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To think that my future fiancé is kissing my friend behind the scenes.


I was quite shocked that he even had a secret meeting with a friend who had been rooting for my engagement until recently




The voice from next to me made me realize that I wasn’t the only one witnessing this situation.


“Oh, my.”


Only then did their lips part at Giovanna’s call.


Ronald took a step back from Iris, licking his lips lightly.


“It’s Giovanna and Lady Liviatan.”


“…I see the First Prince.”


“You have the spirit to say hello even in this situation. Does that mean you are a Liaviatan even if you’re half-blood?”


Even if I didn’t roll my brain hard, I could tell that the words were sarcastic.


I turned my head to Iris, but she didn’t give me the slightest glance, as if she didn’t want to look at me.


Giovanna looked back and forth between me and Ronald, then took a step closer to say something.


I resolutely blocked Giovanna’s path and took the steps he was about to take.


“My lord, I would like to hear an explanation of the situation.”




Ronald looked at me with uninterested eyes.


The words that followed the unpleasant gaze, which skimmed very slowly from head to toe as if to judge me, were a spectacle.


“Sadly, I don’t need you anymore.”


“…You don’t need me anymore?”


I asked back, wondering if I heard it wrong.


He didn’t deny it but instead nodded with a cheerful expression.


“I mean. Compared to Iris, you lack too much to enter the Imperial palace.”


Ronald looked at me with disdain, with one leg slanted in a swaying stance.


“You’re a woman who will be named empress, but you have no place in the social world, no ambition, and your future prospects are bleak.”




“Above all, you don’t feel like a woman at all. I tried my best to like you because you’re the Duke’s cherished daughter, but it was hard.”


I couldn’t keep my mouth shut at those shocking words.


His words became a dagger to me and left a scar in my heart to the point that I wanted to run away from this place, throwing away all my courtesy for the Imperial family.


“In other words, you’re useless.”


I took a deep breath and asked after the confirmation.


“You’re saying that you don’t need Liviatan’s power.”


“Wouldn’t power naturally follow me when I stand at the top anyway?”


Ronald looked at Giovanna, not at me, and sneered.


“Do you think you can continue a good relationship with Liviatan after saying this to me?”


I tried to answer calmly, but my voice trembled.


Maybe that’s why.


Reynald sneered at my words, as if they were unreasonable.


“What are you?”


“I’m a Liviatan…”


“Liviatan, you said? Aren’t you a parasite that only has half of the Liviatan blood?”


“Brother, you’re going too far.”


Giovanna stepped in, but Ronald ignored his words lightly.


“And the Liviatan is a family that always pays its allegiance to the imperial family. I believe in the Liviatan family more than you.”




My self-esteem was shattered when he said that I was a useless person, and that my family would also choose him instead of me.


“Well, if you have any shame, you won’t go anywhere to talk about today.”


Ronald’s words didn’t even catch my ear.


I was just struggling with the shock of being really useless.


“Stop it, Brother. Lady Daisy, there is no reason to hear more of this.”


Giovanna coldly shouted to Ronald.


“Brother, if you are an adult, you must know what to say and what not to say.”


“That applies to ordinary people. Why I do need to cover my words when I am going to become the head of the imperial family soon?”


It was an impertinent remark.


“Ah! You have low blood in your body, so do you feel the same way as Lady Liviatan?”


Giovanna said calmly at the blatant sarcasm.


“I have a sister.”


“A sister?”


Ronald furrowed his eyebrows as if asking what he was talking about.


“My sister had an interview with His Majesty a while ago. From what I hear, it sounds like they were discussing the position of crown prince.”


Ronald’s expression hardened as if it had never been at ease.


“What? What do you mean?”


Ronald pressured Giovanna in a loud voice, but he didn’t answer the question.


“I’m going back now.”


He grabbed me by the shoulder and pulled me towards him.


The tension in my body was slightly relieved due to his careful attitude.


“Wait, Giovanna.”


“Then have a good time with Lady Patrick, Brother.”




Giovanna’s steps didn’t stop even when Ronald continued to rage from behind.


As if to protect me, he looked around with alert eyes and just walked following my pace.


