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Chapter 66

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Beside the prince stood the queen, with a terrifyingly solemn expression, guarding his side.

As people lined up, waiting for their turn to place flowers, I overheard a few murmurings in hushed voices.

“Her Majesty… It pains my heart to see her so frail.”

“It was said that she personally attended to most of His Majesty’s illness, without relying on the maids. How admirable…”

“Her utmost sincerity is worthy of admiration, but I wonder if Her Majesty, who’s been so focused on the King’s illness, is fully aware of the current situation…”

“That’s what I’m saying…”

Soon, the lady before me wiped her eyes with a handkerchief and moved forward, and I placed the white mourning flowers I had brought on the altar.

If only the times were a little more peaceful. Even though there may have been nobles striving to bolster the young prince’s authority, there must have been many who felt uneasy and discontent with the royal family itself.

I heard that his condition wasn’t critical when he first fell ill.

I couldn’t possibly fathom the feelings of someone who left behind their beloved wife and son and departed first, but as a noble of Kleinin, I couldn’t help but feel uneasy about the timing of the king’s passing.


But what meaning does the perspective of the living hold for the departed? With a brief memorial in my heart, I turned and walked back outside the line.

I thought I could simply offer some empty words of comfort to the royal family and leave, but I noticed a man quietly watching me from a corner.

As if he had been waiting for me to finish paying my respects, he approached me as our eyes met.

“Marquis Ophius.”

“…Baron Ensis.”

He called out to me and gave a small smile. The man’s face had become noticeably gaunt.

Considering how he had been trying to support the royal family and the prince in any way possible, he must have had his own reflections on the current situation.

We shared our grief for the deceased and silently looked at each other.

Judging by the man’s demeanor, it seemed like he had something to say to me and had been waiting for this moment.

Without immediately opening his mouth, Callen silently observed me, just like when we had met at the party before finally speaking up.

“…Actually, there is something I wanted to ask you, and I’ve been waiting for the right moment.”

“What is it that you want to ask?”

In response to my question, Callen glanced around briefly before speaking to me.

“It would be better to move to a different location first.”

What grandiose thing was he going to tell me? Nodding slightly in agreement, I followed as he took the lead.

In his hand, he held a cane as usual. Even though his legs were not trembling, whenever he moved, I could hear the steady sound of his third leg hitting the ground: thump, thud, thump.

I quietly trailed behind him, squinting my eyes.

It was because the man’s back, which I had seen countless times while working at the palace, looked so despondent.




The garden was well-maintained, but compared to those in other palaces, it was modest. 

Since this palace, with its prayer room, was the most intimate space where the Kleinin royal family members were laid to rest, there was no need to decorate it extravagantly.

Leaving behind the space filled with anxiety, sadness, and melancholy, stepping outside and feeling the breeze provided some change of mood.

As Callen looked around and spoke up, I briefly fixed my hair that was being blown by the wind.

“The scenery here has changed a lot since the last time I saw it.”

“Have you come here often?”

“Because of Esdelle. There were times when I came to greet him when he was not yet familiar with the layout of the palace.”

For a moment, I thought about his nephew, who always followed behind him like a shadow, and nodded, saying, “I see.” Callen continued speaking.

“…Regarding the request I mentioned earlier, Baron. To get straight to the point, there will soon be a coronation ceremony for the prince.”

It wasn’t particularly surprising.

Some might find it inappropriate to hold such an event so soon after his father’s funeral, but in the current situation, leaving the throne vacant seemed more dangerous.

And in the midst of the turbulent waves of the royal court, no matter how it goes, they had no choice but to rally behind the prince and face this situation head-on.

As I nodded, he began to speak.

“After the mourning period is over and until the transfer of the throne through the coronation ceremony is safely completed, I hope you can assist me.”

“…What do you mean?”

As I looked at him, understanding his implication, he smiled.

“Can you come back for a moment? To the palace.”


Was he asking me to temporarily serve as his aide?

Well… I understand the sentiment of asking for a little help from an experienced employee who worked with you in the past when the company is struggling.

I voiced the first question that came to my mind.

“…Has Lady Avenue left her position?”

“Charlotte left to protect her territory.”

Taking a moment to recall the composition of the Avenue family’s children, I nodded, remembering that Charlotte was the eldest daughter who would inherit the family. Then Callen added.

“But regardless of that, I wanted to ask for your assistance.”

“I appreciate your confidence in my abilities, but… I am no longer in a position where I can freely serve the Marquis like before. I have responsibilities to take care of my territory and my family.”

“I won’t bother you too much. …And I don’t think it’s a bad thing for the Baron either.”

I chuckled inwardly. What benefit could I possibly gain from this situation?

As I silently looked at him as if waiting for him to say something, Callen continued to speak as if had been preparing for this.

“If you help me successfully complete this important matter, the royal family will feel grateful to you. After all, you’d be in their debt for facilitating the transfer of the throne… The discussion we had about your husband in the recent conference will also come to a conclusion.”


“And I, too, will owe you a favor. If you ever need my assistance in the future, I’ll be more than willing to step in for you.”

So… If I help him this time, he will shield me from any nonsense that the royal family might say about Hisch and me? 

That was a very naive thing to say. The royal family will feel grateful to me? Even if I were to undertake this task, would I even register in their eyes?

They would probably just see me as a staff member and acknowledge me with a simple, ‘Oh, that person really worked hard…,’ at best.

If anyone heard about the discussions at that conference, they might think I’m just a sycophant trying to cozy up to the royal family, especially if they mocked me for being a Catlan.



I didn’t immediately respond. I just recalled the image of the prince standing still, looking disoriented, next to the terrifyingly calm queen.

I merely observed my former boss, who was now asking me for help with such a flimsy excuse.

“…It’s a rather sudden proposal, so I’ll need some time to think it over.”

Well, Callen’s offer wasn’t all that bad. The royal family wouldn’t drag out the transition to the coronation, and they probably wouldn’t ask much of an outsider like me anyway.

If I can get Callen’s support in the political situation as a reward, it might be a cheap price to pay. After all, the man in front of me was undoubtedly the top player of the current Kleinin.

Above all, the current situation was dire.

Now, I’m not particularly interested in central politics, but the high nobles of Kleinin that I saw in the recent conference seemed to be more at odds with each other than I expected.

It seemed necessary to understand the situation. Even if I were to thoroughly fortify Ensis and lead a protest, as long as I, like any other noble of this country, and even of this world, have no intention of completely severing ties with my family, it was a problem that could shake me at any moment.

The decision I made was not based on any pity for the prince or Callen. Absolutely not.

“Yes, I suppose the Baron needs time.”

I don’t know if he knew what calculations I was making in my mind or not, but the man responded with great delight.

It was as if he expected me to refuse, the reaction of someone who thought I would reject under any circumstances. Maybe I should have pretended to be a heartless person with no blood or tears.

“But even if I were to accept the proposal, I’m not sure how much help I can be. It’s been a long time since I’ve been involved in practical matters.”

It was a statement made not out of humility, but because I truly felt that way. However, the man, who still managed to disguise his own melancholy and seriousness with his dazzling appearance and cheerfulness, smiled broadly and spoke.

“You learn quickly. I’m not worried about that.”

I looked at him quietly. Now that I think about it, it didn’t seem like he wanted my abilities.

It was as if… he just wanted someone he could trust to be by his side. As guarded as he was, especially in such a sensitive situation.

With that thought, I didn’t feel like casually refusing. As I stood next to him, his face clearly in a good mood, I secretly let out a deep sigh.



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