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My loyal but cheeky retainer has now bowed down with an elegant gesture.

“How heartbreaking is it that you take the sincerity of the person lightly under the pretext of doing it for others? I hope the Lord will make a wise decision.”

Hey, just look at this. You’re smiling right now.

“My lord.”

‘Lady Catlan.’

The voice of Lord Roelich calling me imploringly overlapped with his in the past. If I think about it, then and now, I think he was looking at me with really bright eyes.

I thought he was just a passionate knight, so I thought it must be the enthusiasm shown to a Lady. Who knew this would happen?

Realizing that, no more words of disappointment came out.

“……Yes, sir.”

I sighed.

“What could be more honorable than that if Sir would make a pledge to me? Even if I search all over the country, I won’t find a knight as knightly as Sir Roelich.”


I nodded.

“However, Sir. I am not as great as you think I am. I may not be able to honor you, and I may make you unconsciously do  stupid things that are out of chivalry.”

“There is no w……”

“Yes, up to that point, it’s my virtue, so I’m not going to turn down Sir for this reason. Just be prepared, Sir.”

It’s not polite to keep sighing and to keep saying no when the story has progressed so far.

As I raised my body hesitantly and held out the back of my hand, Lord Roelich, who was sitting opposite me, got up and slowly knelt in front of me on one knee.

There is Sein who is a vassal and an aristocrat next to us, so his qualifications as a witness will be sufficient.

Sir Roelich looked at me with straight eyes.

Ugh, why does he seem like a five-year-old child who doesn’t know the world and has the same way of looking at his parents? Don’t look at me with those blind* eyes.

    [TL/N: Having complete faith and no doubts at all.]

“…… When a really dangerous moment comes.”

The man who said he would become my knight didn’t ask me back, who suddenly opened my mouth, but just glanced at me as if he was listening to every word I said.

“Really, when the really desperate moment came. I won’t blame you even if you protect someone other than me at that time.”

“You doubt my loyalty.”

No, that’s not it. This pitiful man. A devastating disaster may soon come.

If this peace continues until you and I close our eyes, and if you intend to fit in with the smooth life plan I pursue, I will be thankful to you.

But soon a crisis is coming that will destroy the world.

So you are more precious than me. For example, if you go to protect your family or lover, I will acquiesce.

Because when the moment comes, I, too, will run to save someone more precious than you.

“But it doesn’t matter.”

Sir Roelich took my hand carefully, as if he didn’t care. A callous thumb that was different from mine gently brushed the back of my hand.

“After this, I have to prove it.”

After saying that, the man pressed his lips against the back of my hand. For some reason, I couldn’t avoid those red eyes staring up at me.


What’s wrong with the atmosphere today?

On my way back to my room after finishing my work.

When I asked Sein why he had intervened so much in Lord Roelich’s affairs before parting, Sein told me with a natural expression.

He asked me if I was really going to reject that talent for that reason.

‘It’s not that I don’t understand what the Lord said. To be honest, I don’t think it’s beneficial to Sir Roelich. But just because the other person doesn’t voluntarily claim profit and loss, is there any need to do it this way?’

This is why the world calls a person like you a bad guy.

Of course, there were many times when this rational aspect of Sein was helpful.

Borter’s loyalty to Catlan was so great that I knew that his various actions were ultimately for me.

However, I felt very guilty to give a compliment, so I just said good night and see you tomorrow, blurring my answer, and parted.

Already after the night had deepened, the interior of the bedroom was dimly lit up by magic.

A large bed, beyond the wall of ridiculous pillows running across the middle. The man who was reading a book looked at me and smiled brightly.


Huhu, I guess this is why people get married. There is someone who greets me so brightly after I leave work.

Besides, I was very tired today. It wasn’t enough to have a scuffle with my ex fiancé, and I also ended up taking responsibility for the life of a stranger.

When I made a sullen look on my face as a joke, Hisch jumped up, not knowing what to do.

