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Chapter 1

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“Miss, you have done a great job.”

“Catlan, it was a great honor working with you.”

As soon as I put my luggage down, many people started to say goodbye to me as if they had been waiting for me.

Although we went through a lot together, it’s never easy to receive so much preemptive attention from co-workers when leaving the company.

Wouldn’t it be nice to say that I had a successful enough social life?

The warm sun is shining and the sky is clear. It was good weather in many ways to leave my job.

I replied thus with a big smile.

“It was a very valuable time for me to have many experiences. It’s a shame it’s time to leave.”

Guys, you know this is goodbye right? Don’t cling to me even with empty words, if you stay here you will die and I will live.

Fortunately, the colleagues who suffered from working hard together nodded to see if they had that much sense.

Yes, I hope they leave the job as soon as possible.

One of them asked me.

“Do you have any plans after you leave your job?”

It would have been pure curiosity.

When I was the Duke’s daughter, I was in charge as the aide to the royal family, and I abruptly quit my job and returned to the family.

It must have been even more curious because he had been eliminated as a successor to the family.

“Oh, you haven’t heard yet?”

I laughed loudly.

“I… I’m getting married soon.”

People looked at me with a dazed look at my sudden remark, but I only shrugged.

Well… that’s what happened.


As soon as I decided to marry someone, the person I noticed was none other than one of the gardeners working in my family.

His name is Hisch Riot. He is now the third son of a self-made family that has fallen and has a status that is practically no different from that of a commoner.

I knew about his existence, but there was a separate reason why I started to be conscious of him.

One day, I accidentally walked by the garden, and a rather neat man approached me, who appeared to be over 180 cm tall.

A moderately muscular body. Above, a man in a dirty work apron closed his eyes tightly.

“Oh, miss, good morning!”

Appearing from the front and shouting?

At first, I was puzzled by his appearance, but even after that, he often appeared in front of me.

One day.

“It’s a flower that looks like you, so I thought it would change your mood if I gave it to you. ”

He said shyly and gave me flowers similar to sunflowers.

On a warm and sunny day, I called his name and greeted him as if I knew him.

“Miss. ”

As if he was happy to be called by me, he folded his eyes and smiled brightly.

When he returned the handkerchief I gave him to use one day, he was so cute as to embroider my initials and shyly handed it to me.

At this point, I had no choice but to think like this.

Um… you’re seducing me right now, aren’t you?

Yeah, well, now that it’s here, I’ll take it.

Even if I didn’t, I had to get married for a purpose.

But just because I needed a husband, I didn’t want a common patriarchal man in the world.

Rather, I wanted someone like a sincere friend with whom I could be with for the rest of my life.

And in that sense, Hisch seemed to be the right person for me the more I saw him.

From that day on, I began to focus on catching Hisch.

Hisch seemed like a very timid little animal, and he was a person who took two steps back when I tried to take one step closer.

But instead of avoiding far away, he was a cute opponent because I could see his inner thoughts floating around me.

I increased the number of times I met him under the guise of coincidence, and very occasionally invited him over for tea on the pretext of having no one to talk to.

After that, when I make eye contact with him, his face turns red and I can see him tilting his head.

Sometimes I smile when I see a man shaking in shock when I take his hand.

The moment he looks like that and blushes over trivial things or gets teary-eyed, he looks cuter and cuter.

A man who didn’t know he was caught in my grip had taken great courage and told me this.

“Actually, miss… I, I fell in love at first sight!  You might think it’s bold, but… but I want to convey my feelings to you…”

“Okay… let’s get married.”


I immediately responded in front of the man muttering in front of me as if he was in shock.

A man who closes his eyes and confesses with a red face?

Isn’t that the best?

In any case, it was a world where marriage was dominated by family interests, not individual intentions.

And I wanted to get married too, which would benefit me. And if my husband liked me, wouldn’t that be the icing on the cake?

However, Hisch, who heard my proposal, blinked as if he was very embarrassed.

I thought it was too sudden for a moment, so I held his hand and explained with a serious look.

“I will take care of you for the rest of your life.”

It’s natural to be a family, though.

He opened his eyes wide when he heard me, and soon lowered his gaze and blushed, “Yes…”  And he replied in a low voice.

Cute guy…

Now that I have a rabbit-like husband, I knew that I would have to keep the family well with the manor, the dowry of the marriage, and prepare for old age faithfully.

So, when I had a ceremony with him.

I never thought that the current situation would develop like this.


On a clear, sunny day as usual, nothing different from yesterday.

Something scattered into ashes, and a man staring blankly at his fingers amidst the chaos, flinched at my startled call and turned his head.

“Just now… what’s that?”

Hiding the hand that grabbed the monster the size of a house behind, my gentle husband said to me with a tearful look.

“I don’t want… Liddell to get hurt.”

As if the disturbance just now was a fantasy, I couldn’t help but look at him in bewilderment, feeling the wind pass quietly through the scene.

I married because I wanted to live a normal life.

But the identity of my modest husband is the most suspicious.



Author's Thoughts

Hi, everyone~! I forgot to make an author's note, so I just edited the chapter to insert this.

I'm sure everyone is confused because of the rushed pacing in this chapter. Don't worry. This chapter is like a prologue that's why it's like this.

I really am sorry for the late author's note. Please forgive me.

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