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If we had received information that monsters were coming from outposts all over the territory and prepared step by step, like the invasion of ordinary monsters, this mansion would have been a good fortress.

But, as Sir Ted said, things were moving too quickly now.

“H, how can the knight not deal with it? I heard that you are a very talented person……!”

At Albert’s plea, Sir Ted shifted his eyes to look at him.

“There is a master I have to protect here, and there is a possibility that the monsters that the soldiers have already missed may be wandering around in the mansion. I’m not adventurous enough to fight in a situation like this.”

At that moment, a loud cry of ‘Kieek!’ was heard from a distance.

And the first of us to react to it was not me or Sein, who was watching their conversation, but the brown-haired knight who was talking to Albert.

He leaped out. It was such a leaping power that the sun rising in the middle of the sky was obscured and it instantly created a shadow over me.

He thrusted the sword in the middle of the forehead of the monster that had climbed up the wall with his graceful movements, and then kicked it down with his foot.

While the other monsters who saw their falling kin paused for a moment, the knight moved again.

I knew it with my knowledge, but…… I forgot the disgust of blood and flesh splashing that was unfolding in front of me and followed Sir Roelich’s movements with my eyes as if I were possessed.

If it was Teddius Roelich, it wouldn’t be impossible to slaughter the entire monsters of that magnitude like the protagonist of a fantasy novel.

Even though I vaguely thought so. The feeling was even more vivid when I actually saw it.

“It’s a great skill.”

Sein gave a calm evaluation from the side.

“If it wasn’t for me or this mansion, Sir Roelich would really have cleared things up…… It would have been possible.”

I mumbled so.

Not long after I  lost my breath, amidst the still wriggling corpses of the monster, Sir Roelich looked at me again, wiping the flesh and blood from his cheeks.

His eyes, which sank low, were still glowing red as if they were burning hot.

“The situation is not good. You must escape.”

……If I didn’t do as he said, I was going to be slaughtered. He probably won’t…… He won’t, right? I coughed a few times.

Sir Ted was right. It was a priority to save ourselves for now. I can’t make the people here sacrifice themselves just to shoot an action fantasy.

Once again, I heard the sound of footsteps ringing. And with the ignorant head-butting of the great goblin, the tightly closed door creaked and cracked.

“Sein. Can you buy me time against him?”

At my words, the man politely bowed his head.

“Of course.”

“Good. Try to make the gate break as late as possible and step back at the right time. Albert remembers what I said earlier, right? And Sir Ted, follow me.”

Perhaps he read the subtle tone of my words, the knight looked at me and asked me.

“….. Where shall I take you?”

“I’m going to find Hisch.”

His expression frowned slightly at my words.

“If it’s your husband, the subordinates would have served him right away.”

“I still want to check it out for myself. If someone evacuated Hisch to a safe place, as Sir said, I’d like to hear a report about it.”

Albert is an old butler of this mansion, so everyone will believe him and follow him in an orderly manner.

Sein was not only a magician who was recognized by the Tower, but he was also a high level magic engineer, so he would be able to faithfully fulfill my orders and withdraw himself.

Now that I have finished all arrangements for my territory and my people, all I need to care about is the safety of my husband.

Even with my determined expression, Sir Roelich’s face did not straighten.

“Sir Roelich, you’d better give up. The lord is someone who will jump out saying that she will go alone.”

When Sein gave advice that is not advice, the loyal knight slowly opened his mouth.

“…… If a really dangerous moment comes, I apologize in advance for giving priority to the lord’s safety with all my might.”

At the same time, the man thrust his sword into one of the goblins that climbed up the wall, and continued the conversation.

“Then……I’ll take you.”



The mansion was a mess. As Sir Ted said, some of the monsters that the soldiers missed were ripping their way through the entire mansion.

Fortunately, there were no serious injuries or casualties. Everyone was fighting with an axe and a kitchen knife they had brought from the kitchen. It was a possible situation because it was a low-level monster with low intelligence.


