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Chapter 38

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I introduced Sein with a polite smile, introducing him as my vassal, and talked about the weather and strange phenomena when I had nothing to say.

Usually, the Baron would voice his opinion, and if I reacted favorably to it, he would become more engrossed in it and talk excitedly.

I responded to him with vacant eyes, wondering in my mind what was going to be served at lunch today.

After moving to the drawing room to talk and have a cup of tea, the atmosphere was so harmonious that it couldn’t be better.

Baron Elrod even praised the Duke of Catlan saying that he was a very well-mannered and respectable man, even though he met him once nearly a few decades ago.

I laughed out loud and nodded, but when the conversation was about to be lulled, I suddenly let out a deep sigh.

“Phew, talking to the Baron made me feel a little better, but I also felt bad as I remembered a problem I had been putting off.”

“Hmm? Is something wrong?”

“…… It’s nothing, but……. the Baron knows that our Ensis has been in debt for years, right?”

“I know. I am one of the creditors who was liquidated a while ago.”

I nodded my head.

“My territory suffered a severe famine a few years ago…… Even before I took office, I was in debt to the surrounding territories. And everyone was willing to lend money.”


“And after I took office, fortunately, for one reason or another, funds came in and I was able to pay off my debts……”

I let out a deep sigh.

“Not too long ago, Peloche sent a representative demanding a larger amount of money.”


Baron Elrod’s expression became slightly twisted.

Admittedly, I do not wish to become embroiled in a dispute that appears to be a mere trifle.

“Well…… Baron Peloche may have some sly aspects, but he’s not someone who would make an unreasonable demand. We’ll have to work things out through negotiation, won’t we?”

I smiled at the man who said that nonchalantly, even though he was obviously aware that the Baron was using force here and there to the point of being called a vile moneylender.

“Of course. But it’s something that happened before I took over the territory, so it’s a matter for me to look into. But…… Haa.”

“What else is the problem?”

In response to my big sigh, Baron Elrod, who must have had it hard to ignore me, who had been smiling and laughing just a moment ago, approached me.

When I gestured for Sein to come, he nodded and laid out a map of the surrounding area in front of us.

“Having received a wedding dowry this time and having had some good luck, Ensis’s finances are more ample than in previous years. Due to this, we were also able to settle our debts. So I thought about using…… some of the remaining money to start a business.”

Here is a brief explanation of the geography.

Three neighboring territories and Ensis were connected like lumps, and above their territory was a mountain range that crossed our territory.

I lightly pointed with my index finger at the middle of the mountain range on the map.

“I was planning to dig a tunnel here.”


“To facilitate access to the capital.”

The expression on Baron Elrod’s face changed at my words. His expression was so serious that it was unimaginable that he was the person who had just been disapproving of everything and chatting and giggling with me about trivial stories.

How much did their families, who had lived in this land for generations, also wish for this?

“If only this mountain wasn’t here. Have you ever…… thought about it once?”


“Our territory is blocked by this mountain range and suffers too many disadvantages because of this. Not only is the shortest route to the capital blocked, but we are also ignored by tourists heading there.”

At my words, the man looked at me with a skeptical expression.

“So you’re going to dig through the mountain range…… Do you have the capital to make it happen?”

Seeing his eyes that were assessing me, I smiled.

I didn’t look too confident, but considering my background, anyone would find it plausible.

It may be difficult, but not impossible. That was the expression I had as if it was only natural.

“But…… Well, not quite.”

I shrugged.

“If I had to pay off the additional debt Peloche is demanding…… I’m not sure if it’s possible?”


If you want to revive the business that will fulfill your long-cherished desire, grill and boil Baron Peloche and bring him to my presence.

At my words, which were said in a way that turned the conversation around, the man’s expression, which was just uninterested a moment ago, brightened up.






Being escorted by knights, the red-haired man, who can now be considered as the most powerful man in the kingdom, calmly fiddled with the coins in his pocket.

He seemed to find comfort just by gently rubbing the rough surface with his thumb, without even using his ability.

Callen’s ability was not strong. However, it was more useful than his nephew, Esdelle, in some ways.

