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Lee Young, or rather, Rene was so annoyed right now that she wanted to give up everything.


“Who’s the accomplice?”


“There’s no such thing. How many times do I have to tell you to understand?”


“You…? You’ve finally lost your mind.”


Rene had regressed more than 50 times.


Each life had been at least over 20 years.


So, in her eyes, people in their mid-20s and early 20s looked like newborn babies.


Even using casual speech, she was already being as considerate as she could.


(T/L notes: Rene is using the casual form of speech here, but you’re not supposed to use casual speech to people older than you in Korea, so from an outside perspective, Rene is being rude, but as you can see, just as she had stated, she’s actually being considerate since she’s actually the oldest person in the room.)


“Then who the hell helps you? You, who have never held a sword and can’t hide your presence, name the child who helps you.”


“I am telling you, I wish I had that kind of person.”


“Did he kill Lady Karis? Did you order him?”


She couldn’t win because he didn’t listen to her words.


‘It’s weird. Why is the status window of NPCs broken here?’


 She didn’t have much information. In her past life, she’d had everything in detail.


Is it still not updated? She stared at the status window of Ante and Cyril.


<Status Window>


Name: Ante Marchius


Family: The Duke of Marchius


Fame: ?9?


Title: <Marchi?Sso?jak>, <So?ik?Put?Quick, <?Kears’s ?ji, <?Range?>


Power: ??0


Agility: ?80


Strength: ???


Wisdom: ?5?


Luck: 3?2


Favorability: -9?3



<Status Window>


Name: Cyril Marchius


Family: The Duke of Marchius


Fame: 575


Title: <Marchius’ ?>>, <Cow? Spur? Class>, <Marchius’ ??>


Power: ?90


Agility: 5?0


Strength: ?3?


Wisdom: 3?0


Luck: 5?1


Favorability: -?58




But she could see their favorability was really bad. This body and this body’s family had a very bad relationship.


It was already a tedious mess.


Still, the sub-quest was easily completed, so the situation wasn’t very bad.


[The conditions for clearing <Sub Quest – Escape> have been met!]


<Sub Quest – Escape> Clear!


Clear reward: Fame +20.


Current reputation: -979



<Sub Quest – Relationship Development>


You have two older brothers. Only by developing a relationship with these two people you can promote a good future.


Clear conditions: -800 for Ante Marchius. -600 for Cyril Marchius


Clear rewards: Restoring some of Ante Marchius’ and Cyril Marchius’ status windows



<Sub Quest – Explanation>


You are now framed for the murder of Saint Lian Karis. No one believes you, but one may believe you anyway. Let’s make someone believes in your innocence.


Clear conditions: Creating a belief in Rene Marchius’s innocence


Clear reward: Fame +30


“When were you going to post all of this?”


“What did you say?”


“It’s none of your business. But thank you for your concern.”


Rene smiled as kindly as she could.


“Worried… about you? Me?”


Ante gritted his teeth and stared at his sister.


I don’t think I like this one. Rene shrugged her shoulders and turned her head towards Cyril.


As expected, this one looks easier.


“Brother, I told you to put her in an undersea prison, not an underground prison.”


I take it back.


“First of all, I don’t know the current situation. Why do you think I killed that Saint?”


“Are you seriously saying that now?!”


Ante eventually couldn’t hold back his anger and hit the table with his fist.


Then the teacup on the table bounced and the tea spilled on her.


Of course, she could avoid it if she wanted to, but it wasn’t the time to show her strength.



[The <Lord of Vile Blood> gets angry, saying he will drink all the blood of that child.]


[The <Monarch of Waves and Healing> quietly tries to heal your burns.]


[The <Emperor of Enticement> suggests you to cut his belly.]



She didn’t get burned. Just look at her stats, she wouldn’t get burned with this.


And no murder. To complete the quest, they had to be alive. Rene stopped the Constellations.


“Brother, calm down. If she gets hurt, Father…”


You’re afraid of your father, aren’t you?


Rene observed the two brothers silently. There was something odd about it.


“Why can’t you tell me? Isn’t there actually no evidence?”


“Do you think there’s anyone on this continent who doesn’t know you’ve tried to assassinate Lian Karis hundreds of times? I must explain with my own mouth that you are a disgrace to the family!”


 Aha. She was suspected because she had a record.


“Was the body found?”


“It couldn’t be found because you hid it. You’ve always been good at such tricks.”


“I see. So you guys don’t have any evidence or bodies, so you’re doubting me for now?”


Cyril went on as Ante became so angry that he couldn’t even speak.


“You’re the only suspect. There’s no one on this continent who wanted to kill the Saint. She was such a nice person.” 


The heroine was an angel. How boring.


“It’s not too late now. If you confess and tell me the location of the body, the Crown Prince will spare you from the system. Father went to the palace to save your life. Please tell me where it is if you want to save your life.”


“Yes, there are a lot of rumors that His Highness wants to cut off your head and hang it on the walls of the capital.”


The Crown Prince? 


Renee tilted her head. Why is he mentioned here?


“Did you lose your intellect after being imprisoned in the dungeon for a long time?” 


Cyril asked with a puzzled face.


“No, I mean. Why would the Crown Prince hate me so much? It has nothing to do with him-“


“Are you still living under the illusion that His Highness the Crown Prince will give you his heart?”


Oh, a love affair. That made sense.


“His Highness has been engaged to Lian Karis for more than three years. Get rid of the illusion that you’ll have a chance, Rene.”


“Yes, stop embarrassing the family now. Aren’t you tired of his unrequited love?”


