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After sending Martin, who was stunned by her resolute words, out of the tent, Rene held an emergency meeting with the Constellations.


“First of all, please find the Saint with this statue.”


[The <Monarch of Waves and Healing> begins the search.]


“How long will it take?”


[The <Monarch of Waves and Healing> says it takes a day to search for 1,000km nearby]


“Okay. Grandfather Enticement, is it possible to summon the dream demon here? Would it be difficult with the priests next to us?” 


[The <Emperor of Enticement> is mad at you for ignoring him.]


“Really? Then release the dream demon and infiltrate everyone’s dreams around here. It’s ridiculous that there’s not a single witness. The Saint is not a master of martial arts. If there really isn’t any, this means that someone very strong intervened.”


[The <Emperor of Enticement> promises to release the dream demon and investigate it.]


 “Okay, then let’s have a little nap. Status window!”


Actually, there was some good news.


[System Notification// We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to the possessor.


Synchronization is over. Please check that all system adjustments have been adjusted.]


It was because of this that she sent Martin out. It seemed the patch was finally over.


<Status Window>


Name: Rene Marchius


Family: Warrior family, the Duke of Marchius


Fame: -949


Title: <Marchius’ Shame>, <The Abandoned Princess>


???: [Sealed]


???: [Sealed]




Bonus stats


Power: Unmeasurable


Agility: Unmeasurable


Strength: Unmeasurable


Wisdom: Unmeasurable


Luck: -999


[Contracted Constellation]


<The Vicious Blood Leader>


Current Available Skills: <Billion Gold Mine> LV.999, <Eternal Back Luck> LV.999, <Asura Sword Method> LV.999, <Production of Blood-Stained Ganglia> [Sealed], <Heavely Sword Method> [Sealed], …(See more)


<Monarch of Waves and Healing>


Current Available Skills: <Oasis of Awe> LV.999, <Law of the Sea> LV.999, <– Summon> [Sealed], …(See more)


<Emperor of Enticement>


Current Available Skills: <Breath of Astaroth> LV.999, <Belzebub’s Smile> LV.999, <Asmodius’s Noose> [Sealed], <Belial’s Whispers> [Sealed], <Eligos’ Promise> LV.999, <Succubus Summon> LV.999 (NEW!), …(See more)


Seeing that not all skills were released, it seemed they had been temporarily sealed for balance.


But she could use the skills that she needed right now. Fortunately, the skill level remained the same. They were all the same except that <Succubus Summon>, a skill that she didn’t use often, was now registered as a commonly used skill.


‘They say that they will unlock more seals if I finish the quest. These bastards.’


The system had always been this way. It turned a blind eye to the things it had to do.


And later, it pretended to be generous and said it would give it to her if she completed the quest.


‘This is enough. I think I can survive in this world.’


Not just surviving. She could conquer the world.


Relaxing for the first time in a long time, she smiled. Finally, her ability returned.


So the first thing she was going to do was, 


“Please put them to sleep.”


Pressing them with force.




Rene was not the only one investigating the case.


There was one more person.


It was Cedin Anshirad, the Mercenary King of the Lambdish Empire and the head of the Moonshine Intelligence Guild.


At the request of the Crown Prince, who lost his fiancée, he personally visited the Marchius estate and came to investigate the case.


Of course, by keeping it a secret from the Duke of Marchius.


“Duke Marchius’s daughter visited?”


Melson, the head priest who served him, nodded with difficulty.


No one in the Lambdish Empire didn’t know who this man was.


A person who received the title of Mercenary King at the age of 20. The second strongest man in the Empire.


Those were the titles that followed Cedin.


Not only that. His beautiful appearance and the ability to lead the largest guild on the continent were also one of the factors that made him shine.


“Yes. She is investigating it herself to prove her innocence.”


“Do you believe that?”


Cedin wasn’t particularly sure that Rene was the real culprit, but he did think she was the prime suspect.


And it was dangerous to give the prime suspect a chance to investigate the crime scene.


The priest who allowed Rene’s investigation earlier hesitated and nodded. 


“Yes, I don’t believe it completely, but… If we don’t give her a chance, I think there will be a lot of backlash from the other side as well…


Melson bowed his head in case he offended the difficult man.


This man came under the orders of the Crown Prince. Everything had to go smoothly.


Cedin heard the exact contents of the conversation with Rene from the priest.


‘You came all the way here and made an offer. You must have been in a hurry.’


Cedin was also familiar with Rene Marchius’ rumors.


As the head of an information guild, he knew her notoriety and true evil deeds.


That she shaved the head of Viscount Kelsey’s daughter, or that she poisoned the prince’s food and said that she would take care of him, or that she tripped up the Saint and knocked her over.


…Of course, he also knew that there were some absurd parts as well.


‘I have to meet and investigate in person anyway.’


“Don’t give her any information. In particular, the fact that there is a witness should be hidden.”


“Huh? But why….”


“This is what the Crown Prince ordered.”


At the name of the Crown Prince, the priest shut up again.


There wasn’t a place in the Empire where the name of the Crown Prince, Ishir von Lambdish, didn’t work.


He was a man who wielded absolute power.


It was the current public opinion that he had stronger power than the Emperor.


“Rather, I will meet the Young Lady now-“




At that moment, the priest banged his head on the table and fell down.


Cedin jumped to his feet and pulled out a sword.


He felt a dream demon’s energy from somewhere. The priest seemed to have fallen asleep because he couldn’t withstand the dream demon’s sleep magic.


‘A strong magic is intervening.’


Even Cedin, a swordmaster, was barely strong enough to hold out.