To be more precise, while Esdelle could only pick up a few fragments of letters floating in people’s minds, Callen could read the memories of objects with 100% probability, albeit very fragmentarily.

When he was a knight, he used his ability to read the path of monsters or target objects, but after retiring, he no longer needed to do so and started collecting objects he liked.

There are numerous ways to reminisce about people, such as by using magic photos or video footage of their moving appearance.

But for this man, there was no suitable means to reminisce about others as much as this method.

At that moment, a flame exploded in Callen’s mind. Flames lit up the pitch-black night sky, and the back view of a beige-haired woman staring at it.

She was small, much smaller than Callen, that Callen wondered if he would be able to hide her if he held her in his arms.

The woman turned around. Tired turquoise eyes stared at the man with excitement despite the dazzling scenery.

And as always, the memory ended there, and Callen blinked.

“Your audience has been granted.”

The head chamberlain said respectfully and bowed his head.

As Callen nodded and shifted his steps, the knights who surrounded him as if protecting him instantly formed a line and stood guard in the corridor.

Naturally passing through it, Callen knocked on the door, and the firm voice of a woman was heard from inside.

“Come in.”

As always in a room with a sick person, it gives off a somewhat bleak feeling.

Although there were a total of four people in the room, including the lady-in-waiting and Callen.

The atmosphere around the middle-aged woman, who was fiddling with her wrinkled hands with sunken eyes, was always surrounded by a desolate atmosphere.

Despite the familiar place he had already visited several times, Callen was so overwhelmed by the atmosphere that he hesitated very slightly and stopped walking, only to make eye contact with the woman who was looking at him with a determined posture.

Was it because the majestic presence of this country, who is now lying weakly beyond the curtain, was not able to emit light now?

Or was it because one of the two lights that used to shine had faded, and the remaining one was shining even more for her companion?

“I greet His Majesty the King and…… Her Majesty the Queen.”

“Yes, Marquis Ophius. It’s been a while.”

On the other hand, the man did not say anything. Perhaps he was asleep as Callen could only hear his light breathing on the bed. After a while, Callen opened his mouth, perhaps feeling that it was rude to not talk.

“You must have been through a lot.”

“I am only emotionally tired. It is him who is having a hard time, so my fatigue is nothing.”

The woman who spoke calmly turned and invited Callen to sit down with her. The two sat facing each other in a simple chair without a table.

Kleinin’s queen, Elizabeth Kleinin, straightened her back as if she were taking the place of her husband who was lying down.

“You wouldn’t have walked this far just to praise me.”

“I wouldn’t dare, Your Majesty.”

“Just get down to business. When a person’s mind is not at ease, everything feels burdensome.”

The middle-aged woman’s calm but knife-like voice made the red-haired man bow deeply.

“I am here to talk to Your Majesty…… about the recent strange phenomena happening in the kingdom and even on the continent.”

“I see. You have been working hard helping the prince. Has this already been reported to the prince?”

As Callen looked at her in affirmation, Elizabeth nodded slightly.

“Including our kingdom, we have cooperated with Carshion, Luidel, and even Asmo in the south…… to gather information and have summoned wizards to investigate the phenomenon that has been happening……”


“Right before the gap in space opened and monsters started pouring out, we detected a significant mana wave. It’s different from the kind that normal wizards use, but it was clearly intentional.”

“That story.”

“This is not just a phenomenon or an accident.”

In front of the seemingly aloof woman, the red-haired man declared in a low voice.

“This is a man-made incident. ……Someone, or some group, is intentionally causing all of this.”






The city, which had become a mess due to the sudden attack of the goblins, reinforced its security by dispatching the territory garrison, and in the process, the castle of the Lord that had been attacked was rebuilt more strongly.

And under the castle walls, Sir Oswald, who had been training with Sir Ted until just a while ago, has become a senior knight and is now training the new soldiers of the territory.

Every time I heard the rough chants and shouts of the tough-looking men, the cool and gentle wind passing by felt so sweet.

And all of this was made possible because of money.

Of course, happiness cannot be bought with money, but all the conditions or situations necessary for happiness can be bought. Long live capitalism.

But if there’s anything that bothers me…….

“It’s too peaceful.”


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