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If I had to choose a different person from a place where there were only big hands or high-ranking nobles in the business world, there would be Sein and the person in front of me who is a vassal representative of the Catlan family.

“Congratulations, Miss Catlan.”

“Thank you, Lord Roelich.”

The brown-haired man looked at me once with a blunt expression on his face, and gave a calm impression, saying, ‘You are very beautiful today.’ It was a tone that I wanted to ask him to find his soul.

    [T/N: Asking him to find his soul means she (Liddell) is saying that he (Roelich) said those words (You are very beautiful) without any expression or feelings.]

Well, maybe he is sincere.

He was the second son of Count Roelich, who was rumored to have profound knowledge just like his high-level swordsmanship skills.

He pursed his lips for a moment, then soon bowed his head and asked politely.

“I heard that you will take over another territory and go there soon.”

“Ah……that’s what happened.”

“Are you not coming back to the capital?”

“Well… I’ll have to see the situation, but I think I’ll stay in the territory for a while. I’ll have to think about how I will manage my living in the future.”

At my words, Teddius Roelich nodded with a serious look on his face and soon opened his mouth.

“I understand. Then I will see you soon.”


You? Me? Why?

In spite of my bewildered expression, Lord Roelich said only that and congratulated me once again, and after bowing, he left in a leisurely manner.

Indeed, that person is a bit serious…… If an acquaintance gets married or goes away, the part where you think you should take the time to visit once… I don’t think there is someone like that.

Would anyone really come to see me? But, the other person was Teddius Roelich. It was certain that he would come.

After looking at his back in disbelief, a brilliant-looking man with a cane in one hand came into view.

The man, too, came up to me with a bright smile as soon as he saw me.

“Liddell, I’ve always wondered if drawing a line on a pumpkin could turn it into a watermelon, but you solved that question!”

    [T/N: 호박에 줄 긋는다고 수박 되랴 or drawing a line on a pumpkin could turn it into a watermelon is a saying that means ‘no matter how good the exterior is, if the inside is the same, it is of no use’. Another counterpart of this saying is, “’putting lipstick on a pig’.  It is said that no matter how pretty you put lipstick on a pig, it is still a pig.]

That’s a lot of abuse as soon as we met.

Callen Ophius. He is a retired knight and, in modern terms, a person equivalent to a minister of administration.

To put it simply, he was once a promising knight who had crossed the realm of handling Aura but was badly wounded on the battlefield and retired as it was.

He was later recognized for his contributions and is now one of the closest aides to the royal family.

And I was once his assistant.

Contrary to how he looked, it was a bit difficult to treat him as a superior, but I also became attached to him as we stayed together.

And it seemed to be the same for Callen.

At the very least, they say that I am retiring because of my marriage, so quitting work just for that reason is a pre-modern way of thinking about wasting manpower.

In the end, I remember having a hard time trying to stop him from appealing to the royal family. I did feel a little proud because I wondered if he was satisfied with my work.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you, and thank you for your heartwarming message, Marquis. Thank you for coming.”

“It’s your wedding, of course I have to come. I’ll look at the groom’s face once. I have to see what kind of guy steals my most cherished subordinate in vain.”

And he is still talking about that. I just want to retire.

I honestly tremble when I think of the time when I suddenly became his secretary and attendant, asking how he could entrust such a light task to the young girl of the duke family.

I’m glad that I’ve been an office worker and had no fear of paperwork. Otherwise, I would have submitted my resignation letter through KaTalk or in writing and would have almost left without notice.

    [T/N: KaTalk or KakaoTalk is a popular messenger app in South Korea.]

“I feel sorry for you, Liddell, and you won’t even stay in the capital. Don’t you feel sorry for your ability to rot when you go to the countryside?”

“I’m sorry to say that, Marquis, I’m not a very talented person, and it’s been my long-cherished dream since I was a child.”

“Do you expect me to believe that?”

“I want you to know that my intentions for retirement are so firm that I can even talk like this.”

When I said that, Callen looked at me with his eyebrows drooping.

This man was a man with a look that would make him appear in a romance fantasy, but to be honest, he felt a little weak because he was such a handsome guy.

