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“We have caught the man who claimed to have witnessed the Saint, Your Highness.”


A knight made a man kneeling in front of Ishir. Rene knew what kind of man he was.


Because her Constellation the <Monarch of Waves and Healing> was her source of information. Of course, they didn’t know that she had information provided for her.




“I-It’s Derek. Your Highness.”


The man who introduced himself as Derek was very shabby.


He looked so lost that it made her feel foolish. Rene couldn’t understand why the Saint was caught by a man like that.


‘You’ve turned away so many priests and the Crown Prince’s knights, only to be caught by a man like that?’


It didn’t add up. However, since it was the information her Constellation knew, there was no way she doubted it.


“Derek. Explain in detail how you saw Lian.”


Ishir pointed a sword at Derek’s neck and asked.


“T-The Saint stayed at my house and left. At first, I didn’t know she was the Saint, but after she left, I saw a flyer looking for her and realized it.”


“Why did Lian choose your house? How did she meet you?”


“I-I don’t know either…”


Ishir’s patience was slowly running out as Derek only gave vague answers. Derek really didn’t know anything.


All he knew was that Lian was an incredibly beautiful woman and that he was willing to help that beautiful woman.


Eventually, the moment he was about to get angry at the information that didn’t help at all-


“Show me where your house is.”


Rene cut in.


“You mean… my house?”


“Yes. I’ll go and investigate myself.”


Derek looked at Ishir. He was asking if it was okay. Ishir nodded with his sunken eyes. Soon everyone followed Derek to his house. Rene took the lead and scanned the surrounding streets.


‘Strange, he chose a very rich street, not a slum? Is this the right place? Isn’t he lying?’


 [The <Monarch of Waves and Healing> is certain Derek is telling the truth.]


‘Why would a person who ran away come to such a conspicuous street?’


Her doubts amplified the moment she reached Derek’s house.


“This is your house?”




‘What is this, you punk?’


[The <Emperor of Enticement> admires the dazzlingly gorgeous house!]


[The <Lord of Vile Blood> suggests taking this house away!]


“What do you do for a living that you’re able to live in such a nice house?”


“To be exact, it’s not my house, but it’s a house I inherited from my parents. My family runs a guild. It’s called Tanta guild….”


“…So you’re Derek Tanta?”


Then, Cedin, who had been silent, intervened.


“Y-Yes. Do you know me?”


“…Of course I know.”


Rene poked Cedin in the ribs.


“What’s wrong? Who’s Derek Tanta?”


“He’s one of the higher-ups in Tanta. He has just been appointed, but I heard that he is a very capable person… I didn’t know he would be this foolish guy.”


“Something’s off.”


 It smelled very strange. A very fishy and strange smell. She sniffed and looked around.


“It smells strange even to me… Is it me?”


“No. You smell good. How come?”


“I smell good?”


“Yes, the smell of lavender. Did you wear perfume?”


Wow, but he smells really good. Rene said so and put her nose slightly on the nape of Cedin’s neck.


But thanks to that, she couldn’t see Cedin’s blushing face.


“I don’t wear perfume.”


“Really? But why do you smell so good? No, that’s not the point. This house smells fishy.”


[The <Lord of Vile Blood> strongly agrees!]


[The <Emperor of Enticement> smells depravity!]


She left Ishir and Cedin alone and went inside the house. Towards the source of the smell.


Ishir and Sedin then rushed to follow her.


“Your Highness, you may wait outside.”


“I can’t leave her like that, Cedin.”


“Am I not enough?”


Saying that, Cedin’s eyes were full of wariness. It was so similar to the vigilance to protect one’s master that Ishir couldn’t hide his incredulity.


“Since when did you become Rene Marchius’ dog?”


“Dog, you said? Please be careful with your words.”


Cedin growled and bared his teeth to Ishir. But it was a perfect figure of a dog, so Ishir laughed at him.


“I don’t know if you suddenly change your stance because she promised you something, but you will regret it.”


“Well. I regret That I ever followed Your Highness even if only for a moment.”


“Did she give you drugs or something? You lost your mind just within a few days.”


Ishir stared at Cedin in disbelief.


Not long ago, Ishir’s relationship with Cedin was pretty good.


Although Cedin was not completely loyal to Ishir, he still showed respect. Those two had a good partnership.


But now he was nothing more than a completely crazy dog for Rene.




But Cedin had good reasons.


Originally, Cedin’s affinity for Ishir and Rene was exactly the same.


Both were 0.


There was no interest.


Even so, he knew the truth behind Ishir’s pretense, so it was close to minus 0.


But on the contrary, what was the reality behind the rumor that Rene was a villainess?


Wasn’t she a noble and strong person? She was completely different from Ishir.


So even though it hadn’t been long since they met, he truly respected Rene.


Above all, what he saw this morning.


It was a whole new shock. She was the complete opposite of the rumors that said she reigned over everyone and wreaked havoc.


Although he couldn’t show it in front of Rene, Cedin was shocked that the strongest person on the continent was being treated like that. And he couldn’t understand.


Why? Why would you put up with that?


Aside from being a sword master, she was a noble person. She was the princess of a duke’s family.


But soon Cedin was convinced.


It was because she was a noble and a good person by nature.


Because she had such an overwhelming strength, such insignificant creatures were invisible to her.


As he reached that point, Cedin felt his admiration for Rene deepened.


‘…So, I hope you don’t get hurt.’


But after Ishir appeared, an uneasiness overtook Cedin. The anxiety that Ishir might hurt Rene, and…


Anxiety that Rene might like Ishir again.


