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“Daughter, Liddell, are you so happy the wedding is on schedule? You’re smiling from ear to ear. ”

Oops, I failed to control my facial expressions.

My father, the Duke of Catlan, pointed at me and I quickly covered my mouth. I had come to have a little chat with my father after a long time.

Of course, it’s because of the marriage, but there was another reason I was really happy.

In exchange for this marriage, I will receive my own land and become independent, thus providing the opportunity to safely escape the coming disaster.

What is the disaster that is coming soon?

How do I know that?

Fine… What to hide. One of the clichés of a full-length romantic fantasy novel, ‘The Possession of Books’. I am the one who is experiencing it.

This world I am in was a world in a series of novels. To be precise, the world in the novel <I Picked Up My Husband Who Only Looks At Me> in the <People of Levitea> series.

As the title suggests, Levitea was a series in which people were written one after the other from ancestors to later generations, and the problem is that the era of the novel I possessed is just before the world collapsed.

In fact, I don’t know the exact content well. This is because I possessed it without reading the sequel.

I just thought it was because the introduction to the last part suddenly said, “The story of the people living in after the apocalypse.”

Since I belatedly realized that I possessed a character in a novel, as soon as I remembered the post-war situation of the novel, I did my best to prepare myself to avoid the coming disaster.

And now it can be said that this marriage is one of the fruits of my efforts.  So I cannot help but smile.

On the other hand, my father sighed deeply.

“You are so stubborn that I gave you my permission… but the eyes of the vassals are not so good.”

The Duke’s retainers chattered bitterly behind my back about marrying a man who didn’t benefit the family.

I don’t claim to be madly in love, but when I see my husband, Hisch, I lead him out of earshot.

I listened to those words out of one ear and the other, but Hisch was very concerned.

I don’t mind them badmouthing me, but I don’t want him to hear that bad gossip.

Cute guy…

“It’s all right, Dad. I’m going to the countryside soon, so I won’t be able to see them.”

“…You speak in a very refreshing way. Aren’t you actually going on a trip? It’s like I’m seeing someone who’s happy to retire and enjoy his retirement.”

“Whew, what are you talking about? I’m so young.”

Sighing at what I said, he soon said carefully.

“…You don’t have to go. If you care about people’s eyes, I can block them as much as I want.”

I understood my father’s heart as well, but the moment I realized that I was possessed, I wanted to leave the capital as soon as possible before the content of the sequel began.

Originally, in disaster movies, the capital is the first place to be attacked to impact the development.

In addition, the marriage between the male and female protagonist was scheduled some time later, so the story was actually coming to the end, therefore, I had no choice but to be in a hurry.

“I have a lot of worries. You lived your whole life without leaving the family….”

At that, I looked at my father, who was old but had a great spirit because of his appearance.

It was amazing to see myself familiar with the man in front of me talking like my father.

When I had barely just possessed, it was very difficult to adapt to the new world and family.

Anyway, I opened my mouth to reassure him.

“Father, as you know, Hisch is not a socialite.”


“Besides, you know well what people say about him. I don’t want to make Hisch suffer in the midst of those people for my convenience.”

I couldn’t think that Hisch would adapt well to society, where it was common to turn around and belittle others.

My father, who knew his sincerity, also frowned a little as he sighed.

“And I’ve told you this several times, but I think our family should slowly return to the territory. I think it would be better to strengthen the interior of the territory now, leaving only a minimum of manpower in the capital mansion.”

In fact, the family’s blood relatives had been out of the territory for too long, so it was necessary to take care of the internal affairs of the family.

However, this is a superficial reason and, in fact, was put forward in the hope that the family would be safe from the disaster.

Because of the nature of the work, it was obvious that the events would take place where Alan Levitea, the main character of the novel, was staying.

In other words, as long as Alan remained in the capital, the family could be in as much danger as it was.

At my words, my father made a mysterious expression.

“That’s all you’ve been talking about lately. As if you want to get us out of the capital.”

I winced a little because it was true.  Years of experience are not to be ignored.

“But my dear. The atmosphere is unusual these days. The loss of senses and the cannibalism are happening simultaneously. And the animals and insects in the forest are all dead. It’s too ominous.”

I was aware of that. Since the characters have already mentioned those in the novel.

At the time of reading it, I wondered if it was suddenly talking about something out of the blue, but it turned out that it was a foreshadowing of the sequel.

“If we are away at a time like this, the royal family will be overwhelmed.”

“…I can’t help it if my father says so.”

I couldn’t strongly tell them to abandon everything they had and leave here as I please.

First of all, there are also problems with their social positions and responsibilities, but I don’t know exactly when, where and how things will happen.

Besides, it was clear that advice would not do much good because father was a person who would run to the capital as soon as he knew that something bad had happened, even if he was outside the capital.

Rather, it would be quicker to create a strong territory that could take responsibility for them in case of an emergency.

“I wish you could stay in the capital…”

My father said it in a persistent voice, I just smiled and said.

“Me being here, won’t be of much help. It has nothing much to do with the ability I have, right?

Instead of reversing the situation, all I have is my small body. Or it was enough power to barely protect just the person next to me.

“But… if my father is in danger, I’ll run to you at any time.”

I may not be able to save him until I have given my life, but I was willing to give him some help.

I said so without avoiding my father’s eyes, and he nodded.


I returned to the office and sat down on my seat. There were piles of documents on the desk that had not yet been processed, and a man could be seen through a wide window beyond.

It was my future husband who was busy moving in the garden, trimming trees and flowers.

Now that we’re getting married, he doesn’t have to do such chores, but he doesn’t feel comfortable sitting still, and he used to go to the garden every day to help the gardeners.

And I moved the office in front of the garden he was in charge of.

Sometimes, when I want to tear up the papers and look out the window, it is a daily thing to see Hisch busily moving around.

I couldn’t help but smile.

“You look like a pervert.”

“Shut up.”

Sein Borter, one of the loyal vassals of our family and the second son of the Borter family, who had been the blood relatives of the dukes of the past, looked at me with a pathetic expression.

“It’s good to think about the happiness of your life while looking at just one person, but now you have to take care of your work, don’t you?”

“I just got back from seeing my dad, can’t I take a break?”

“Do you want to take a rest after reading these papers?”

A man who knows nothing but work. But this soon is also goodbye. I shrugged my shoulders without answering.

“Yeah, yeah, I don’t have much time left to listen to Sein’s complaints anyway.  I’ll miss you later, so I’ll listen right now in anticipation.”

“What do you mean by that? If it’s because you are going to another manor, of course I’m going to follow along, right?”


“I don’t have time to leave work these days because of my luggage clearance. May you consider these matters of your vassal and cooperate so that your work can be finished early.”

Sein smiled and informed me of the urgent task to be taken care of, and then left the room leisurely.

So…you’re going to follow me?


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