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“The levy in this pendant are different from the usual levies, and they are very pretty because they have multiple colors. I wonder if it’s more beautiful because it holds a pledge of love.”


Adelio’s gaze looking down at me was somehow cold.


His usual kind and nice appearance was a lie, but behind his smile, there was a hint of joy.


In the sudden change of atmosphere, confusion engulfed me


“What do you think, Daisy?”


The more Adelio’s words continued, the more I felt like the blood in my body cooled down.


‘How can this other side belong to Adelio?’


I had been worried that I might have lost my pendant this morning, but I found it right away.


The problem was, it was in my friend’s hands.


‘But it’s so strange.’


I had never been out with this pendant when I met Adelio.


How does anyone who hasn’t even seen this pendant know its hidden story, and that the other half is with me?


‘Did he do some background research on me?’


However, only my parents and Isabel knew about the relics in detail.


Neither my parents nor Isabel had ever met Adelio.


‘Did he sneak into my room and steal it?’


The more I thought about it, the more I thought negatively.


‘But if he really stole it, it’s strange that he knows so much about it!’


The unanswered questions in my head began to entangle here and there.


I was dumbfounded by this damn situation where I couldn’t get any assurances unless I asked Adelio.


‘Yes, let’s ask him.’


I didn’t want to waste my emotions with a strange and useless misunderstanding.


Listening to Adelio’s definite answer and thinking about the consequences was the best I could do right now.


‘First of all, let’s not doubt him….’


I calmed myself down as much as possible and asked slowly.


“What a coincidence. Mine and Adelio’s pendants are a match.”


I hid my trembling hands behind me and tried to raise the corners of my mouth, which was twitching pitifully.


“I heard that this levy is rare, so I was a little surprised that Adelio has one as well. If you don’t mind, may I ask where you obtained that pendant?”


“Did you think I stole it?”


“Not at all.”


My body trembled for a moment as if I had been suffocated by the question that seemed to have peeped into my heart.


Adelio didn’t miss it and slowly lowered his hand and gently patted my hair.


The action that had made my heart flutter with excitement in the past was now unwelcome.


“Don’t be nervous.”


Adelio’s hand, which had come down before I knew it, grabbed my trembling hand.


Unlike me, who was confused, Adelio couldn’t hide the amusement in his eyes, as if he was happy with the whole situation.


“It’s strange.”


“What is?”


“The current Adelio is so strange. You’re not like Adelio at all.”


Embarrassment and the fear of dealing with strangers enveloped me and didn’t come off.


I felt like I was going to cry.


But it wasn’t because I was scared.


Even in this situation, unlike me who was worried about our future relationship, Adelio’s attitude of not caring about such things made me feel sad.


“I don’t think Adelio stole it.”


“Really? You’re not lying?”


“Yes! Really.”


I had doubted him for a moment, but I could tell from what I had been through that Adelio was not that kind of person.


“Then I will tell you honestly.”


Adelio smiled as usual.


Even so, instead of looking friendly, it felt cold, as if a snake crawled across my body.


“I received a gift from the owner of this pendant.”


At his words, my heart sank again and plunged downward.




My body began to tremble with anger.


At least I thought that if I pushed him into this situation, he wouldn’t lie to me.


I even had a slight expectation that Adelio might have bought it from someone of a ducal family who had secretly stolen and sold it.


But he said he got it as a gift from its original owner.


“You’re lying.”


I felt like a fool for trying to believe him until the end, and I was angry with him for making fun of me.


I pushed Adelio as hard as I could as he approached.


“Don’t lie!”


The anger that rose didn’t subside and instead burned even more like a fire.


“I’m the owner of this pendant. Who did you get it from?”


My voice couldn’t come out properly.


“The story Adelio brought up is the story of my real parents! I’ve never told Adelio anything like that before!”


I puffed out in anger.


“I trusted you, but why are you lying to me?”


Even if I spoke angrily, Adelio only smiled quietly and said nothing.


I was the only one who felt frustrated when he didn’t show confusion or denial.


“What the hell….”


My voice trembled with rage.


“Say something!”


I wished he made an excuse but Adelio remained silent.




Why do you seem to be enjoying the current situation?


