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This is going to work. Sein was silent for a moment at the words I had somehow squeezed out. Jane and Bethel also looked at me with a slightly stiff expression, although I don’t know why.

Sein then opened his mouth.

“……5 days.”


“If you give me that amount of time, even if the expected site you mentioned is far from the end of the territory, I will check it with my own eyes and return as soon as possible.”

You don’t have to be in such a hurry.…. No, there are a lot of unknown people here, but there is no need to be so wary.

Of course, as you go into the countryside, the security is worse compared to the capital, and there are cases where people are killed without the local officials knowing it……

Still, I am the daughter of Catlan. How can they handle the aftermath of treating me recklessly?

I wanted to say that, but for some reason, the knights in front of me nodded their heads with determination, so I decided to just keep a serious look on my face.

Oh, I don’t know. It does not matter how you go, as long as you go to Seoul…

[T/N: 모로 가도 서울로만 가면 되지 or ‘It doesn’t matter how you go, as long as you go to Seoul’ means achieving a goal is more important than how it is done.]

“But before I leave, I will give you an artifact. So that you can use it in case you need my opinion or in an emergency…… Please allow me this.”

Is it like a walkie-talkie? I asked, scratching my head.

“Did we have something like that?”

Then Sein said, lowering his head with a determined expression.

“I’ll give it to you on the day before I leave.”

Are you saying you’re going to make it now? Are you thinking of staying up all night again, you bastard.

I looked with pity at Sein, who must have been a handsome engineering student if he had been a modern student.


On the other hand, Hisch, Ensis’ reliable host, has been troubled lately.

The reason is that it was quite embarrassing to write a reply to the letters coming in from the neighboring estates.

Since Hisch is suffering from the worries, I had Sein secretly steal some letters and read them, and the contents were a true spectacle.

Well, to summarize.

[It’s hard for precious people who lived in the capital to come and live here, isn’t it? Oh my, how did you come down to a place like this? Have you been left out by the family?] 

[I heard that a young lady from a small family is the lord. Isn’t it strange that a woman is the lord? By the way, there is one of our niece who is an idler but has a decent face, how about a mistress?]

[I mean, I’m a native who’s been living in this area for 5 generations! So, I want to visit you sometime and give you some advice, but when do you have time?]

…… Letters of the like are coming in a cultured style peculiar to the aristocracy.

Even though Hisch didn’t say anything, his expression was getting worse and worse, and I was sad that I couldn’t speak hastily to him at all.

Unless Hisch asks for help first, because it could hurt his pride and self-esteem if I stepped up and did something without letting him know.

But my cute husband’s face darkened by the day, and it just hurt my heart…….

I sighed deeply and looked at Hisch, who was tearing a loaf of bread like a rag.

It was the worst atrocity of the aristocracy’s dining etiquette, but……. Except for the servants around, there are only me and Hisch here, so I thought it would be okay.


I took my luck trying to sound as sweet as I could.

“Are you having a hard time these days?”

“…… No, Liddell. I just haven’t gotten used to the new place yet..….”

It seems like he doesn’t have another excuse and just said the excuse he has already used once.

For your information, Hisch eventually broke his stubbornness and started sleeping in one bed with me, but cutely, he set up a wall in the middle of the bed with a long pillow and begged me not to cross over here.

Hooo….. At this rate, I’m going to come at you first.

As I looked at Hisch without hiding my worried eyes, he sighed again.

“……I want to be of help to you, not to worry you.”

“Hisch… Hisch and I are family now. One doesn’t have to be helpful or useful to the other person, right? That’s what a family is.”


“Yes, I understand what Hisch is saying. Because I always think that I want to be a strength to Hisch, too. Then I’ll just say it like this.”

I put down the tableware I was holding and said firmly.

“Honestly, I don’t care what other people see or think of us. But, if you or I are consumed by those things and it damages our health, it would be even more hurtful.”


“So don’t overdo it thinking that you should do well. Let’s just do our best in our position and try to live a happy life.”