“Liddell, no. That…… Wife. What happened today? Was it very difficult?”

You seem to have taken my words a while ago that I wanted you to focus more on me quite seriously.

Hisch overcame his shyness and tried to be more compassionate, calling me his wife.

It was just a joke…… I didn’t want Hisch to worry about useless things, so I changed the subject.….

I don’t know. It’s just that my husband is so cute.

With tears in my eyes, I grabbed Hisch and buried my face in his chest.

“……Can you tell me what’s going on?”

Hish swept my back, saying so affectionately as if something really happened to me.

In fact, it wasn’t something that was enough to whine at Hisch, but suddenly I thought that I should bring up these stories first so that Hisch could tell me about his daily difficulties.

“Today…… Sir Roelich came. You know Teddius Roelich, right? He came to the wedding.”

“Ah…… Today, I had something to check in the town, so I went out and I didn’t even know that there was a guest.”

“Hm, hm. Come to think of it, how does the waterway look? No…… This is done for now. Anyway, I was surprised that he suddenly came, saying that he wanted to stay in our territory. He wants to be my knight.”

“……Sir Roelich?”

Hisch asked me in a rather low voice.

I was still hugging him and burying my face in his chest, so I couldn’t see his expression. I nodded.

“Honestly, it was a little burdensome, but his will was so strong and Sein was encouraging me, so I just…… I decided to do that.  I’m a terrible lord, aren’t I? I should be happy if such a great knight says he’ll follow me. But for some reason, it was a burden.”

“Liddell has a great sense of responsibility.”

“Me? No. I just need to take care of my body, my family, and my acquaintance if I can afford it.”

“That’s a great sense of responsibility.”

Hisch whispered as he gave strength to the arm that embraced me. My husband must be a real angel. Changing my complaints into nice words.

We were swaying and hugging each other as if in a slow dance. Hisch coaxed me like a child.

The rhythm made my body and mind feel drowsy. Oh, this is a good atmosphere? Today, I might succeed in removing the pillow wall of the bed.

Driven by this good atmosphere, I decided to tell the rest of the story that was uncomfortable to tell.

“Oh, and Hisch. Well…… Miller is coming soon. You know the son of the Marquis of Firenze, right?”

“……How can I not know him? He was your fiance.”

Our body, which was swaying rhythmically, stopped with the dead voice. I pulled away and looked at him.

The black eyes between the black hair were looking at me with some melancholy.

I said, stroking his cheek and putting his hair behind his ear.

“Magic stones have appeared in our territory. It’s the best selling product at the business run by him. I just contacted him for that reason. That’s why he’s visiting.”


“You know what I mean, right?”

Hisch looked at me without saying a word. I looked at him without averting my eyes.

However, as time passed without a word, I came to the point of thinking that it would be better to just throw away the money and everything and just open a deal with another place.

If Hisch, if my husband looks like this…… But Hisch said something completely different from what I thought.

“I’m afraid sometimes.”


“You are the only luck that has come to my life, Liddell. Really.”

Hisch said softly in a low voice.

“Without you, I wouldn’t even know how to love others. Just…… I would have just died like that while looking for something to fill me up.”

“…… Why tell such a sad story.”

“Because it’s true.”

This time, Hisch buried his face in my shoulder. He looked childish as he was leaning on me with all his weight.

“So I am desperate to not lose the luck that has come into my life. It’s not that I don’t trust you. So, you don’t have to look at me too much. I’ll just do my best, so you just don’t forget that I’m by your side.”

At those words, I was speechless. It was because it seemed as if I had glimpsed something unfathomable that Hisch was holding.

So I just gave strength to the hand that embraced him, just like Hisch had done before.

I married him and accepted him as my family. I have chosen him as a companion for the rest of my life.

So you don’t have to walk on eggshells around me. You don’t have to doubt that I’m by your side.

I hope that such feelings will be conveyed.

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