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Rene, who only came along after arguing with Ishir for three hours, was preparing to leave.


The means of transport in this world seemed to be horses. Why not? Renee sighed.


After enjoying the advantages of modern civilization to the fullest, she had a hard time coming here.


‘No, but…’


Rene couldn’t help but ask the Constellations.


‘I don’t know how to say it, but doesn’t this one look too weak?’


She felt like it was going to collapse at any moment.


Rene clicked her tongue at the horse in front of her. Then, the horse sulked and stepped back.


No. I was wrong.


Rene eventually took the reins and petted the horse.


Humans are the guilty ones, not you.


‘Have any of you ever handled horses here?’


[The <Lord of Vile Blood> raises his hand excitedly.]


‘Oh, since Grandfather is a Moorim person, of course, you must have ridden it. Then give me some tips on how to ride a horse.’


[The <Lord of Vile Blood> says you need to get a head start and then share a consensus!]


‘Consensus? For example…?’


[The <Lord of Vile Blood> says with deep friendship-]


Alright, next person.


[The <Monarch of Waves and Healing> is saddened by the fact that spirits don’t use animals as tools.]




[The <Emperor of Enticement> asks if you can just use the charm skill.]


‘That doesn’t sound bad? Then…’


[The <Emperor of Enticement> warns you that the horse may recognize you as a female horse.]


You’re out, too.


Why is there no Constellation that can help? Rene sighed and called out to a coachman passing by.


“Hey, there. This–”




‘…He just ignored me, right?’


[The <Lord of Vile Blood> nods.]


[The <Monarch of Waves and Healing> nods.]


[The <Emperor of Enticement> nods.]


Really these people…!


The moment Renee quietly tried to cast a skill in her hand, she heard a voice from behind.


“It’s amazing that Little Duke allowed this journey.”


Actually, she didn’t get permission. Ante was sitting fainting.


Rene put her equipment on the horse, pretending not to know.


It was a bag containing things necessary for the journey, such as a sword, water, and emergency food.


Ishir frowned at her.


“Why does the Lady do it herself?”


“Then who’s going to do it?”


“Of course, that’s–“


Ishir pointed to one side. There was a black horse with legs stretched out.


And next to the black horse were two servants.


One was appeasing the black horse’s temper, and the other was saddled with it.


“I know. But there’s no one here who will do that for me.”


“What kind of…”


Ishir frowned and tried to ask, but stopped talking. Then he looked around.


Then, he felt the servants of the duke’s residence who got pricked running away uselessly.


“Are your servants not properly educated? There are stricter rules for servants of the ducal family.”


“Is this your first time visiting this estate?”


“…Don’t you know?”


Of course, it must be your first time here. Rene nodded her head indifferently.


“That’s how it originally is.”


“Originally… Is that so?”


“Originally, I am supposed to do everything alone here.”


At least, she could get water from Sister Wave to wash her face.


It was good for her since she didn’t like being served by others…


But it couldn’t have been for Rene. It must have been humiliating for her. Her mouth felt bitter.


Is she really a villain? She’s not a villain, she’s just a pushover.


She hadn’t read many romance fantasy genres, but…


But evil girls don’t live like this, do they?


“Does that make sense?”


Ishir flicked his hand in disbelief.


Then, the coachman, who didn’t listen when Rene had called him, ran quickly.


“Did you call, Your Highness? What can I do for you?”


“Not me.”




When the coachman asked in bewilderment, Ishir answered in a subdued voice.


“Shouldn’t you serve your master?”


“Ah… Yes…”


Only then did the coachman glance at Rene’s horse with a displeased face.


Then he grabbed the reins, looking like he really didn’t want to do so.


This is… Really. Rene sighed. They embarrassed her so many times today.


“Well, what can I help you with, Lady? I see you’ve already done it?”


“What’s with the way you talk to your owner–”


When Ishir tried to intervene, Rene raised her hand.


“What’s your name?”




“I asked what’s your name.”


The coachman was puzzled, perhaps not knowing that Rene would look so calm.


“Isn’t your master asking?”


Ishir also quietly added by her side, and the horseman’s mouth eventually opened.


“I-It’s Dean…”


“Dean. How many years have you worked here?”


“I’ve worked for 10 years.”


“Ten years.”


Rene quietly repeated.


“You must have treated me like this during those 10 years.”


“W-What do you mean, like this… Miss…”


The voice of the coachman–Dean–died down.


“Then it would be right for me to compensate you for those 10 years.”


Rene smiled brightly.


[Skill activated! – 100 years of experience]




“Your tongue will not loosen for ten years.”




Is there any reason to let his tongue, which only speaks of wickedness, go wild?


Rene looked down coldly at the struggling coachman.


“If you see people as witches, you have no choice but to become witches.”


The coachman’s eyes were filled with tears. But it wasn’t tears of regret.


That’s why Rene didn’t regret it either.


“But you never know.”


The deeper the despair of the coachman, the deeper Rene’s smile became.


“Someone other than me may forgive you.”


For example, this sad body of mine.



“It was too much.”


 It was the first word Ishir said after half of the way to the destination.


“I guess you’ve finally decided to talk to me.”


“You didn’t have to go that far.”


“Well, what should I have done?”


Ishir sighed in irritation at Rene’s question. 


“If you had left it to me, it would have ended with a moderate amount of respect. The coachman wouldn’t have done that again either.”


“Did he really?”




“Do you think a person who hasn’t changed for 10 years will change at your words?”


Ishir was startled by Rene’s words. The reason was not just because of the word–


“He’s a problem even if he changes.”