We were out of Reynald’s palace when the voices coming from behind gradually faded and disappeared.


As soon as I realized it, I felt sad.


Tears flowed down without stopping because of the shame that was rushed in, and a handkerchief came out from next to me.


“T-Thank you.”


I took the handkerchief from Giovanna and wiped the tears from my eyes.


The anger that should have risen confidently at Ronald’s words died down with shame and humiliation.


I was saddened to find out again that I was a useless person.


‘Why can’t I do anything but cry every time?’


It was like that when I fought with my sisters.


‘Oh, it’s because there’s nothing I can do.’


The reason why I wanted to be helpful to my family was not due to an altruistic feeling of wanting to be helpful to everyone.


It was because I was a useless child who couldn’t do anything, so I was afraid that I would be abandoned for that reason.


It was as if this division eventually occurred due to the selfish heart that didn’t want to be abandoned.


‘He wasn’t wrong at all.’


Everything was true, so I didn’t deserve to be angry even if I was insulted.


‘Lady Daisy.”


Giovanna’s voice brought my spirit back.


‘How funny it must have been.’


In the midst of a situation where my fiancé was taken away by a friend, I couldn’t say anything let alone apologize, so I must have looked so ridiculous.


“… Ah. I showed the Prince the worst side of me.”


Seeing my embarrassment, he shook his head lightly.


“Don’t cry over what Brother did wrong. He will definitely regret it.”


“All of that is true, so he won’t regret it. Who I am to say that?”


“Aren’t you the precious youngest lady of the Duke Liviatan?”


“Do you think my family would choose me, not Ronald?”


Giovanna nodded without hesitation to my question.


I was surprised that he spoke out instead of just nodding firmly.


“If I were Duke Liviatan, I would definitely choose Lady. You’re a precious family member.”


“…Thank you for saying so.”


At my answer, he emphasized again that it was true.


“And Lady Daisy looks better smiling. Laugh a lot and don’t cry.”


Giovanni pretended to smile, pulling up the corners of his mouth with his fingers.


When I burst out laughing at his forced smile, he removed his fingers and smiled brightly.


“Look at that. You look pretty when you smile.”


“Is that so?”


“There was someone I knew who looked very much like Lady Daisy.”


“Who do I look like?”


“Yes. My mother.”


He crossed his arms and smiled mischievously as I couldn’t figure out what to say about the empress who was no longer in this world.


“My mother would probably be very angry in the situation a while ago. She would have kicked Ronald’s shin.”


“Oh, really?”


He spoke casually as if it were nothing.


“Sure. Not only that, but I think she would have slapped him in the face.”


“She was a great person.”


“Yes, she was a great person.”


Giovanna grinned as he agreed with me.


“She would have helped Miss Daisy without hesitation.”


When I realized why he had helped me, it occurred to me that I hadn’t been able to thank him.


“Thank you, Your Highness.”


“Are you thankful?”


“Yes? Of course.”


Because I hadn’t looked any worse in front of them, I could say thank you again and again.


At my words, Giovanna looked at me with suspicious eyes.


“If you’re so grateful.”


At the words that sounded like he was going to put on some conditions, I sharply raised my guard.


‘Is he purposely approaching me from the beginning?’


What he said was unexpected, making my doubt useless.


“I hope you can call me Giovanna comfortably next time.”




Blinking my eyes, I asked again, and he said confidently without the slightest shame.




“I want to get to know you.”


Giovanna’s eyes were shining brightly as if that was really all it was to it.


His eyes were so straight and pure that I couldn’t doubt whether he had selfish intentions.


✲ ✲ ✲


I decided to call Giovanna by his name comfortably the next time we met, and I returned to the mansion in a better mood.


‘It’s silly of me to be worried about Iris in this situation.’


Funnily enough, the image of her trying not to look at me until the last minute in the situation earlier kept getting into my eyes.


I couldn’t let go of the small expectation that something might be going on.


‘As expected, I should meet Iris.’


At least I wanted to hear about the situation from her own mouth.


“You useless thing!”


However, as soon as I returned to the mansion, there was fierce anger and criticism towards me.


And I had to stop thinking and come back to reality because of the tingling pain I felt on my cheek.

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