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Chapter 56

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I glanced at Hisch, who was dressed casually as usual, and gestured to the servants around me to withdraw.

As the servants respectfully left one by one, Hisch plopped himself down on the couch where I was lounging.

“I’m just… fine with anything.”

“Hisch, there are two phrases in this world that make things very difficult for people. One is ‘I’m fine with anything’ and the other is ‘They’re all good.'”


Furthermore, even though I didn’t explicitly mention it to Hisch, the amount of money involved in his choice alone was quite significant. 

Perhaps it would be better to inform him? If he hears the amount that will be paid for the outfit he chooses, even the indecisive Hisch may stop whining and think carefully.

As I was pondering such thoughts, Hisch, who had been watching me with a puzzled expression while I laughed, suddenly leaned in closer to me.

“Why don’t you just choose for me?”


“Yeah. I’ve rarely worn expensive clothes like this, and honestly, I wouldn’t even know the difference in fabric or design.”

He looked at me and subtly smiled.

“As long as I look good in your eyes, I’m fine with anything.”


“So, Liddell, please choose for me. Okay?”

Ha… Look at him flirting unconsciously again. I couldn’t help but look at him with disbelief while smiling.

The truth is, I had my own reasons for making such a fuss about his preparations for the party.

Money isn’t everything, but sometimes it can clearly reveal certain facts. 

For example, how much I value this man, among other things. 

So, I deliberately moved in a way that would make it obvious to those around us, but the man himself didn’t seem to think much of it, which left me feeling a bit disappointed. 

Yet, amidst it all, I found the man who spoke words that would make me happy to be quite endearing.

“What if I just buy all the clothes we brought? They all suit you.”

Hisch laughed at my words, finding it amusing. But I was serious.

I got up and reached out, holding his hand.

“By the way, can you dance, Hisch?”

“Dance? If it’s a slow tempo…”

“Well, that’s fortunate. I told Lewis that you’re the king of dancing.”

“The king of dancing… me?”

“I told him you’re a good dancer!” 

I burst into laughter and tightened my grip on his hand, pulling him towards me, and Hisch willingly embraced me in his arms.

And then, to the rhythm in my head, we danced ever so slowly. To be honest, it was hardly a dance. Without any music, we simply moved slowly, surrendering our bodies to each other.

The lingering sunbeams seeped into the room, casting a spotlight on us as we moved slowly. 

Hisch followed my lead rather well. Perhaps it was because he had made a profession out of moving his body that his sense of coordination was not lacking.

Each time I spun gently, Hisch would gasp softly and pull me closer.

“I didn’t know you were such a good dancer, Liddell.”

“Oh yeah? I can show you something even more impressive. At the party venue.”

I narrowed my eyes, and Hisch let out a laugh. It was a delightful sight to behold.

“Let’s go to the party and dance with this same laughter. Don’t worry about what others think.”

“… But I don’t want to become someone to others.”

“Who are you becoming? It’s not like you’re causing harm to anyone. We can just enjoy ourselves and come back.”

Placing my hand on his arm that wrapped around my waist, I looked at him quietly.

“And if anyone bothers you, I’ll secretly take care of it for you.”


“After that, they’ll come looking for me. I’ll handle everything.”

So, just like the vassals of Catlan who approached us with disputes not long ago, if someone confronts us, do not be afraid to stand up and confront them directly.

As I had thought and advised, Hisch simply smiled. His expression made it seem as if he didn’t believe my words, and just as I was about to joke, asking, ‘You don’t trust your big sister?’

He pulled me deeply into his embrace and mumbled.

“Thank you, Liddell. Thank you for saying that.”


“I’ll keep it in mind.”

However, despite his words of keeping it in mind, his voice still sounded superficial. So, I repeated my words to confirm, as if seeking reassurance.

“Is it true?”



“Yes, it is.”


With a soft smile and a gentle response, his eyes felt strangely familiar to me.

Those eyes, those eyes.

The day he asked if I wasn’t scared. Calm, but deeply sunken, as if all expectations towards the other person had been abandoned.