A goblin jumped at the man who dropped the axe he was holding as if he had lost his strength, but Sir Ted quickly cut down the monster.

While he was looking around, I raised the man up.

“M, my lord!”

“You’re not hurt, are you?”

“Yes……. I’m fine, but what the hell is this?”

The man stamped his feet with a tearful face. Still, looking at his appearance, he didn’t look hurt anywhere.

I told him to go through the back door where Albert was waiting, and asked about Hisch’s whereabouts.

“Mr. Hisch? I’ve never seen him……”

“Yes, I see. Try to get going before it’s too late.”

I turned my back, trying to smile.

As time went on, I became more anxious. In fact, I didn’t see any corpses while coming all the way here, and the soldiers and Sein were blocking the monsters better than I thought.

Maybe it’s because I haven’t seen him for a few days. I was worried if he was alone in a place where there was no one to protect him.

A number of dizzying thoughts flashed through my mind. I couldn’t relax until I saw him with my own eyes.


As I ran calling his name, Sir Ted followed me, covering my surroundings.

There seemed to be few people left in the mansion, perhaps because everyone I met on the way was told to go to the back gate.

However, from the sound of tearing something outside and the rumble of the ground getting closer and closer, it seemed that the soldiers, who thought they had given the time needed to evacuate as I had said, were slowly retreating.

My heart was getting more and more desperate. Why can’t I see that dark-haired man I know well anywhere? Why is the man who always smiles and turns around when I call his name not here?

I would be glad if he ran away with the others……


I turned my head to the familiar but not the one I was looking for.


The man hurriedly ran towards me, breathing heavily. I was surprised and asked him.

“Why are you here? How, no, why did you come here?”

Because of the situation, the comfortable tone flowed like before. If you were on your way back to the mansion, there would have been no way you wouldn’t have seen this chaos, so why didn’t you run away?

In response to my urgent question, the blonde man roughly brushed his hair and said.

“Hey, you……! Then if I leave you in this situation……! What the hell are you doing here, are you crazy? The first person who should escape is……!”

“Lord! You’re safe……!”

A maid stuck out from behind Miller, who was running wild on the road, and made a happy voice. Now that I see, a number of servants have gathered behind him.

According to the story, Miller walked with only a sword and slaughtered the monsters, calling my name loudly while wandering around the mansion.

He entrusted the defense of the castle to his own escorts. In the process, it seemed that several servants were rescued and protected like this.

When I thanked him for his help in this situation, Miller didn’t respond and looked at Sir Ted.

“Do you know what’s going on outside right now? You’re making your master stay in this place?”


“It’s not Sir Roelich’s fault. I said I would stay. To find Hisch……”

At my words, the servants began to murmur.

“Mr. Hisch?”

“Come to think of it, where is he……”

“Mr. Hisch?”

One of the servants who stood behind Miller stuck out her head and opened her mouth.

“I saw Mr. Hisch head towards the garden near the training hall after lunch! It seems he wants to contemplate alone for a moment……”

My ears lit up at those words.

“Thank you! By the way, if you go to the back gate, Albert will be waiting there. Go ahead and evacuate. Miller, you too!”

“Hey! Where are you going!”

I ran as hard as I could, leaving Miller screaming behind. Soon I heard Sir Ted running right behind me.

A lot of thoughts came to my mind as I ran across the training hall that had just been a peaceful afternoon before.

If you look at novels, you often lose a precious person after fighting.

Hopefully that’s not the case. Although this is a novel, you and I are not the main characters.

All of those trials and tribulations are reserved for the characters of fate in this novel, such as Alan or Violet, and we just have to live in peace, using the small knowledge of the future we are fortunate enough to know.


On this cruel afternoon, in this place where the dust is blown by the wind and the torn petals rustle.

Why, I saw a monster that had just crashed into the gate with a terrifying force.

I saw him standing in front of it in a daze.


“Ms. Liddell!”

I ran toward Hisch, narrowly avoiding Sir Ted trying to grab me. I ran with all my might, so much that I didn’t even know where I was getting this speed.


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