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The sound of my heart racing through my body made my face feel hot.




The words he brought out were more embarrassing than the situation in Adelio’s embrace.


‘Why are you telling me not to do it?’


Adelio always listened to my concerns and left all the choices to me, never forcing his opinion.


He also gave me warm advice so that I could solve it by myself tomorrow.


‘Why all of a sudden… Could it be that he likes me?’


As the what-if thought bloomed, my face quickly turned red.


‘No way….’


I asked just in case, even though I knew it couldn’t be possible.


“W-Why did you say that all of a sudden? You always said you respected my choice.”


I wanted to ask casually, but I couldn’t hide my trembling voice.


At my voice, Adelio whispered in a low voice, not expressing himself.


“…I just wish you wouldn’t.”


The sorrow I had felt earlier turned into a dry voice, as if it were an illusion.


At his words, the heat on my face quickly cooled down.


‘That’s right. There’s no way Adelio would like me.’


Then why is he saying this?


I forcibly removed Adelio’s arm and turned around to see his expression.


Did I turn too fast?


When I faltered in surprise at Adelio’s face in front of me, he supported me so that I wouldn’t fall.


My face flushed again at the posture that was more embarrassing than a while ago.


“Can you think about it again?”




Even though I knew I had to say no, my mouth didn’t open easily.


He looked at me earnestly with tearful eyes as if he was about to cry, so my heart weakened.


‘But it’s not like that!’


No matter how much Adelio asked for it, I had decided it for our family.


It wasn’t a decision that I could change easily at Adelio’s request, so I felt a little guilty for being shaken by his words.


I turned my head with an apologetic expression at the thought of having to say no firmly.


As I continued to avoid his persistent gaze, he let out a devastated breath.


“Okay. Do it.”


Adelio’s hands were weak.


As I didn’t miss the chance to step back, there was a look I had never seen before on his face.




No, the emotion on Adelio’s face was a little deeper than that.




“It’s Daisy’s choice, so I don’t have to argue.”


He spoke calmly, but the emotion on his face couldn’t be erased.


“I’m afraid I’ve confused Daisy by saying something that I shouldn’t have said.”


Adelio continued as if nothing had happened.


As if he was unaware of the emotions on his face, he led me toward the door with a friendly voice as usual.


“You’d better go back before it’s too late. Since it’s dangerous, is it okay if I see you off?”


“Of course.”


Adelio’s behavior was consistent until we drove back in the carriage.


But he couldn’t keep his expression to the end.


✲ ✲ ✲


The carriage was running hard towards the mansion.


I saw the moon I wanted to see, met Adelio, and prayed to God, so my heart should be calm.


‘Strangely, it bothers me.’


Adelio’s sad expression until the end kept bothering me.


Isabel, who had been quiet so far, carefully opened her mouth while I was contemplating and resting my chin.




“Huh? What is it?”


“By any chance, the man from a while ago.”




Isabel gasped at my words and nodded with difficulty.


“Yes. The knight.”


“What about Adelio?”


“I know it’s presumptuous of me to ask, but…”


Isabel asked in a very soft voice as if to soothe me.


“May I ask you what kind of relationship you have with him?”


“We’re friends, of course.”


Since we called each other by names, Isabel seemed to have misunderstood something.


‘I like him a little bit, but there’s nothing more. Adelio and me.’


I nodded in agreement with the idea I had made myself, and Isabel asked with an impatient face.


“Are you really just friends?”


“Of course.”


“You two are not lovers so my worry must have been unnecessary.”


Isabel continued talking without a break, as if she was embarrassed.


“Lady, you will soon be engaged to the Prince, but it’s sad if you’re forced to get engaged even though you have a lover.”


“It’s not like that.”


Despite what I said to ease Isabel’s worries, her expression didn’t easily loosen up.


“I’m glad to hear that… His expression was bad from the moment he came out of the prayer room.”


Isabel must have noticed the young emotions in Adelio’s expression.


“He looked like he was notified of a breakup by his lover, so I guess he was worried.”


Isabel smiled with an awkward expression and quickly changed the subject.


“Come to think of it, you’re going to see the Prince soon, right?”


“Yes. I’ll see him next week.”


“I’m so glad that His Highness is nice to Lady. On days when you can’t meet, he doesn’t forget to send you gifts, and I think he’s really sweet.”


