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“Wake up, Daisy.”


I felt like I barely fell asleep while watching the dark sky turn blue, so when someone woke me up, I was filled with anger that I couldn’t hide.


I couldn’t sleep well yesterday because I was busy organizing my complicated mind, but I was really bothered by who this was.


“Go away.”


I waved my hand with a nervous voice, but the hand was caught with a snap.


“But we decided to work out together from today.”


I didn’t know who disturbed my sleep, but their voice, as if giving up on waking me up, shrank.


Satisfied with that, I was about to fall asleep again when an unfamiliar hand touched my face.


I wondered who the owner of this hand was because the hand that stroked my cheek was so careful that it felt like they were touching a very precious treasure.


In the first place, the only one who came to wake me up from my sleep was my exclusive maid, Isabel.


But this person was definitely not Isabel.


Unlike usual, Isabel’s hand that touched my cheek felt unusually rough.


“I shouldn’t be like this from the first day….”


Only then did I know who the main character of this voice was due to the full concern in their voice.


“Si-Sister Viola?”


My eyes fluttered open with surprise at the unexpected presence.


The drowsiness that had been pressing heavily on my eyelids disappeared in an instant.


I got up from my seat, calming my pounding heart.


“W-what’s the matter?”


I glanced outside and saw that it had not been a long time since I had fallen asleep


“I’m here to work out together starting today.”




I blinked my eyes at Viola’s words and fell into thought.




Come to think of it, I think I said that during breakfast yesterday.


“Did you forget?”


“N-no. I don’t forget it!”


I tried to smile brightly and answered.


“But is that possible? As Sister already knows, I’m so weak that I don’t fit into Liviatan…


I glanced at Viola and saw her visibly frowning when I brought out what she would normally say to me.


“There’s nothing you can’t do if you try.”


At Viola’s words, I raised the corners of my mouth awkwardly and nodded.


“But I don’t have clothes to wear for exercise…”




Viola had clothes in her arms that I had never seen before.


She handed me her clothes and asked without a change of expression.


“Do you want me to help you change?”


Whether this was really a dream or reality, she was staring at the clothes with a long, uncertain look that I almost answered yes.




When I shook my head in surprise, Viola put the clothes down in front of me.


“Get ready and come out. I’ll be waiting outside the room.”




When I gently touched the clothes on the bed, I felt a soft fabric.


Feeling the cool clothes in the cold air of dawn, I could see that this situation was not a dream.


Soon Viola went out, and I sighed as I watched the door close.


“What’s going on?”


As I let out a sigh, my body obeyed and gently lifted the clothes that Viola had prepared.


After a quick wash, I changed into a comfortable shirt and pants, and as Viola said, she stood still at the door waiting for me.


The sunlight that came through the hallway window shone on her face.


For a knight who always trained under the sun, her transparent skin and long tied orange-blonde hair looked brighter than usual in the sunlight.


She closed her eyes as if dazzled by the sunlight but slowly opened her eyes at me.


The purple eyes, similar to Liliana’s, were shining brightly, looking full of heat as if on fire.


No, not heat. Is it passion?


“Then shall we go?”


As soon as I came out, her stiff lips softened.


‘I knew Sister Viola would laugh like this.’


I nodded casually at the friendly smile I had never seen before.


I am a little worried, but I’m sure Viola brings me out because she has an idea.


Thinking like that turned out to be a problem.


✲ ✲ ✲


Viola started by lightly circling the field, but my goddamn body couldn’t even make it to five laps and fell forward.


Viola’s expression became more serious than usual due to my shocking physical strength.


She brought the lightest wooden sword with a skeptical look and asked me to swing the sword a few times, and I swung it wildly until she told me to stop.


Of course, most of the time I staggered, so she made a vague expression and told me to stop right away…


“I think this is enough for today.”


Viola finished her morning exercise with a mixed look and supported me who was exhausted.


“Don’t forget tomorrow, too.”


‘Ugh, I don’t want to exercise. I hope I don’t exercise tomorrow.’


Of course, I smiled softly contrary to my thoughts.


“Thank you, Sister!”


✲ ✲ ✲


As I hoped yesterday, I couldn’t exercise today.


Because I’m in terrible muscle pain!