Amusement spread in Adelio’s eyes, and then his eyes curled up.


I wanted to leave this place, but that would be running away with nothing resolved, so I couldn’t leave the place.




Adelio finally opened his mouth in silence.


When he unavoidably made eye contact, he loosened his necklace and held it in his hand.


And as he reached out his hand toward me, I subconsciously closed my eyes tightly.


Unlike the friendly voice, his hand hovered over my head and then pulled out the pendant.


When I opened my eyes in surprise at the touch of Adelio and my hair flowing down, he already had my share of pendants in his hand.


Adelio said as he aligned the shining pendant together as if he was used to it.


“What if you don’t remember giving it to me?”




What does that mean?


Adelio spoke kindly again with an innocent face without the slightest hint of lies.


“Daisy, you gave it to me yourself.”




Adelio’s words were such a shock that eventually my legs staggered and my body trembled.




Just before I fell, Adelio grabbed me by the waist as if he were used to it and pulled me into his arms.


At our distance that got closer in an instant, I took a deep breath.


“You have to be careful.”


At his voice whispering in my ear, I said with a trembling voice.


“What you said is wrong.”


I naturally recalled the day we first met.


How had I responded to the familiar feeling of deja vu that I ahd felt somewhere despite seeing him for the first time?


“Obviously we had never met…”




“I told you, you’re wrong!”


Adelio called my name in a friendly voice, but I didn’t want to respond to it unless I got the answer I wanted.


I glared at Adelio as hard as I could.


Seeing my eyes, he opened his mouth as if he couldn’t help it.


“Daisy, sadly, I never once said that we met for the first time.”


“…What did you say?”


“Remember what I said to Daisy’s question.”


At his words, I calmed down my racing mind and remembered our first meeting.


‘Have we met somewhere before?’


Yeah, I definitely had asked him that question.


And Adelio…


‘Unfortunately, today is my first day at work since I was sent here from the Central Temple.’


Without giving a definite answer, he passed the situation in a clever way so that anyone could easily be deceived.


‘It’s true.’


No matter how much I thought about it, he never said no.


“Did you decide from the beginning to deceive me?”


“No way.”


Even if he said so, I couldn’t trust his words anymore.


“In fact, the first place we met was not the temple.”


“…Then where is it?”


“Well, I don’t want to easily tell Daisy, who has forgotten me.”


His voice was slightly grumpy.


Even so, the good-natured smile was still there, and I felt like I was the one who did something wrong.


“It’s okay to forget your meeting with me, but I’d be happy if you could remember it.”


Adelio was smiling, but there was a meaning behind it.


It was such an insincere statement that one could sense at once that it was not sincere.


With that remark, Adelio slowly loosened his grip on my waist.


This time he backed away, widening the distance.


“I should go back to change my shirt.”


Adelio began to treat me as if he hadn’t said everything a while ago.


“Shall we go out before it gets too late?”




When I called his name softly, he paused in his rush to get out.


As if he was waiting to be called, he looked at me with anticipation and I slowly opened my mouth.


“If I…”


What is the most important question in this situation right now?


He smiled brightly as I couldn’t continue even if I opened my mouth.


“Yes, Daisy. I’m listening.”


At the leisure look as if he was going to wait forever for me to talk, I finally opened my mouth.


“If I never remember you, what would you do then?”


I didn’t believe that it was okay to forget.


He probably didn’t mean it.


But what if I really forgot?


A smile bloomed again on his face.


It was a strange yet familiar smile, as if an unknown longing bloomed again, just like when we first met.


“You’re afraid you won’t remember. Don’t worry too much.”


To my question, Adelio answered so easily as if it was nothing special.


“Because I’m confident in waiting.”

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  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful translation, TL-nim!!

    Maan, another case of sweet yandere huh, exactly my cup of tea~~
    And even though he didn’t tell everything, at least he gives Daisy a hint and things end without a useless misunderstanding

    1. And if there’s any useless misunderstanding, can you blame daisy?🤣 I’d misunderstand too if my guy acts like he’s plotting serial murders

      1. Fr thoo
        I really stopped midway to check the tag on this website and NU to make sure I didn’t read the wrong novel 😭😭