Isabel clapped her hands and looked at me.


‘We’ve met about five times.’


On the surface, Ronald certainly had the figure of a fiancé that everyone dreamed of.


“Since it is a union with the duchy, there is a high probability that he will ascend to the position of crown prince, right? Then, sooner or later, Lady might be able to become empress!”


Isabel couldn’t control her feelings and spoke in an excited voice.






Isabel always did her best for me, so I overlooked her minor mistakes, but I couldn’t easily overlook this.


“You can’t say this recklessly anywhere. What do you mean he’s going to be the crown prince? Always watch your mouth.”


“Oh, I’m sorry, Lady.”


“No, just don’t do that next time.”


Isabel admitted her mistake without making any excuses.


I felt a little sorry for the apology that I pulled out with her shoulders slumping.


Isabel must have brought it up in the hope that her master would do well.


But I didn’t want her to be mistaken for something that wouldn’t happen.


‘How can I watch Ronald become the crown prince?’


In the first place, such an evil man was not worthy of the crown prince’s position.


‘Grandmother thinks I’ve accepted the engagement calmly, but that’s not true at all.’


I would never do anything to help the First Prince.


Also, as his fiancée, I intended to stop his accession to the crown prince position in all aspects, including social circles.


‘For this, the Second Prince has to become the crown prince.’


Except for the First Prince and the Princess, there was only one person left.


This was something I needed to discuss a little more with my parents.


‘Anyway, if someone else takes the crown prince’s seat, Grandmother’s position will change.’


If it was for the development of the Imperial family, she wouldn’t dare to give power to someone who wasn’t the crown prince.


Then Liliana didn’t have to be sacrificed here either.


A disgraceful marriage breakup would follow my name, but this was something I was prepared for.


I patted Isabel’s weak hand and laughed.


Yeah, this was the best I could do.


✲ ✲ ✲


A week passed before I knew it, and it was the day I was supposed to meet Ronald.


I grabbed the hem of my dress, which was decided according to Grandmother’s picky taste, and walked on the neat and tidy path as always.


‘But how long do I have to go back and forth to the garden like this?’


Anyway, since it was the Imperial palace, thinking that I was in the same place as my sisters made me feel relieved, but in the end, I lost my energy because the destination was the palace of the Prince.


“But where am I?”


I clearly only walked along the neatly arranged road, but I reached a place I’d never seen before.


Since I came earlier than usual, the sergeant who always guided me wasn’t there, so I just walked slowly to take a stroll.


‘I shouldn’t be late for the appointment.’


Fortunately, I saw a person not far away as I moved my anxious steps diligently.


“Who’s there?”


As if he had heard the grass rustling, the man asked without looking back.


Looking at the luxurious and neat clothes, it seemed that he was a nobleman, not a servant.


“Excuse me. My name is Daisy Liviatan. I’m lost, so do you happen to know the way to the First Prince’s palace?”


At my words, the man quickly turned around and made a surprised expression.


The unfamiliar silver hair swayed lightly in the wind.


The man’s blue eyes gave off a strange feeling.


‘Is that longing?’


“Nice to meet you, Lady Daisy. My name is Giovanna Odphelia.”




I was surprised and hurriedly grabbed the hem of my dress and bowed my head.


“Second Prince.”


I was in a hurry because I got lost, so I couldn’t immediately recall who the other person was.


‘A handsome man with silver hair and blue eyes.’


I was very nervous to see his appearance that exactly matched the modifier I once heard from Iris.


“It’s fine, so raise your head.”


“I-I’m sorry.”


“You’re lost. I happened to be on my way to see my brother. If you don’t mind, Lady Daisy, would you like to come with me?”


“Y-Yes. I’m honored.”


With the apprehensive feeling that it would be an uncomfortable walk, I inwardly swallowed my tears.


As expected, silence passed between us throughout the walk.


It was to the point that I thought that I would be happy to see Ronald at this moment.


“Oh, I think he’s over there. Brother…”


Perhaps Giovanna also wanted to get out of this situation. As soon as he found Ronald, he opened his mouth in a very welcoming voice.


However, he didn’t finish his words.




I couldn’t say anything either.


Because Ronald, the owner of the garden, was holding onto a woman by the waist and kissing her.


Above all, I knew who the woman was, so I couldn’t escape from the shock.



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