So that’s what happened. This body loved the Crown Prince so much that she had tried to kill his fiance many times, and this time, apparently, she was successful?


‘But something’s wrong.’


In the quest window, it was clearly said, ‘You are now framed for the murder of Saint Lian Karis.’


That meant she didn’t kill her.


Rene knew the system had neither conscience nor shame, but at least it didn’t lie.


Because the novel didn’t ‘lie’ to the reader. Though it could purposely mask the truth.


‘So who killed her?’


In order to clear Rene’s name, she had to find the real culprit. The real culprit was probably the reason the writer reimagined her to this world.


Then wouldn’t she be able to escape from this world if she found the real culprit?


“All right, I’ve got a rough idea of what’s going on. Now listen to me.”


“Are you finally going to confess?”


“No. I didn’t kill the Saint.”


The two brothers sighed deeply. As expected, their sister was a vicious girl beyond imagination.


How can you kill such a good person without batting an eyelash like that?


Couldn’t she, Lady Karis, just leave the house on her own? You said you didn’t find the body. Then we should treat her as missing, not dead.”


“Are you going to insist on that again?”


“I guess I’m not very stupid. Yeah, I’m gonna insist. Why don’t you believe me?”


“The Saint was scheduled to marry the Crown Prince in a month. How can such a person suddenly disappear on her own?”


A month… It should have been a happier time than ever. Rene nodded her head, bored.


“And you know best that the two of them were happier lovers than anyone else. That’s why you killed her out of jealousy.”


“But you know what?”


Rene smiled, eyes twinkling.


“Why do you think I killed her?”




“Why didn’t anyone think that she ran away because she didn’t want to get married?”


Just because they looked perfect, they weren’t really perfect.


Rene smirked.


However, Ante gritted his teeth, perhaps angrier than ever at her words.


“Don’t put Lady Karis on the same level as you.”


“You talk too much, Little Duke. Who taught you to say that to your sister, huh?”


Pfft. It was the sound of Cyril, who was watching the two of them fighting next to him, unable to hold back his laughter.


Ante’s face became more fierce at the sound of that laughter, and he glared at Cyril.


[The Cyril Marchius’ favorability increases by 10.]


Look at this. The relationship was getting interesting.


She had changed her brother, so his affinity for her was rising.


“If the Crown Prince was so bad, his fiancee would have run away.”


“…What did you say?”


“You said it with your own mouth. The Saint is a nice person.”


“Yes… She’s a very different person from you.”


Ante admitted grumpily.


“But I really didn’t touch her. What do you think about it?”




“She probably ran away because she didn’t like the Crown Prince. She was so weak that she didn’t think of kicking his face and ran away instead. Why don’t we dig up the Crown Prince first?”




Cyril finally burst into laughter. Rene shrugged her shoulders and pretended it wasn’t because of her.


“What the hell are you…”


“I don’t know about anyone else, but you’re my brother. Ante.”


“Come on now, do you want to emphasize the fact that we are blood and flesh?”


“Isn’t it the basics, not just the emphasis? It’s about family trusting each other”


Rene said so and blinked.


Ante flinched for a moment, then sighed and replied.


“If you had done just one good act that made me believe you, I would have trusted you. Our family kept giving you a chance. We believed that you would come to your senses someday.”


Ante stared at her with sunken eyes, then turned his head.


“That’s probably why you grew up like this.”


“You really don’t trust me. All right, so let’s do this.”


“You keep…”


“I’ll prove my innocence within a month.”




She said to Cyril, who had been jubilant until then,




And Ante’s fierce eyes changed.


“Yes, will that be all right?”




Ante shook his head.


“…Yes, that’ll do.”


“Then what will you do to me?”




“You’ve done something wrong, so you have to compensate. Don’t you think so?” 


If she completed the quest, she should get a reward.


At Rene’s imposing request, Ante burst out laughing.


“Anything. I’ll do anything under my name. If only you can prove your innocence.”


“All right, a deal is made. Cyril, you’re the witness to this transaction.”


“Yes, well, alright.”


[A quest has occurred!]


[Check out the quest? (Yes/No)]


[You choose Yes!]


<Special Quest – Innocence>


You made a deal with Ante Marchius to prove your innocence within a month. Let’s prove your innocence as soon as possible.


Clear condition: Proof of innocence


Clear reward: You can claim 1 wish from Ante Marchius. Cyril Marchius’ favorability +100


Cyril’s favorability goes up, too? Is that 100? Rene glanced at Cyril and held out her right hand to Ante.


Then, reflexively, Ante’s hand turned to his sword.


 “What’s wrong with you, Brother? Let’s shake hands. Shake hands.”


“…Whatever you’re plotting, you will never get away with it this time.”


He had a lot of doubt. She grabbed Ante’s hand forcibly and shook it.


“Yeah. It was nice to meet you, too. Let’s do well from now on.”


She said so and left the room without hesitation. Then there were only two people left in the room, Ante and Cyril.


“Was she that kind of girl?”


“…I couldn’t.”


“Huh? What did you say?”




He couldn’t avoid her hand.


Ante tried to avoid Rene’s hand. Because he had no intention of shaking hands with his sister, who was horrible to look at.


But he couldn’t avoid it.


‘How can it be that I, the best swordsman, couldn’t escape the hands of a civilian who doesn’t know how to hold a sword?”


He didn’t even feel anything when their hands clasped together. No living force, no goodwill, nothing.


‘What the hell… was that?’


A new wind was blowing on the Duke of Marchius.

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