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And within a few days I was sitting in the lord’s office. I can’t give a dog’s habit to others. Why can’t I take a rest when I have a land of tens of thousands of pyeong in my name?

    [T/N: Pyeong is a Korean unit of area and floor space, equal to a square kan or 36 square Korean feet.] 
[T/N: ‘개 버릇 남 못 준다고’ or ‘I can’t give a dog’s habit to others’. This can also mean in English as ‘Old habits die hard’ or  ‘A leopard can’t change his spots.’]

Come to think of it, I went to a fortune teller’s house before I possessed this body. The owner of the fortune-teller’s shop told me that I would have a steady daily life.

I had a reasonable doubt as to whether the fortune was engraved in my soul. Why can’t I take a break even though my body and environment have changed!

I grabbed my head and sighed.

Because I was reminded of my rabbit-like husband.

‘Liddell, wasn’t it hard today?’

‘Liddell, would you like to eat first?’

‘It’s a weekend, so why don’t we go out together?’

Even though I couldn’t relax and adjust to all the rhythms of Hisch, I’m happy that there’s someone around me who looks at me and thinks about me.

I felt as if I was personally feeling that happiness is this kind of thing.

Yeah. It’s not the time to complain when I have a family to feed.

With such determination, I began to sift through the papers in front of me.

Shortly after arriving in Ensis, I asked Albert to write a report first to know the internal affairs of the estate.

Albert then gave me a look of suspicion as to whether I was going to test him, but at the same time, he obeyed the command and presented the documents I was now examining.

Certainly, he was a person who could not be hated at all because his thoughts can be seen on his face and he was more naive than the old men in the capital I was in charge of.

At any rate, the current situation in Ensis is, um……. It’s neither good nor bad at all.

There are no great specialties, nor are tourist attractions developed. Although it was not close to the road leading to a large city, it was a situation in which taxes could be collected to some extent by agriculture.

The problem was that there was little left after paying taxes to the royal palace with the collected taxes and paying for land management expenses such as policing and infrastructure management.

“There’s nothing special to evaluate. I think I’ll have a hard time because it’s not too distinctive.”

Sein also gave a bland evaluation. But I have a secret weapon.

I immediately summoned Jane and Bethel, the knights who had followed me from the family under my father’s command, to the office.

These are the men who made a pledge of loyalty to my father, the Duke, but their relationship with me was not bad either.

And since knights usually consider it an important duty to protect their master’s blood relatives, it can be said that they are the most reliable people in this territory right now.

“I greet the lord.”

“I greet the Lord of Ensis.”

It was awkward when the people who were always referring to me as “Lady” suddenly began to show courtesy, calling me lord. I waved my hand and opened my mouth.

“Don’t be so polite. I have a favor to ask, have you rested enough since the journey?”

“If you give us a command, we will always listen to you.”

I nodded at their resolute words.

“From now on, I will select some locations and give you a rough map.You just need to go there and check with Sein to see if there’s anything I’m going to say.”

Sein’s eyes widened at my words. He said fiercely, narrowing his eyes.

“Are you asking me to accompany them?”


“If I leave your side, the Lord will be left here alone.”

I laughed at the reaction as if I was raising my hair to be wary of intruders who would invade my territory.

“What are you talking about? There’s Hisch, too.”

“I dare say, but I don’t think Mr. Hisch will be able to help or protect the lord in times like this.”

“Your words are too much, Sein.”

I breathed a sigh.

To give a brief description about Sein here, the people of the Borter family, to whom he belonged, have had master-servant relationships with the blood relatives of our duke family for generations.

When they have completed their proper education, they are to stand by and support the Catlan’s blood, who has become an adult, and in our case it was a little special.

It was because of the original body owner, Liddell, who died suddenly.

Thanks to her, I was in a very unstable state after she died and took up a new body, and Sein was put in early (?) to take care of me.

And he had taken care of me tirelessly to turn me into a sane person who was once out of my mind.

Maybe that’s why Sein has tended to overprotect me a bit up until now.

