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As I walked down the hallway, the surprised eyes of the employees turned to me.


Most of them tried to approach me with a look of astonishment and concern.


I raised my hand to say no and went back to the room alone.


‘You’re sad? Miserable?’


You gave up in the first place, but why do you keep wanting to look forward to it, Daisy?


I looked up into the mirror.


Bright brown hair that looked nothing like my sisters’.


Unlike the sharp eyes of my sisters, my eyes lowered gently.


I even have an unconfident personality.


When I confirmed again that I had no similarities with my sisters, my mouth felt bitter.


‘It shows that we’re not real sisters.’


I couldn’t believe I was insulted by people of lower status than me in front of many people at the tea party.


That child in the mirror who looked like a wet mouse was so pitiful.


Daisy Liviatan was so pitiful.


I put my hand on the mirror and smoothed my cheek.


“Don’t cry.”


I tried to fold my round eyes.


As soft and warm as possible.




The lips of the girl reflected in the mirror were trembling pitifully.


If you can’t do anything, at least you should be good at smiling.


It felt like the promise I had engraved on myself was about to be broken at any moment.


I closed my eyes tightly because I couldn’t just watch the tower that I had built solidly collapse.


Daisy Liviatan is a little special from other Liviatan family members.


‘You mean that the youngest daughter of Duke Liviatan is not of a direct line?’


‘That’s right. She’s the daughter of the Duke’s brother, right?’


‘His brother died, so he adopted his brother’s child.’


‘You know what? They even said she was a child he had after running away with a commoner due to family opposition.’


‘There’s a mix of low blood. Why did they let that child in? I feel so sorry for the Duchess.’


‘There’s even a saying that she’s cursed. Her parents died in a carriage accident, but she survived alone.’


Daisy Liviatan grew up being talked on people’s lips.


Yeah, I grew up hearing such rumors.


For the sake of my parents who gave birth to me, for the sake of my parents who raised me, I shouldn’t burden the family.


That way, even at the end of Liviatan, we can raise our name up.


It doesn’t help the family, but if it bothers me, I might really be hated by everyone.


So I have to smile.


When I opened my eyes again, I was smiling very beautifully in the mirror.


I felt satisfied with the smile that was so good no one could swear carelessly at me.


It was the same smile as always.


“I should wash up now.”


Now that I had run out of the tea party this way, I couldn’t even dream of being invited to Liliana’s party.


I sighed as I looked down at the tea-colored dress.


Even if she said she couldn’t wear it because it didn’t fit, the dress that Liliana owned was stained with red tea.


‘I’m in trouble.’


It wasn’t a laughing matter, I had to somehow fix this dress first.


I stared at the dress with a face that suddenly turned pale, but that didn’t mean the dress would return to its original state.


“I-I have to do the laundry soon…”


While I was muttering, the new door opened violently without a knock.




Liliana’s cry made me startled like a sinner.


‘What do I do? What do I do…?!’


I was already dying of shame, I didn’t know what kind of persecution I would face.


‘I refuse to be even more hated here!’


There’s only one thing you can do at a time like this.


I bowed my head toward Liliana, who was approaching me.


“Sorry, Sister! I messed up Sister’s dress! I’m so sorry!”


“Are you all right… what?”


Liliana and I shouted at the same time.


I couldn’t hear her well because I was shouting out loud, so I gently raised my head and asked.


“I’m sorry. I didn’t hear you because I was talking…What did you say?”


Liliana stared at the dress with her head down and slowly raised her head.


There was no hatred toward me in the eyes that I finally met.


She didn’t laugh at me and she didn’t look offended.


It was just…


It was so strange that she stared at me with a worried face.


“The talk of dress is over.”




“Why do you bow your head for a dress like this?”


“But it’s your dress…”


As my voice got smaller and smaller, Liliana’s fine forehead began to wrinkle.


It was me who looked rather bewildered at the sight of her that was about to burst into tears.


‘You said you don’t value it, but why are you crying while looking at the dress…’


To be honest, it’s not even my fault…


I wouldn’t have borrowed this dress if I had known it was so precious.