In a way, it seemed like an arrogant attitude. The man was frustrated, as if no one could understand him. 

On the other hand, it was also disheartening to see the man, who had expressed his love for me with his whole being, suddenly drawing a line as if he had become a different person.

However, I knew that the problems the man had faced before meeting me were wounds that couldn’t be diluted by my trust or kindness.

I couldn’t even force the man to trust me.

No, in fact.

As someone who hadn’t grown up receiving normal affection, perhaps I could only receive the man’s heart without being able to give something in return.

Or perhaps, since I seemingly made the decision to marry him lightly, Hisch might still believe that our relationship is imbalanced.

In other words, I can’t help but think that all of these things might ultimately be my fault.

So, without saying anything more, I simply held the man tightly in my arms.

My warmth, my heart. It felt like I could convey them to him this way.




“Have you heard the news?”

A woman of age whispered as she folded her fan with a loud sound.

“I heard that the little Duke Levitea will be attending today’s soirée.”

As the response system for dealing with monsters was established, the nobles of Kleinin, who had been on high alert due to the rapidly changing situation, began to regain their stability.

The social circle, which had been somewhat gloomy, quickly regained its liveliness with the gossip.

Ahem. So, should we address her as Lady Valencia… No, should we call her the little Duchess? In any case, I wonder if they will attend as a couple this time?”

“It’s been a while since we’ve seen something pleasing to the eyes. It’s always enjoyable to see a beautiful couple.”

“I feel so sorry for the little Duchess Levitea. When I first heard about her past, I couldn’t help but shed tears.”

“Now that the blood descendant of Valencia have returned, it is a sign of their prosperity, isn’t it?”

And among those gossip topics, the most popular ones were usually about the aristocracy in the capital, particularly the little Duke and Duchess of Levitea.

There were several reasons for this. Firstly, theirs was a rare aristocratic marriage in the country, and their wedding venue had even been struck by a sudden disaster.

But above all, their story had ‘intrigue.’ It couldn’t get any more fascinating than that.

A bewitching woman who captivated the unapproachable little Duke Levitea, known for his wealth, social status, and honor, with a single breath, despite his cold personality that kept everyone at a distance.

Known only as a commoner, she had faced numerous restrictions and criticisms in high society, but little did they know that this graceful lady was actually the long-lost only daughter of the distinguished House of Count of Valencia.

It was a subject matter that can’t be uninteresting.

And amidst all this.

“The Baron of Ensis and her husband are entering!”

When such an announcement was heard, most people merely glanced at the entrance for a moment and quickly turned their gazes away, seemingly uninterested.

Well, the princess of Catlan did become a subject of gossip during her marriage.

The fact that she had chosen a husband that was out of her class and had been relegated to an unremarkable countryside territory, as if in exile, was reason enough to ridicule her.

Of course, it was now a topic as stale as chewing gum with no flavor left. However, a few would occasionally whisper such remarks.

“Ah, she was bestowed with a title… It seems that the ceremony couldn’t take place yet, as His Majesty is still bedridden. How pitiful.”

“If only her husband had received a title, it would have been better. What was it… something about being a third son of a Viscount.”

“Well, I suppose one can tolerate her husband’s face… But I heard there was strong opposition even within Catlan. I’m not sure if he was someone worth overcoming all those hardships.”

“How can one prevent the love of young people?”

“But did you know? Just recently, they commissioned an entire wardrobe for her husband… It was an extraordinary luxury. Seems like she truly loves her husband, hoho.”

“Is that so? There have been rumors that she made a fortune recently. There was talk about young master Firenze himself visiting her territory.”

“Perhaps it’s all thanks to her family’s backing?”

Even after saying such things, they couldn’t help but click their tongues as if dissatisfied.

Of course, if Liddell had heard these discussions about herself, she would have dismissed them as idle gossip from people with nothing better to do.

If they had known the truth about her husband and had mocked him, it could have made them regret their words for a long time.

The fortunate aspect amidst the misfortune was that Liddell was someone who didn’t care much about her image in society.

Her husband, too, was someone who didn’t attach any significance to how others evaluated him, apart from his wife.



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