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Chapter 64

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A sob escaped through his trembling lips.

He was afraid of his ever-changing self that seemed to be slipping away uncontrollably. It felt as if everything he had denied and avoided all along was finally catching up to him, tightly gripping his ankles and pulling him down.

He had wished for the unknown boy who had been beating his brother to disappear.

He had unknowingly agreed, thinking that ‘it would be better to get rid of the child who had witnessed his abilities’, when Sein suggested eliminating him.

And just now, he had wanted to eliminate the two men who had just made absurd threats against Liddell for that reason alone.

But he couldn’t live like that. He couldn’t live by getting rid of everything that didn’t please him. That wasn’t how human thought worked.

He couldn’t possibly call that a life…

He suddenly lifted his head slightly and surveyed his surroundings. In the middle of the lush garden, he was surrounded by ashes, as if a line had been drawn.

It was no different from when he had run away from his family. Then and now, he was alone…

With no one to understand him…


At that moment, a voice descended upon him as if from the heavens, causing the man to raise his head.

With her neatly arranged beige hair in disarray, the woman was running towards him in a hurry. She hesitated for a moment when she approached and noticed the situation around Hisch, but she didn’t hesitate in her steps towards him.


Hisch stared blankly at the scene. Come to think of it, it had always been like this. Even when a giant monster attacked them, Liddell had run towards him without hesitation.

Liddell reached out her hand, and Hisch grabbed it as if it were a lifeline, pulling her towards him. The woman’s body wavered, but Hisch paid no attention and held her small body tightly.

“What’s wrong? Hm?”


“Why is your face like this? Did you cry? Let me see. Hm?”

As if to comfort him, she kept stroking his cheek, but Hisch held her tightly, as if he wouldn’t let anyone take her away.

Feeling as if the chaos around them was exposing his vulnerable side, Hisch held her even tighter, hiding her from sight.

“…No, I…”


“I-I’m sorry.”

“What are you sorry for?”

“Just… everything…”

If it were Miller Firenze or Callen Ophius, they surely wouldn’t have shown such a miserable sight.

They could have protected Liddell more wisely, without causing a commotion. No, they wouldn’t have let her attend such a place in the first place.

But he, with his limited abilities, could only do this, and he knew that she was afraid of this ability…


Ah, even in a situation like this.

The way she called his name with such a gentle voice was so sweet.

“It’s okay.”

“…It’s not okay.”

“Why? Did you use your power against someone?”


If he had the will, he would have done it. Hisch shook his head and didn’t answer.

“Still, it’s okay. If there are people who are trying to harm you, it’s better not to stay still. Give them a piece of your mind as you see fit.”

“…Why… are you saying that?”

The man asked with a trembling voice.

“How can you trust me? What if I have evil intentions?”

Hisch knew that this question was nothing more than a venting of frustration. But he just couldn’t understand it at all. He even felt impatient.

Are you also trying to give up on me? Thinking of me as something incomprehensible, like ‘something other than human’. Could it be that you consider such behavior as natural, like that of a creature that isn’t human?

Rather than understanding, is she just trying to bury the incident as if it were nothing, as if it never happened?

Liddell remained silent for a moment. Her body, held in his arms, was still warm, so Hisch gathered his hands as if to hold onto that warmth.

Soon, a light but solemn response came from her.

“…Because I know, in the smallest way, that you have been struggling and hesitating so deeply until now. Or maybe because we are husband and wife and a family, it’s only natural for us to share each other’s flaws.”


“But if you still can’t accept it, let me put it this way.”


“I want to figure all of this out with you. So, if you’ve thought it through and made a decision…”

Liddell separated herself from his embrace, but Hisch didn’t even think about pulling her back as he raised his head. Just like that time when the sun was setting on his back.

Under the reddish glow of the sunset, Liddell smiled at him.

“…Just like I said back then, I would be on your side more than anyone else.”

With that, Liddell pulled him into her arms again. The man meekly slid into her hands and soon curled up into a ball.

So, Liddell thought that he was crying again and gently stroked his back, but the man with black hair simply blinked, staring blankly ahead.

Feeling the small touch comforting him, he suddenly thought:

Maybe it’s because of you.

Maybe only you can keep me as myself.


Hisch blinked his eyes. The sense of drifting, as if he didn’t belong in this world, suddenly gained weight and plummeted. He was pulled towards her without hesitation, feeling the sensation of both feet firmly planted on the ground.

Feeling that the small warmth still remained within him, as if it was nurturing something important, he fell into that illusion.

And he held her even tighter.




When I blinked my eyes, it was the dim light of dawn that greeted me.

It wasn’t uncommon for me to wake up in the early morning, but today, the sensation of the duvet touching my bare skin directly and the feeling of strong arms beneath my neck made me feel strange.

I quietly stared at the man who was holding me and exhaling steady breaths. I couldn’t help but feel a refreshing feeling, wondering if he had washed me.

Yesterday seemed to pass in a blur where I didn’t even know what state of mind I was in.

There was a hearing about Hisch’s abilities, and suddenly we were engulfed in various political situations, which momentarily consumed us.

When I went to pick up Hisch, he was crying in the middle of the garden.

As soon as I noticed the faint white ashes around him, I sensed that something had happened and rushed to him.

The man was crying. And as always, I knew that the reason for his tears was self-loathing.

I wanted to ask what happened, but first and foremost, I wanted to comfort him. So, I didn’t ask any questions and just held his hand tightly as we returned to the mansion.

And when we reached our bedroom in the annex, Hisch suddenly embraced me and said this.

‘…Liddell, why don’t you tell me that you love me these days?’

…Out of the blue?

I was taken aback by the unexpected question of Hisch, who had been silent all along, as he spoke slowly.

‘You used to say it often.’

‘Well, that’s… I mean…’

The light words of love that used to flow easily before I started to think that Hisch loved me now felt too heavy to casually utter, making it a bit embarrassing to confess.

Looking back now, my response was quite amusing.

‘Do I really need to say those things… You… already know… Even when I don’t say it.’

But for some reason, my words seemed to have triggered something, as Hisch leaned in and whispered in my ear.

‘Then today, instead of words, we’ll express it like this.’

And… that’s how we ended up in this situation.


Thinking about it now, it seems like we’ve progressed step by step. The man, who used to build a pillow wall out of embarrassment for sleeping in the same bed, now dismantled it and held me in his arms as we fell asleep.

Trying to stop my thoughts from wandering, I continued to gaze at the sleeping face of the man, oblivious to the world.

My back was killing me, but for some reason, seeing Hisch’s face looking cleaner than usual, I couldn’t help but feel a little annoyed and playfully grabbed the tip of his nose.

Then, as I saw the man’s face twist in a puzzled expression, laughter burst out of me, and I couldn’t help but think how foolish I must look as I lay there, quietly watching him.

It was truly fascinating.

When I first found Hisch in the garden yesterday, my heart only trembled at the fact that he was crying, and no other thoughts crossed my mind.

What had happened? What had he done to someone? Those thoughts didn’t even cross my mind for a moment.

It scared me to think that I could trust another human being so much, but now, if it was Hisch, if it was his words, I felt like I could truly believe anything.

Even something as absurd as the sun rising from the west.

Looking at it this way…


I quietly called his name as he still slept, but of course, as expected, the man didn’t even stir.

I nestled in his embrace, feeling his warmth, the scent of his skin, and the steady sound of his breathing, and spoke softly.

“Perhaps I came to this world to meet you.”

There were many reasons for possession, but to be honest, I’m not sure why I came to this world after the accident.

But if I were to find a reason, if I were to interpret it to my liking, perhaps that would be the reason.



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