it wasn’t for Sir Theodor’s help, I wouldn’t have caught the criminal.”


At my words, he shook his head.


“Lady witnessed the scene and was able to catch him. Also, if Lady hadn’t chased Hudson to the end, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to help like this. This is all thanks to Lady.”


Theodore continued to answer with an unusually calm face.


“I’m sure Captain would still make it to the finals somehow, but it would be difficult for her to win. So I am more grateful to Lady.”


I was surprised by the words that sounded as if I had seen the future that was supposed to happen, and I smiled bitterly.


“What are you saying? I’m more grateful.”


“I was just happy to be able to play fair and square. I will definitely meet Captain in the final.”


It was a great confidence, but since I knew the future, I couldn’t help but blink in embarrassment.


At my reaction, he smiled as if he was embarrassed.


‘He looks a little different when he smiles. He doesn’t look grim.’


As if all my suspicions were useless, the culprit was not Theodore.


It was hard to look him in the face because I felt sorry for having doubted him so far.


‘Maybe he’s not such a bad person.’


It was also true that my favorability for him rose because he followed his colleague without question just because his boss’ younger sister asked him to.


‘As expected, you shouldn’t judge the book by its cover.’


I smiled at the thought of having learned another thing, and Theodore called me quietly.


“Lady Liviatan.”




“I’m sorry.”


Theodore bowed to me without hesitation and apologized.


“What’s wrong with you?”


I immediately tried to stop Theodore from acting erratically but he didn’t budge.


“These days, I got tired of noble ladies who kept following me around, observing me, and even touching my things, so I acted rude to a lady I hadn’t met before.”




“In fact, they didn’t stop watching while I was training, so I purposely moved my spot to train alone in case it bothered my colleagues.”


“Oh, don’t tell me…”


“Yes. That day, while training alone in the forest, I met Lady during the break, so I reacted more sensitively.”


‘So, that’s why.’


Because of Theodore’s words, his actions made sense.


‘Of course, Theodore was bad, but I think I would’ve done it, too.’


Iris explained that there was a famous figure in the Knight Order in the social world these days, but if that person was Theodore, it made some sense.


‘It must be because they keep following him around and making him tired like they had done to Adelio.’


To put it mildly, Theodore’s personality was kind.


“I wanted to apologize, but I kept missing the chance, so I finally did it. I’m really sorry.”


‘That’s why he stared at me every time our eyes met.’


Everything he had done to me until now made sense, and the little resentment I had left melted away.


Theodore didn’t raise his head despite his apology.


It was as if he didn’t deserve to raise his head until I accepted the apology.


‘I’m the one who should be sorry.’


Even if I didn’t express it on the outside, I thought Theodore was the culprit who caused the dream so I had been treating him badly.


I grabbed Theodore, who was motionless, by the shoulder and said.


“I am sorry for being so mean.”


“You don’t have to apologize. It’s only natural you would act like that since you got insulted like that for the first time.”


“It feels awkward when Sir Theodore treats me with respect.”


“No, I can’t talk in a casual manner in this situation.”


As I continued to keep his shoulders lifted up, he had no choice but to straighten his back.


I couldn’t even make eye contact as if embarrassed, so I inadvertently laughed.


“Actually, I thought you were picking a fight because you kept staring at me, but it was because you wanted to apologize?”


“I was just staring quietly.”


Theodore said as if feeling wronged.


“Your eyes were cold. It was a little scary.”


“Do my eyes look that bad?”


“A little?”


“No, my eyes are soft and friendly.”


“It must be your habit to talk nonsense.”


I covered my mouth and laughed at the sight of him playing a joke.


I could see Theodore’s shoulders relaxed at my laughter.






“We made up, right?”


“Don’t we?”


At my words, Theodore looked elsewhere, wanting to say something, but hesitating.


As I waited still, he finally looked directly at me.


“I mean about how you called me before.”


“What? Oh! I didn’t mean to call you that earlier!”


I remembered calling his name by mistake, so I hurriedly tried to make an excuse, but he didn’t listen to me and continued.


“Please feel free to call me Theodore from now on.”




Theodore spat out his words and scratched his head shyly.


“So let’s be friends. Friends.”




“Ah, it doesn’t mean anything else. I didn’t mean to offend you either.”


As I was just listening to Theodore’s words without saying anything, he spoke quickly as if he was embarrassed.


“We solved a big case like this, so shouldn’t we be friends?”


“That’s nice.”


“We can drink if you want. The knights won’t come after today anyway… What did you say?”


“That’s good for me. Let’s be friends.”


Theodore opened his mouth wide, unable to hide his surprised expression.


It was so funny that I laughed with giggles, and suddenly I came to my senses.


“I won’t be able to see you often, but let’s greet each other when we meet. And call me Daisy comfortably, too.”


“So… Daisy?”


“Yes, Theodore.”


I smiled broadly and nodded.


I was happy to be able to resolve the misunderstanding with Theodore and become friends.


A small smile didn’t leave my lips.


“Then… Please take care of me.”


“You can speak comfortably.”


“T-Take care of me.”


Theodore blushed as if he was embarrassed by the situation.


“Please take good care of me, too.”


“Why aren’t you speaking comfortably?”


“It’s up to me.”


I laughed for a long time because it was fun to see him flustered, and Viola, who had handled the situation, approached me.


“What did you two talk about?”


“Ah, Sister. We talked about what happened a little while ago. I was just saying thank you.”


“Is that so?”


Viola grabbed me by the shoulder and began to examine me carefully.


Then, after confirming that there was no apparent injury, she slowly patted my head and said.


“Thank you. You’ve helped me.”


“I did what I had to do! If Sister competes in fair conditions and wins, I will be so happy that I will have nothing to ask anymore.”


Viola smiled at my sincere words.


“But don’t overdo it next time. If you got hurt…”


Viola erased her smile and murmured low with a fierce look I had never seen before.


“I would never have forgiven Hudson. I’d have taught him that it’s more painful to live.”


“Haha. Sister too.”


For some reason, chills ran down my spine, and I sneaked up next to Viola.


“I was very scared, but I did my best for Sister. So please tell me that I did a good job.”


“Good job.”


Viola complimented me and patted my head.


As I smiled at the friendly touch, I could see Theodore staring blankly at us.


“You must have had a hard time, Sir Theodore. Thanks to you, I was able to prevent unsavory things in advance.”


“No, I just did what I had to do.”


“Theodore did a great job. You shouldn’t punish him, okay?”


I whispered to Viola.


“It would be even better if you give him an award.”


At my words, Viola stared at me.


‘What is it? Is there something on my face?’


I touched my cheek, but nothing came off my hand.






“No, Sir Theodore.”


Viola’s gaze went past me and turned to Theodore.


She asked, looking at Theodore with soulless eyes.


“Do you have a kind personality?”

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