Sometimes it felt like God granted useless wishes that were not important.


I let out a groan of pain at the arm that couldn’t be lifted.


My whole body hurt as if it was going to break, and I thought of Viola, the one who made me feel this pain.


‘I should have been more worried!’


Viola was one of the most difficult people to approach because she didn’t change her expression much.


Already, the Viola in my head was floating as a villain who ignored me and laughed at me without anyone knowing.


‘I’m sure you were trying to insult me and to let me know the difference between you and me.’


Having been suffering from muscle pain and being unable to get out of bed all day, I couldn’t help but get prickly.


Then I heard a sad voice above my head.




‘You surprised me.’


I was swearing at Viola inside, so I was surprised due to my conscience.


I avoided her eyes due to my guilty conscience, but I had no choice but to make eye contact because she didn’t leave.


Viola was watching me with a worried expression.


‘Worried? Guilt?’


I didn’t know in detail, but it was clear that her usual firm expression was broken.


And it made me strangely sad to know that it was because of me.


“Sister Viola…”


As soon as my weak voice came out on its own, Viola’s words broke my heart.


“I didn’t expect you to be like this with that much training.”


The serious voice hurt my pride.


‘Yeah, I’m weak!’


I wasn’t born weak because I wanted to.


Tears almost came out of my eyes.


I was the one who was sick, but looking at her face, anyone would think the person who should have been lying in bed was Viola.


‘I want to be alone.’


If Viola was still by my side, stress would build up and my recovery would be slow, so I hurriedly urged her.


“You have to go to work.”


“How can I go to work when you’re sick?”


Viola’s firm voice was filled with guilt.


‘What are you guilty of?’


I blinked and smiled softly as usual.


“I’m fine. Go to work.”


How can such a Knight Commander be so irresponsible and take a day off just because I am sick?


“I’ll get better after a day off.”


‘So please get out of here.’


My head hurt more when I thought of the rumors that would follow if she was absent without permission because of me.


Viola couldn’t take a step back, not knowing that not being by my side would help.


“Yes, I’ll take care of Daisy.”




Viola’s gaze turned back at the friendly voice heard from behind.


‘I thought my face was going to be pierced.’


While sighing a little at the gaze that had just gone away, the two began to talk.


“Daisy is sick because of me, so I’ll take care of her.”


“I know you’re very worried, but are you going to ignore the responsibility of the Knight Commander?”


At Mother’s question, Viola expression’s hardened


As she licked her lips and tried to say something, Mother firmly shook her head.


“Stop. If I were you, I would have left for the Imperial palace long before I ended up arguing like this.”


“I’m so worried about Daisy, it’s hard to leave.”


Viola bowed her head with a sullen expression.


Viola, who is famous for her poker face in the Empire, made a sad face!


This time, not only me, but also Mother was a little surprised, so she paused and patted her back lightly.


I’ll keep you updated on Daisy’s condition. I’ll let you take care of her after your work, so hurry up and go to work before it’s too late.”


When Mother said this, a resignation appeared on Viola’s face.


“Yes, I understand.”


Viola hesitated a little, then came back to me.


“I’ll be back.”


The way she spoke was stiff, but the hand that touched my forehead was soft and friendly.


I nodded slightly, hiding my puzzled eyes.


Soon, Viola left the room, and then Mother came up to me and sat down.


“Daisy, are you okay?”


“It hurts so much, but it’s bearable.”


“Didn’t I tell you not to endure the pain?”


I smiled faintly at Mother’s friendly voice.


“It’s just muscle pain. I’ll feel better after a few days off. I’m a little embarrassed because I’m sick with just something like this.”


My mother covered her mouth and laughed as if she found my lamentation cute.


“There’s nothing to be ashamed of as a family.”


“Is that so?”


At my muffled voice, Mother gently wiped my forehead and kissed it lightly.


“Sleep tight, our lovely youngest flower. I’ll be by your side when you open your eyes.”


At the soothing voice, I finally relaxed my stiffened body.


And after a while, I couldn’t overcome my drowsiness and fell into a deep sleep.


And when I opened my eyes again, the sun was setting.


My whole day passed like that with muscle pain.

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  1. viola is sweet too! also i relate to daisy so hard, i can’t run for a whole minute without panting and gasping 😔