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Kim Young, no. Rene Marchius, the villainess of <<What if an S-class Hunter Becomes a Villainess?>> opened her eyes like that.


Did she wake up on the bed like in any well-written novel?


[The <Lord of Vile Blood> asks where they are.]


[The <Monarch of Waves and Healing> is confused]


[The <Emperor of Enticement> is delighted at the familiar world.]


‘It wouldn’t be the work of that writer if I could open my eyes peacefully.’


That’s right. Diddkcl, the author of <<What if an S-class Hunter Becomes a Villainess?>> was not such a good person.


Then where did she wake up?


“But isn’t prison a bit too much?”


No matter how much she got used to being a hunter, the bad feeling was always the same.


Rene looked around and quickly gathered information.


‘Let’s see. There are no other prisoners, so I think I’m getting special treatment. It’s pretty clean for a prison. The original owner of this body must be of high status.’


This was another possession.


She regressed more than a dozen times, and she had experiences of possessing a character, but this situation was really absurd.


No, this was beyond absurd and now she was angry. They couldn’t even give her the quest reward after she crossed the threshold of death to get it, but now she was possessing another novel?


She had never even read this novel!


[Quest Window]


<Main Quest – Adaptation 1>


You are now possessing Rene Marchius, the daughter of Duke Marchius, the strongest warrior family of the Lambdish Empire.


Rene Marchius is the worst evil woman in the novel.


Restore your reputation to -500.


Clear condition: Reputation figure -500 reached.


Clear reward: <<What if an S-class Hunter Becomes a Villainess?>> Volume 1.


<Sub Quest – Escape>


You are imprisoned in a dungeon for murdering the heroine, Lian Karis.


Get out of jail at all costs.


Clear conditions: Escaping the prison.


Clear reward: Fame +20.


Fortunately, it was possible to grasp the situation roughly through the quest window.


Apparently, the system was the same, only the worldview had changed.


Looking at the title and quest content of the novel, it seemed she was possessing a romance fantasy novel. 


‘I don’t like romance.’


In her previous life, there were many handsome hunters, but she never dated anyone. She’d rather be a fan.


“Status window.”


<Status Window>


Name: Rene Marchius


Family: Warrior family, the Duke of Marchius


Fame: -999


Title: <Marchius’ Shame>, <The Abandoned Princess>


???: ??????


???: ???????




Bonus stats


Power: Adjusting….


Agility: Adjusting….


Strength: Adjusting….


Wisdom: Adjusting….


Luck: -999


[Contracted Constellation]


<Lord of Vile Blood>


Currently Available Skills: <Billion Gold Mine> LV. Adjusting… <Eternal Back Luck> LV. Adjusting… <Asura Sword Method> LV. Adjusting…  <Production of Blood-Stained Ganglia> LV. Adjusting…  <Heavely Sword Method> LV. Adjusting… (more)


<Monarch of Waves and Healing>


Skill currently available: <Oasis of Awe> LV. Adjusting…  <Law of the Sea> LV. Adjusting…  <—- Summon> LV. Adjusting… (more)


<Emperor of Enticement>


Skill currently available: <Breath of Astaroth> LV. Adjusting…  <Beelzebub’s Smile> LV. Adjusting…  <Asmodius’s Noose> LV. Adjusting…  <Belial’s Whispers> LV. Adjusting…  <The Gates of Gehenna> LV. Adjusting…  <Eligos’ Promise> LV. Adjusting… (more)


“Looks like you’re trying to balance it.”


Seeing that all cheat stats were being adjusted, it seemed that the system wasn’t sorted out yet.


“It’s never been like this before.”


Each time, the system showed flawless work.


It was so meticulous, it felt like everything was arranged for her.


But the fact that it was showing such a sloppy appearance right now was probably because-


“I guess this wasn’t planned.”


Did the <Master of the Tower> do something? The last curse?


Rene recalled her long experience as an S-class hunter and began to make a conclusion.


But it was all just a speculation, there was no straightforward conclusion.


“Let’s complete the quest first.”


Escape the prison.


If she was the daughter of a famous duke and was locked up for murder like this, the heroine’s status must have been quite high.


Since there was no information on the characters now, she decided not to make hasty speculation.


Rene didn’t like the phrase ‘at all costs’ in that sub-quest.


‘It’s like saying I have to use force to get out.’


Shall I just test my abilities here?


With her original ability, the iron bars were just a piece of cake.


[The <Lord of Vile Blood> recommends that you start by destroying everything.]


[The <Monarch of Waves and Healing> stops the <Lord of Vile Blood> because you need to be careful.]


[The <Emperor of Enticement> is dancing with joy.]


Why are the Constellations so excited?




[The <Emperor of Enticement> warns you not to say his name]


[The <Emperor of Enticement> says his name is taboo, especially in this world]


“Do you know this world? Please explain where we are.”


[The <Emperor of Enticement> says this is the world in which he was born. To be precise, he says that his hometown is the ‘Devil Realm’ that is connected to this world.]


It was just the obvious world of romance-fantasy. Where’s the writer’s creativity? 


“Everyone, check your abilities. Has anything changed?”


[The <Lord of Vile Blood> says that his level of being able to divide the continents has come down to the level of dividing the mountains.]


What’s the point of splitting the mountain? Let’s pass this granny.


