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At Hisch’s words, Sein, who was busy writing something down, suddenly raised his head.

“I thought…… you didn’t like me. I thought this would make you avoid me more.”

“Well… I won’t deny that I didn’t think about it at all.”

At first, Hisch was jealous of everyone around Liddell. It was childish and narrow-minded, but he still was.

He has no power, status, or wealth, but rather a very insignificant person with strange and frightening power.

There were many great people around Liddell, as if they were drawn to her sparkling charm.

From the man in front of him, to the knight wielding a sword in the training hall of this mansion now, and Miller Firenze, her business partner……

Why did Liddell choose him over all of them…… He didn’t know how he was standing by her side and not them.

“I’m sorry to say this to Mr. Hisch, but Miller Firenze was actually a pretty good marriage partner.”

Sein shrugged.

“Since he doesn’t seem to be in control of his wife’s outside life…… the lord can do more with the wealth of the Firenze on her back. Well… There was a time when I thought so.”

“You seem to be thinking differently now.”

“……as a result. And how dare a vassal complain about the decision of the lord. I just let her achieve what she wants.”


Hisch lowered his gaze in silence. And thought of his wife.


Hisch was a man who had been anxious all his life for fear of ruining something. He was afraid of his own strength. As far as no one can imagine.

Perhaps if it weren’t for Liddell, he would have only been busy avoiding people, and would not have been able to have a deep connection with others for the rest of his life.

Liddell made his problems seem trivial.

……maybe it’s because she’s a strong person with consideration and responsibility.

His lovely and perfect wife.

And him with a flaw somewhere.

“So what if Liddell’s decision was wrong?”

Hisch said so in a self-deprecating tone and raised his head.

“Then what would you do?”

Sein narrowed his eyes at his words.

The atmosphere was so strange that he doubted whether he was the Hisch Ensis he had seen.

Black eyes that sank low. For a man who had reacted naively to everything like that, there was something cynical about him.

Sein, who narrowed his eyes and looked at Hisch, opened his mouth.

“……Well, Mr. Hisch asking me about it seems to prove that the lord’s decision was not wrong.”

A person who has a really bad heart would not confess his guilt like this before it even happened.

“But, if Mr. Hisch could tell me a little bit about what you are concerned about, I could be of some help.”


There was some truth to what Miller Firenze said that day. Those who use special abilities often felt that they were different from others.

It could be seen as a kind of sense of the chosen people.

And by the looks of it, Hisch’s power was powerful. Only God knew how Hisch’s perception would be distorted if he had the ability to take away the vitality of all living things just by touching them.

At that moment, the two of them came up with something similar.

Have you ever committed a murder? Sein suddenly thought of that.

He thought of the most morally reprehensible act he could blame.

And a noble to the bone, he concluded that killing a couple of people would not be a crime.

Hisch, on the other hand, was thinking this.

Murder wasn’t the problem.

The problem was just that it was surprisingly easy to hurt people.




The party I attended for the first time in a long time remained unchanged.

Under the colorful chandelier, people were laughing hahahoho, but most of them were only having conversations that were dotted with pretense.

But, well, isn’t this what the social world is all about?

However, it was clearly felt that the atmosphere was less lively than usual.

Even so, the center of the capital was attacked by monsters that suddenly appeared. In the midst of this, the party itself was a blessing.

Still, thanks to the public’s attention to the incident, the fatal master-servant love affair between me and Sir Roelich seemed to have died down a little.

A lot of people were hurt and it was heartbreaking, but it was fortunate for me.

Lewis was chatting with other nobles after entering, and I was finishing greeting the main characters and organizing my thoughts by eating delicious things.

If it weren’t for the lady, who approached me with a happy face, the time of contemplation would have been a little longer.

“Oh, Lady Catlan! It’s been a long time. Ah, should I call you Baron Ensis now?”

Curly orange hair swayed brightly to match her personality.

This young miss in front of me is Charlotte Avenue.

Well…… Would it be appropriate to call her my successor? After I quit my job, she was appointed to assist the Marquis of Ophius.

“Lady Avenue. It’s been a while. How are you?”

“Oh my, of course. Everyone, come over here. It’s been a long time since the princess of Catlan came to the capital!”

No, you’re not supposed to spread the word to the neighborhood.

While I faltered, the young ladies flocked around me like some hyenas.

I’m telling you in advance, but Charlotte and I weren’t very close, but we weren’t hostile to each other either.

In fact, there is no other person who has a close relationship with the successor as well as the predecessor who did a good job of taking over.

However, the young lady in front of me with her blue eyes twinkling, um…… In a good way, she was interested in many things and in a bad way, she was a person who liked to consume gossip.

“Princess, it’s been a while.”

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen you, should I call you Baron now?”

Like a gathering of larks, I was pushed by the energetic young ladies and eventually dragged out on the balcony close to the garden.

It was fortunate that they would not look at the marriage between me and Hisch with pity because we were acquaintances.

After making a light check on each other and saying hello, one of them said with twinkling eyes.

“Baron Ensis! How is your married life going?”

Come to think of it, most of the young ladies who gathered around me were unmarried. Right, they’re at a very curious age.

“Well…… I’m happy.”


“The princess talked about happiness~!”

What is it? We talked about something very normal. What’s this reaction? Do I look like I don’t even know happiness?

Charlotte also said with a grin.

“I can’t believe the baron said such an embarrassing thing. How happy are you that it springs out of your mouth so naturally. Ahh, I envy you! I wish I could meet that kind of fateful love.”

“Hisch and I…….  Mm. Come to think of it, I think it’s fate.”

It deserves to be called that way, in that unlike other nobles, it is not a political marriage.

I wonder if the tag attached to me when I said I would marry Hisch was also a woman who was crazy in love…… Well, that’s what happened.

My words, once again, brought out exclamations among them. One of them waved her hand and said.

“But when the baron said she was getting married, I wasn’t worried at all.”

One of the young ladies suddenly opened her mouth.

“If it’s the Baron, I think you’re going to live well somehow? Even if you change the environment…… Oh my, excuse my words. I just thought you would change it and live just right for yourself.”

“Right. Well, no offense at all, but……. Even though I heard that the husband is a person without a title, somehow I thought that the baron would support him well?”

“What on earth are the young ladies’ impressions of me?”

When I asked aloud what I was thinking about because I couldn’t stand it, no one answered and just laughed haha hoho. You people, answer me!

Did I look so tough…… It bothered me a little, but I decided to just change the subject, so I opened my mouth to break their fantasy a little.

“……Yes, well. But it’s a lot harder than you think.”

“Of course, Baron! The Baron has lived without her husband for more than 20 years, and your husband must be the same. How can people who lived in different environments work together in such a short time?”

Charlotte said with her eyes wide open.

I blinked blankly because what she said, who was never married, was the penetrating truth.

Come to think of it, I used to think like Charlotte, too. I also felt that such a determination was clouded because it suited Hisch more than I thought.

Charlotte sighed deeply.

“Phew, I can’t wait to meet a good partner and build a family. But what is this? Even in this chaotic atmosphere, I can’t believe my partner is my boss at a party held after a long time…… Of course, it’s not because Marquis Ophius is lacking.”

“Ah…… Did the Marquis also attend?”

Callen Ophius. Although I resigned, I thought I should at least say hello to my immediate supervisor who I owe in the past.

Charlotte said heartily when her mind as an office worker revived and asked questions.

“Yes, over there. Huh? Where did he go? Well, he must be somewhere there?”

No, can you just leave your boss behind and walk around freely like this? But Charlotte just shrugged her shoulders lightly without care.

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