“You know what I’m talking about, right?”

At my words, Hisch looked at me with tearful eyes and then nodded.

Ugh, how do you have such a pure heart. As expected, I must always protect Hisch.

I coughed a few times to lighten the mood a little and then opened my mouth.

“And I wish Hisch had focused a little more on me rather than having to bother with something weird.”

“Yes……? Did you think I wasn’t focused on you…..?”

Hisch’s shocked voice seemed to create only a misunderstanding, so I hurriedly added the words.

“No, we’re married now. But don’t you think we’ve never been able to act like a married couple since we came here? First, let’s take that wall off our bed.”


“Hold my hand a little. If you’re bored, give me a little kiss. Oh, that’s right. Let’s change our names from now on. I’m going to have to call Hisch honey now.”


“Honey, don’t worry about useless things and just eat a hearty meal. That way, we will live today as well. It’s all about eating and living.”

When I talked with a mischievous smile, Hisch, whose face turned red, bowed his head and began to poke the innocent meat with a fork.

If Sein was next to me, he might have been dissatisfied and would nag. But I couldn’t help but notice the people around me who were in agony or distress.

A person doesn’t need a lot of words in his/her life, but there are moments when someone has something that he/she wants to hear. Even if those words you spit out are not 100% pure sincerity in the person’s mind.

I liked the faces of people who felt more comfortable when I talked about things like that. Wouldn’t it be nice to spend time together as long as each other is happy and having fun?

Soon after he ate a piece of meat he had been playing around with, Hisch opened his eyes and said it was delicious, which made me feel more at ease.

So I smiled at him as well.


Today, I decided to meet the one and only knight of the territory.

After the disappearance of the lord of the territory, all the loyal knights were scattered.

Finally, I heard that a lone young man who had been granted knighthood was guarding the territory.

When I first heard the story, I thought he was quite commendable, but the people around him didn’t seem to think so.

I should have noticed it then.

Looking at the man sleeping with his mouth open even though the sun rose in the middle of the sky, I tried to talk to him.

“Sir Gran?”

Zzzzz zzzzz…

“Sir Gran Oswald?”

Zzzzz zzzzz zzzzz…

This is good*. I said with a clench.

[T/N: It is sarcasm.]

“Pour it.”


As soon as my instructions fell, a servant standing next to me poured water on the man’s mouth, which was wide open.

I frowned slightly at his quite painful scream, and soon the scruffy, wretched man jumped up and started pointing his finger at the servant.

“Hey! Is it too much for a person to sleep! Even if I torture you, I won’t do it like this!”

“See who you are raising your voice to!”

“Who are you in my presence?!”

A knight who’s angry with his blood vessels visible on his neck…… It’s kind of amazing to see a guy like him because I’ve only seen people in the capital who tremble.

Even the knights of the family, Lord Jane and Lord Bethel, who was not far away, would flag him if they saw the attitude of the man in front of me.

After a long argument, the servant finally introduced me as the new lord, and the man turned to me.

The man’s eyes were dark green. As if it contained a part of the forest.

“…… A woman?”

Aside from having pretty eyes, the impression is common.

I opened my mouth, ignoring the voice of the man who was muttering in surprise, probably thinking I wouldn’t be able to hear it.

“Sir Oswald. Right? So, did you get a good sleep? It takes a lot of effort to eat and not fall asleep straight away in this weather.”

As if he had just come to his senses at my words, Gran politely adjusted his posture and scratched his head with one hand.

“Oh, you are indeed the Lord, and you understand the hearts of the subordinates well. Hahaha.”

“It’s the first time I’ve seen anyone sleeping on my way here.”

“……Gran Oswald. It’s an honor to meet you, my lord.”

Viscount Oswald’s eldest son….. Similar to Hisch, he’s from a noble descent, but was almost a commoner man.

But nevertheless, even that empty bloodline was the background needed to become a knight in such a rural area.

The man bowed his head with a servile smile. I was able to find out why the people around me had a bad impression of him without mixing ten words.


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