[The <Monarch of Waves and Healing> is worried that her skills have gotten a lot weaker]


[The <Emperor of Enticement> says his level is worse than in ‘Devil Realm’ and better than in the previous world.]


“How bad is it, Sister Wave?”


[The <Monarch of Waves and Healing> says you can’t use the skill ‘Resurrection of Water’ here]


“It doesn’t matter because it was something I could hardly use in my previous life. Everything else is fine, right?”


[Your <Constellations> nod their heads.]


So, her abilities were similar except a little bit weaker…


She only had to worry about the level of the world.


She grabbed the iron grate and gave it a light squeeze. Then the door, which she thought would never budge, was ripped open.


It was so neatly ripped off that it looked like it could be put back together.


[The <Lord of Vile Blood> brags about it, saying it’s all thanks to his skills.]


Crash, bang!


The only problem was that when the bars disappeared, the walls collapsed together.


‘…Maybe I don’t have to worry?’




“It-it’s an attack!”


“…An attack? Did it come from inside the mansion?”


“Yes, yes!”


“Guide me.”


 Ante Marchius, the little Duke of the Marchius family, asked the guard who had rushed in.


But there was no sense of crisis in his voice.


Of course. The Duke of Marchius was famous for being an iron-blooded duchy.


It was a family that became the only duchy in the empire by cultivating honor and meritorious deeds with high-level swordsmanship.


There was no problem with the assailants at all.


“Which way?”


“To the dungeon prison!”


Dungeon prison?


At last, Ante’s noble face cracked.


Among the people who were now imprisoned in the dungeon, there was no one strong enough who could cause such a commotion.


Because all the most vicious and strong criminals were imprisoned in another prison within the territory.




‘All the prisoners have been moved except for that Rene punk.’


It was the order of his weak-hearted father, Duke Marchius.


It was too generous for his sister, who was accused of killing the Imperial Saint and the prince’s fiancee.


Even he, her older brother, agreed. No, he agreed the most.


“That crazy girl couldn’t overcome her temper and finally did something.”


Everyone thought so when the Saint, Count’s daughter Lian Karis, disappeared.


Even the time and place of the Saint’s disappearance were suspicious.


She had gone to a healing service on the outskirts area of the Duke of Marchius but disappeared.


Naturally, everyone pointed to Rene Marchius as the suspect.


‘The only person on this continent who wants to kill the Saint is my sister.’


There was no trace. The Saint went missing, leaving no evidence.


Nevertheless, Rene immediately became a prime suspect in the murder.


The reason she wasn’t tortured was because of the status of the Duke of Marchius. 


‘Why won’t my father give up on that girl…’


Ante clenched his fist and entered the entrance of the dungeon.


Half of the guards in the mansion were waiting at the door to catch her.


“Report the situation. Who couldn’t resist the girl’s threats and helped her?”


Ante’s reasoning that there must be an accomplice was perfectly reasonable. Rene had never been interested in martial arts in her life.




His sister was interested in poison, assassination, and cowardly tricks.


She never thought of beating anyone in a legitimate way. So she needed someone’s help to make this much fuss.


“I am asking who is the accomplice in there.”


“I don’t think there’s anyone in there but her.”


“Then why can’t you enter? I am allowing you to hurt her if that’s what you’re worried about. You can subdue her. Just avoid hitting her face in moderation.”


Instead of replying to Ante, the guard stepped aside.


Then the inside of the dungeon was revealed vaguely.


He couldn’t see it well because it was dark, but as a top swordsman, Ante could feel the inside of the dungeon.


“What is this energy?”


He asked the guard in a panic. The head of the guard then nodded nervously.


“That’s why we can’t enter now.”


Ante finally drew his sword with a serious face. Something was obviously wrong.


His sister had finally decided to make an accident.






“What’s going on? Wow, even the sword? Just for her?”


Cyril Marchius, who had just run from the smoke field, was the second son of the Duke.


Instead of explaining to his brother, Ante pointed to the dungeon with his chin.


“Is there no one down there? Can’t you feel any signs?”


“That’s the problem, Cyril.”


“What? I’ve seen where her cell is, I can catch her. Why are you here?”


Cyril asked his brother with puzzled eyes.


Ante shook his head coldly.


Cyril was still a beginner in swordsmanship. So it was natural that he didn’t notice.


“The problem is that there is really no sign of ‘anything’.”


There should be at least a sign of a rat, but he really couldn’t feel any sign of life.


Like the eye of a storm.


“Oh, that’s true.”


Only then did Cyril harden his face and pull out his sword.


Although Cyril hated Rene as well, the murder charge hadn’t been confirmed, so he couldn’t see her as a corpse yet.


In that case, it was clear that he would get an answer only if he asked first.


“That crazy girl, what kind of tricks is she pulling?”


“All ready to attack.”


Ante took the lead at the front and pointed his sword.


“There is a powerful man down there who threatens the mansion. Attack at my signal.”


The guards all swallowed their saliva and clenched their swords. It was clear that if the man was strong enough to attack the Duke of Marchius, he wouldn’t be an ordinary person.


“One, two.”


The moment everyone tried to attack the dungeon with the signal from Ante.


“Hi! Good morning!”


The main culprit in question gladly came out waving the iron bars.

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