 Rene denied it, but Cedin knew too much about Rene’s history of loving Ishir to believe it.


Was Cedin the only person who knew her track record? The whole empire knew.


Rene had a great obsession with Ishir since her first debut, no, even before that.


If someone approached Ishir, she had to completely destroy the person to relieve her anger.


‘The current Young Lady is not like that at all… She doesn’t seem to like that kind of person.’


Maybe the rumors were exaggerated?


Cedin had an incomprehensible question. It was a very awkward and anxiety-inducing question.


“Both of you! Stop talking and come here!”


However, it was time to hide that anxiety for a while.


Rene was calling Ishir and Cedin.


The two men glared at each other for a moment, then ran toward Rene.


“This… What is this?”


But after a while, those two had no choice but to put aside their ugly jealousy and doubts.


The sight that unfolded in front of their eyes was so amazing.


“Young Lady. Maybe this is…”


“Yes. This is probably…”


 Rene nodded at Ishir’s words.


It was hard to recognize the shape, but the smell and this ash that had been vibrating in the mansion since earlier…


“It’s a human body.”


 And a burned one at that.




“It’s so frustrating! I really didn’t do anything!”


“Are you asking me to believe that now?”


At Derek’s tearful argument, Ishir spoke with a clear expression of disgust.


And the disgust didn’t come from Ishir alone. Everyone in the mansion was looking at Derek with disgust.


“I could feel holy power from that corpse.”


Rene spoke in a low tone. Holy power was not manifested by just anyone.


If it was a holy power that could be felt even from a dead person…


“And in the ashes of the corpse, warmth remained. Maybe it hasn’t been long since he burned it. At most… It would be 10 hours.”


Cedin also felt bitter. After all, the Saint was respected by everyone.


It was terrible for such a person to be burned to death.


“Is there any possibility that she isn’t the Saint?”


“His Highness has confirmed it himself, so it’s probably certain.”


Ishir hadn’t panicked when he’d seen the body, instead, he had slowly searched the ashes and collected the remaining evidence.


It was clear that even then, he couldn’t bear to believe that the charred ashes were Lian.


But the disbelief didn’t last long.


Because he found something in the ashes.


‘This is… the engagement ring I gave you.’


The engagement ring was buried among the ashes, completely unburnt.


It was in such a good state that the transparent diamond was shining as it was before.


‘Are you sure?’


‘It’s a ring I ordered myself. How can I not know? And on this ring… It’s under a protective spell, so it won’t be damaged by any significant destruction.’


Maybe this was why the ring could be fine even in the fire.


Anyway, that was how the case ended.


Rene looked at the quest window with empty eyes.


[Quest cleared!]


<Special Quest – Innocence> Clear!


Clear condition: Proof of Innocence


Clear reward: You can claim 1 wish from Ante Marchius. Cyril Marchius’ favorability +100


‘I can’t believe it’s cleared like this when a person turned up dead.’


Seriously, whoever made this system should be punished.


[The <Monarch of Waves and Healing> comforts you.]


‘No, I’ve seen a lot of people burn to death.’


She smiled grimly. The last dark curtain of her previous life and the final boss of the tower, <Master of the Tower>, was particularly fond of burning people.


Thanks to this, if a colleague was taken hostage… There was only one sight she would see that midnight.


The image of a colleague burning to death at the top of the tower.


And the madness of monsters dancing under it.


‘That’s why the smell was so familiar.’


She had to swallow bloody tears every day watching it from afar.


Maybe that’s why, even though Lian was a stranger, seeing her die like this made her heart sink for no reason.


“Why on earth did you kill her? What the hell did she do wrong?”


Rene saw Isir despaired.


His back was pretending not to be, but he was breaking down little by little.


‘Still, I guess it wasn’t a very fake relationship.’


“I really didn’t kill her. Please listen to me!”


“Then explain why her body is here!”


“I really don’t know! I’m sure the Saint left! But what the hell is this….”


 Ishir eventually grabbed Derek by the neck and lifted him.


His power was so strong that no matter how hard Derek struggled, he couldn’t get away at all.


Only his face was turning white.


“Your Highness, calm down. The culprit has not been confirmed yet.”


In the end, unable to endure it, Cedin grabbed Ishir’s arm and stopped him.


Ishir couldn’t let go for a long time, but he let go right before Derek stopped breathing. And then he left his seat.


Cedin sighed and interrogated Derek instead of Ishir.


“What time did the Saint leave yesterday?”


“Cough, cough. S-She left at dawn.”


“Did she say where she was going?”


“She didn’t say anything. Seriously. I know this doesn’t make sense…”


“Cedin. Can you please step aside for a moment?”


Then Rene put her hand on Cedin’s shoulder. Cedin looked back at her with a bewildered look.


“Would it be okay to be alone with him?”


“Yes, it will be fine. Just don’t let anyone in, will you? Even the Crown Prince.”


“All right.”


I have probably done a lot more interrogation than you. She laughed bitterly and sent Cedin away.


[Skill activated! – <Belial’s Whispers>]


“Derek, you’re going to be very honest from now on. Very, very honest.”


<Belial’s Whispers> was actually a dangerous skill.


If the other person had just a little bit of mental resistance, it could easily collapse.


It could be shaken if someone else interfered.


‘That’s why I can’t use it against someone as talented as Ishir…’


“Remember your last memory with the Saint. What did you see?”


“…Darkness…I see darkness….”


She was pretty sure it would work with this guy. Because-




“Strong… resentment.”


There was someone who had already cast a similar skill on this guy.

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