    [T/N: I think this means that he is so handsome that his face makes him look like a weakling.]

“Is there anything wrong with me? Or was there something you didn’t like? If you tell me, I’ll take good care of you, so can you reconsider your return?”

Hey, if you were me, wouldn’t you have had a complaint?

In the morning, the world changed, and after adapting to the point of mimicking the daughter of a duke family, I was taken to the palace because of the surrounding eyes, and I produced hundreds of documents by hand without a computer.

I have to collect the data you throw at me, and go to catch you running away from your schedule.

Put your hand on your chest and think in the light of your conscience, what was my complaint and what I didn’t like!

…… I could have shouted that, but anyway, today was a good day, so I decided to put up with it.

And in fact, it wasn’t just that I had bad memories of the man in front of him. There were times when I felt he was a little pitiful.

“…… Marquis. A lot of things have happened, but I think having the Marquis is a good experience and an opportunity for me to grow.”

Thanks to you, I knew that this place was in a novel.

Had I not worked in the royal palace, I would not have known the existence of the protagonists of the novel so quickly.

In addition, it was a very meaningful time to see how the country roughly worked, and to compare how my company’s bosses in the past and the aristocratic old men here were similar.

“So I’m sorry to quit my job so abruptly, but… I hope the Marquis understands as well. Because I love Hisch, the man who will be my husband a lot.”


“So I was thinking of spending more time with him. Marriage is an opportunity that came at that time.”

At my words, which were half right and half false, Callen looked at me silently and soon sighed with regret.

“If only that fellow hadn’t taken you away…”

When all my thoughts just before went away, I wanted to kick him out.

    [T/N: Her previous thoughts about her complaints to him was just about to go away, but him saying those words made her want to kick him out of the wedding. I think.]

However, it was fortunate that Marquis Ophius would step aside quietly, seeing some acquaintances come up to me and say hello soon.

After that, the wedding ceremony, which took place outdoors, was held without any major problems.

It was awkward to think of such sentimental thoughts, but the sky looked clear as if it were blessing us.

When the officiant said to make a pledge to love each other and live happily ever after, Hisch cried and said he would.

Thanks to this, I was so busy laughing that I burst into tears as I watched my husband cry so much without even feeling the Marriage Blue.

    [T/N: ‘Marriage Blue’ refers to the feeling of depression and anxiety experienced by the bride and groom who are about to get married.]

In the first place, people who could ruin the atmosphere were not invited, so it was harmonious overall.

Especially Hisch’s side, father or brother…… Well, other people stabbed me.

[T/N: Betraying or talking badly about her.]

Weddings are supposed to be fun and it means a lot to the bride and groom.

I heard many good things about the delicious food and the pleasant music.

I’ve sometimes heard some realistic advice, ‘The 2nd chapter of life has opened’ or ‘Life is going to unfold in a completely different way than it has ever been’, but frankly, I haven’t gotten to grips with it yet.

    [T/N: Gotten to grips means to begin to understand and deal with difficult situation.]

However, there will come a time when something really bad happens in the future and I can’t enjoy it of course. I had a hunch that I would miss this moment a little.

However, just as I suddenly got into an accident and got into this world, the original ‘Liddell’ suddenly died of a chronic disease while falling asleep.

Events that shake the direction of life always come, and what humans can do is not to worry too much about the future and just not let the present go to waste.

So I laughed and celebrated to my heart’s content, and shortly thereafter I boarded a carriage with Hisch on our way to the estate.


Dissuading our father to take care of everything, we rushed to our new residence with the servants brought from Catlan’s mansion, a few knights, and a few belongings.

The estate I was granted, Ensis, was a small place in the southeast of the kingdom.

In fact, it was not a very prosperous place, but it would have been difficult for my father to give me a better land because public opinion within the family would not have been good due to the marriage.

As a high-ranking aristocrat, marriage itself should be made for the benefit of the family, but I insisted on marrying with Hisch, saying I would only take care of my greed.

But I was very happy with the land I was eventually given.

Because Ensis was the place where the male protagonist of the novel I was reading, <I Picked Up My Husband>, accidentally discovered magic stones (마정석).

        [T/N: 마정석 or magic stones; 마석 or mana stones]
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