This cry in my heart didn’t reach Liliana.


“Raise your head! You’re a princess of Liviatan no matter what anyone says! Daisy Liviatan!”


“That’s right. I’m Daisy Liviatan, but….”


I apologized with sincerity for my other words, but didn’t I have no the dignity of a princess?


“…You’re not hurt, are you?”


“It was just tea.”


“What do you mean just tea!?”


No, crying or getting angry, can’t you just do one of the two?


Liliana pursed her lips as if she wanted to say something, then sighed heavily.


‘Are you disappointed?’


“The doctor! Get the doctor!”


Apparently, she sighed to scream effectively.


At Liliana’s call, the maids waiting outside could be heard running.


“It’s upsetting, really.”


Liliana took out her favorite handkerchief and began to wipe the tea off my cheeks.


My body stiffened at the gentle touch as if she was touching a very precious treasure.


“Oh, Sister. Shouldn’t you go to the tea party?”


“Never mind that. Why would I go back to a place where there are people who treated you like this?”


“But they’re your guests.”


Without even pretending to listen to me, Liliana began patting my forehead past my cheek.


It felt good to have my face dry, but I felt uncomfortable because I kept thinking of many people outside.


How angry Liliana’s fans will be when they learn that Liliana’s tea party is ruined just because of the youngest princess of Liviatan?


The thought of it made me hate society even more.


When I peeked into the mirror, my complexion turned pale.


All right, this looks pathetic, so you’ll do me a little favor.




Liliana’s hand stopped at the gentle trembling voice.


“The people outside are people who came for you. At this rate….”


“You must be worried that my reputation will deteriorate at this rate.”


No, I’m afraid my reputation will be ruined.


Liliana burst into tears and immediately looked moved.


“My little sister. I’m proud of you for taking care of your sister already…”


With a very friendly touch, she helped my wet hair.


Then she said in a cold voice to the maid who brought a wet towel.


“Go out and tell them to go away right now.”




Someone asked back in a ferocious voice.


Then Liliana hardened her expression as if she was about to scream, then glanced at me and lowered her voice.


“How can I continue the tea party when my sister is in this situation? If you have a good sense, tell them to get out of here.”


One of the maids waiting for Liliana’s order rushed out.


Indeed, Liliana’s exclusive maid, Susan, was quick-witted.


“You go get some hot water in the bathtub right now, and bring Daisy a change of clothes.”




The maids, who were suddenly alerted by Susan’s actions, began to follow the orders at a light but fast pace.


“Is the doctor coming yet?”


“He’s arriving soon.”


“So slow.”


Liliana said so and added one more thing.


“What if Daisy catches a cold? He’s so late!”


I stared blankly at her figure.


‘Is this an extension of yesterday’s dream?’


This scene was shocking to the extent that the insult I had just received at the tea party just disappeared from my mind.


‘I thought it was a warning for me not to bother you again.’


I sat still and looked at Liliana who was busily giving orders to the maids.


‘Oh, I think I’m going to sneeze.’


I was quietly watching the harmony between Liliana and the maids when suddenly the tip of my nose began to tickle.


I tried to hold back, but the sneeze that came out of my mouth was loud, contrary to my intentions.




And silence descended in the room.


Liliana, who was busy giving orders, looked at me with a startled face, even the maids stopped moving and fixed their eyes on me.


“Uh, uh…”


I was startled by the many gazes on me, and I stuttered and sneeze again.




Liliana’s face turned pale as a cough erupted.


And soon a shrill scream rang out in my room.


“The child is drenched, what are you doing? Can’t you start the fireplace right now?”


The maids’ movements accelerated at the voice that sounded harsher than usual.




Before I knew it, my shoulder was covered with a soft blanket.


“Daisy, it’s really cold, isn’t it? Cover up with this first.”


Liliana gently stroked my shoulders and then left to give orders to the maids again.


They started running around the room in a hurry again.


I murmured to myself, watching everything.


‘It’s summer right now.’


A fireplace in the summer.


As expected, it’s clear that you’ve become strange.

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  1. i approve of this treatment, please continue to be overprotective and endlessly doting