Jane and Bethel were watching our conversation with interest.

It’s not a show, you guys.

“This is not the enemy territory. It’s only a matter of days or weeks. Don’t overreact.”

“If it’s just simply checking something, Sir Jane and Sir Bethel will suffice.”

I felt compelled to give a little explanation to move this stubborn man, so I opened my mouth.

“…… Fine. I was going to tell you when I was sure, but since you’ve talked like that, I’ll tell you in advance. There’s a possibility that there’s a large amount of magic stones asleep in the place I guess.”

At my word, Sein blinked.

Magic Stone was a stone that held mana, a valuable item that was overwhelmingly lacking in supply rather than demand. It was a well-known fact that the higher the grade, the higher the price.

It contains mana itself, and even after using all of the mana, it can be recycled by the magicians just by simply filling the mana again, making it a major component used in many magic items.

“But on the surface, the magic stone is no different from just a normal stone. So you have to check the flow of the mana. If I order someone I don’t trust, there’s a possibility that they’ll falsely report it or leak the information.”

I turned to the three men and opened my mouth.

“You guys here are the people I trust after Hisch. That’s why I can only entrust the job to you. You know what I mean?”

“We take the command.”

Jane and Bethel bowed their heads in gratitude with smiles as if it was an undeserved compliment, but Sein still had a stiff face.

“How does the lord know that there is a magic stone here…….”


As I stared at him as if not to answer, Sein sighed.

“…… All right. But, my lord, it will not be too late to first grasp the internal affairs and then check them out.”


“It hasn’t been long since I arrived here. At least give me some time until I can leave a trustworthy person by the side of the Lord with my own eyes.”

Sein talked almost pleadingly. I know he cares about me, and I know he’s in a position to say that, but…

When my expression was not straightened out, Sein finally asked.

“Or is there any reason why you are moving things forward in such a hurry?”

There was only one driving force behind my actions.

The destruction of the world that will soon come.

Well…… A sequel would have come out because it hadn’t actually perished, but in any case, something unusual must have happened.

But when it’s gonna happen, how it’s gonna happen, and where it’s gonna happen. I was rather anxious because I knew nothing.

If I had known this would happen, I would not have waited until payday to read the sequel…… It is too late to regret it.

Anyway, I had to make this land a safe place before it happens.

To protect my people and my husband whom I have chosen to take responsibility for for the rest of my life.

“This…… Actually.”

However, it is not possible to bring this situation straight out of my mouth.

I desperately wracked my brain, and soon opened my mouth with a determined look.

“I… … I want to be acknowledged as soon as possible.”

“Acknowledge? To whom?”

“Think about it. I can understand Albert being harsh on me. I understand Albert’s petulant treatment of me. Anyone will worry if the estate they live in suddenly falls into the hands of a young woman. I want to give them peace of mind.”


“I am now in a position to lead someone. I am also responsible for the family. So, I thought that if I showed my abilities, everyone would be able to trust me… … .”

As I began to give a lame excuse, Sein called to me as if restraining me.

“My Lord.”

“To be honest, I…… I am worried about whether I will be able to do well on my own.”

“What do you mean? Lady… No, there is no way the Lord could not manage such a small estate.”

Sein said with a serious look. Where the hell does this guy’s infinite trust in me come from? I don’t think I’ve ever shown the ability to do this……

No, if you think about it, the eldest daughter of the Borter family, Roselia, who was attached to my brother, was also a considerable fool.

Perhaps the Borter family is providing brainwashing education that blindly follows Catlan.

I think it’s a reasonable suspicion.

In any case, I continued calmly.

“Well, anyway… Of course, it’s good to take the time to build trust consistently, but in the end, it’s the surest and quickest way to get results.”

I chose my words desperately to give him a reason that could easily convince him.

“In such a situation, if I found magic stones that could be a boon to the finances, I wondered what could be better in this estate than that.”


“I know it’s hasty to send my one and only aide away in this situation, but……… Can’t you give me some strength?”

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