It was because Rene’s eyes were filled with nothing but emptiness.


“Because it means he wasn’t listening to me at all and only obeying Your Highness.”


She was the owner.


“Still, it was overkill. If you keep behaving like that, your reputation will suffer.”


Rene sighed.


Body, why did you really like this guy?


A guy who doesn’t even try to see you properly?


“Yes, your Highness is right.”




“What would someone like me know?”


Rene smiled and closed her mouth. Ishir finally changed the topic, perhaps feeling a little guilty.


 “We’re out of Marchius’ estate, is that okay?”


“Is there any reason not to be okay?”


“No. Because it’s almost impossible for you, who is famous for never leaving the territory, to come this far.” 


Was she famous for not coming out of the estate?


It was the first time she knew that. But she shouldn’t let it show that she knew that for the first time.


“I can’t be stuck there forever.”


“How surprising. The day has come when I hear such words from you.”


Rene was preoccupied with other ideas, uncaring about whether Ishir was being sarcastic or not.


Why are there so many unexpected things about Rene?


She thought Rene was just a little bad girl, but she was a lot more complicated than that.


“There is nothing to be surprised about. Because Your Highness knows nothing about me.”


“I know you don’t wear those clothes.”


Ishir pointed at her clothes with his chin. What’s wrong with my clothes? She pouted her lips.


“Is there a problem with my clothes?”


“You.. You never wore anything other than a dress.”


It was good information.


Rene’s clothes now were tunics and pants that Ante wore as a child.


She felt sorry for Renee, but to be honest, this body had to thank her just for wearing such a slick dress.


‘I don’t know how to live in those clothes.’


“I always prefer clothes like this.”


“Then why have you been dressed like that all this time?”


Why, you ask? She had been wearing it because she wanted to look good in front of him.


“Just because”


“Then why do you stop dressing that way now?”


Is he really asking because he doesn’t know? Rene squinted because she could not grasp Ishir’s intentions.


“Because I don’t have.”


“…You don’t have to?”


“Yes, I don’t have any desire to look pretty in front of you anymore, so I don’t have to dress that way” 


She cast a contemptuous glance, then turned her head away. But Ishir called Rene again.


“Why are you suddenly so whimsical?”


“It’s not a whim, it’s just that my heart gradually cooled down. How long did you think I would keep chasing you?”


“Only a month ago, you sent a letter saying that you would kill yourself if I didn’t love you. If you’ve changed your mind within a month, isn’t that a whim?”


Damn Rene.


And damn Ishir!


Ishir was smiling mockingly. Rene ignored him, resisting the urge to punch him in the face.


“Well, let’s call it a whim.”


“As expected, it was light-hearted.”






Only then did Ishir’s face slowly begin to crack. 


“It’s so light-hearted, it changes really easily. When this is over, I will never show up in front of you again, so please forget me from the past.”


“You’ll never show up again?”


Ishir’s voice was cracking. Are you that happy? She smiled as gently as she could and nodded.


“I promise you. We’ll never see each other again.”


“What are you going to do in the future?”


“Huh? What?”


“…Are you thinking of clinging to another man? Like you did to me?”


[The <Emperor of Enticement> detects a strange atmosphere.]


Strange atmosphere, my ass! Rene turned off the chat window and stared at Ishir.


This kid is really mean. Do you want to damage people’s hearts that badly? Rene sighed.


“Another man?”


“That won’t be Cedin.”


“Why? Is there a problem?”


“Cedin is a good subordinate, and a good knight.”


“So what about it?”


“I don’t want you to approach him any further.”




Who is approaching who?


“How did you convince Cedin to take your side, Young Lady?”


“I don’t know what you’re so curious about, Your Highness. You care more about your own business.”


Saying so, she accelerated her horse in annoyance.


She didn’t even want to walk side by side next to Ishir.


Then Cedin followed her side as if he had been waiting.


“It’ll take another day or so to get there.”


“Too slow.”


“I’m sorry, Young Lady.”


“It’s not your fault. If I have to blame someone, it’s him.”


Rene glanced at Ishir. She couldn’t understand why Rene liked such a wooden stone.


“I don’t understand.”






She shook her head.


“Why did I like that kid so much that I volunteered to suffer?”


“That’s what I want to know.”


“I hope I don’t get involved with him anymore.”


She said so and blessed her horse with water.


Then all of the horse’s fatigue disappeared, and the speed began to increase.


Rene clung to her horse and ran as fast as she could.


‘I’m annoyed.’


In fact, Rene was gradually reaching the limit of her patience.


It wasn’t because of the annoying Ante, nor because of the annoying Ishir.


‘Why isn’t the final quest coming up?’


Yes, she needed the final quest to go back.


The contents of the final quest in the previous life were like this.


[Quest Window]


<Last Quest>


Clear the last floor of the tower.


Clear condition: The demise of the <Master of the Tower>


Clear reward: End of the possession. Return to the original world


The quest, which had the ‘End of the possession’ as its reward, was the final quest. Only with this quest could she return home.


However, even though it had been quite a while since she possessed this world, no similar quests had occurred yet.


‘Don’t tell me I can’t go back?’


No matter how many times she called the system to protest, the system,


[System Alert// Fixing error…(99/100) Please wait…]


It just sent that message. The fact that the number never went up beyond 99 percent made her nervous.


‘Do I really have to live here for the rest of my life?’


No way, it couldn’t be.


Unknown anxiety enveloped Rene.

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  1. Okay, honest question, a noble lady whose own servants and whom strangers all ignore and despise was somehow influential enough to slip poison to the Saint? That seems highly unrealistic.