This was almost the power of a high-ranking demon. It wasn’t common.


‘Who is capable of summoning such a strong demon like this?’


That, too, in a place with so many priests?


‘If I hadn’t been here today, no one would have noticed.’


It was dangerous. It smelled very dangerous. Cedin carefully stepped out of the tent with his sword drawn.


Everyone in the whole area was asleep. Even Cedin was feeling drowsy.


‘If I estimate this, it’s strong enough to cover the entire village…’


Over there.


He could feel strong demonic energy from the Saint’s tent.


At the same time, he also felt a human presence. It was the first time he sensed a presence so strong that he could feel it through his skin. It was a person far beyond his reach.


‘Is there a human being stronger than the Crown Prince?’


He didn’t dare to attack. But he felt the wonder first, rather than the threat of his life.


The fact that such a person existed made his heart race.


They were strong enough to form a tie with a high-ranking demon.


‘I absolutely have to catch them. No matter what.’


And he had to beg them to make him their disciple. Or he would swear allegiance so they could accept him.


It must have been a knight or a swordsman who had been in hiding.


He had been searching for someone he would offer his loyalty to for a long time. Someone who would overwhelm him.


At first, he thought it would be the Crown Prince, Ishir.


The strongest man in the empire. A person who was the same age as him but had a higher position.


‘But it’s not him.’


The moment Cedin met Ishir who had come to convince him to devote his allegiance, he realized that it wasn’t him.


Ishir was obviously a strong man, but not enough to overwhelm him.


He lived in despair ever since. Having lost the purpose of life, there was no fun in doing anything.


“That’s why I forced myself to accept this request.”


To find something interesting somehow. Instead of fear, Cedin pulled back the cloth that covered the entrance of the tent with a heart full of excitement.


“Let’s reveal your… identity.”


And just before he saw the face of the person in the tent,


In the end, he couldn’t beat the magic and fell asleep.


“What is this kitten?”



The lord whom he would be loyal to for the rest of his life,


was looking down at him with eyes full of pity without him knowing.




Rene lifted the man, who had completely fainted, and placed him on Saint’s bed.


The black hair and transparent green eyes reminded him of the black cat from next door.


“You look so pretty.”


How can a person look like this?


There were many good-looking hunters in her previous life, but this was the first time that God had worked so hard to make this guy.


[The <Lord of Vile Blood> points out that he looks too sneaky.]


Rene lifted Cedin’s eyelids and checked his pupils.


She loved these eyes from the first time she saw them.


[The <Monarch of Waves and Healing> points out that it is not right to treat humans as pets.]


“I am not treating him like a pet. My pet is a puppy. Cerberus. My Cerberus is so cute.”


[The <Emperor of Enticement> asks what to do with this guy.] 


“Looking at him, he’s quite strong, so I don’t think the dream demon is enough for him.”


<Status Window>


Name: Cedin Anshirad


Family: House of Anshirad. The first head of the family.


Fame: 792


Title: <The Mercenary King>, <The Head of the Moonshine Information Guild>, <Sword Master>


Power: 810


Agility: 890


Strength: 830


Wisdom: 892


Luck: 673


Favorability: 0



The magic of the dream demon wouldn’t work well on people whose wisdom exceeded 700.


Even now, he fell asleep probably because the subject of the magic wasn’t a regular dream demon, but the <Emperor of Enticement>.


Well, his power was the best.


[The <Emperor of Enticement> is shouting that he’s going to kill this guy now!]


“No, I quite like him.”


It was the first time. Someone who didn’t have a negative affinity with her. She supposed he wasn’t the type to judge people through rumors.


Good. I’ve decided. You’re mine. 


“Let’s keep him alive for now. You didn’t see my face anyway.”


He looked cute, too. He looked very obedient.


As the head of the information guild, he would be very useful. Because he was a swordmaster, there was no need to worry about him falling down and dying.


The perfect companion animal… No, you look like a pet?


 [The <Lord of Vile Blood> asks what you mean by liking him.]


“I literally like him. What else do I need to explain? I’m going to make him my subordinate.”


[The <Lord of Vile Blood> threatens he will get upset if you don’t kill this guy right away.]


“I do what I like. He’s mine from now on. By the way, Grandfather Enticement, did you get anything?”


[The <Emperor of Enticement> delivers the report of the dream demon to you.]


Rene closed her eyes and the information gathered from the dreams of the people nearby flowed into her head.


Most of them were trivial information, but a piece of very useful information came in. 


“There’s a witness?”


[The <Emperor of Enticement> gives you the information of the witness.]


The witness was the youngest priest. Seeing that his face was unfamiliar, it seemed he wasn’t there when Rene made a deal with the head priest earlier.


‘I’m sure he hid somewhere because he didn’t want to be caught by me.’


Look at this. How disgusting. There’s a witness, and you hide it from me? 


‘And what did you say to prove your innocence to me?’


It was also done by this guy’s order. Very, very cunning.


Rene tapped Cedin’s nose with her index finger. His straight nose was broken in an instant by her fingers.


“Oh, I put in strength without realizing it.”


[The <Monarch of Waves and Healing> warns you not to hurt your pet like that.]


“That sounded a bit…”


[The <Monarch of Waves and Healing> perfectly heals Cedin Anshirad’s nose!]


She didn’t punish animals, but humans were different. She would have to get mad at him later.


Rene glanced down at Cedin.


Not now. She had to put him back in his original position for now.


The first step was to collect information from the witness. Now, all she wanted to do was solve the quest quickly and rest.


She was a little curious as to what was going on behind this.


“See you again, Cedin.”

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