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“I prefer body language over words, Cedin.”


Just like that, she would seduce him.


“Body… Language.”


Cedin reflected on the words, then nodded.


“Do you intend to duel him? Certainly, the Crown Prince will not be a match for Young Lady.”


“Duel? I don’t plan on being that nice. I don’t do it unless my life is at risk.”


“Then how…”


There were many ways.


“You answer first. What should I do to contact the Crown Prince?”


“I think it will be difficult for Young Lady to face him alone.”




“…The Crown Prince will refuse.”


Isn’t that moment of silence said everything? Rene laughed bitterly.


“That’s tricky. Then I’ll have to choose a way to meet by force. Right?


“By force…”


With a face expressing he couldn’t even guess what the hell that way was, Cedin spat out the words.


But Rene meant it. Who cares about such a bad kid with bad intentions? 


“Are you planning to infiltrate the palace?”


“I don’t go in such a sloppy way. I’ll get him to come.”




“If we set his house on fire, that guy who never comes out of his house will come out, right?”


It was the fastest and easiest way.


“I understand. In that case, what kind of fire would you set?”


“The fire he hates the most.”


Isn’t that obvious?


If he was going to scream, she would have to make it the hottest fire and burn all three thatched roofs so that he wouldn’t get stuck in the house again.




“I’m all set, Young Lady.”


Cedin said as he emerged from the Intelligence Guild in the Duchy of Marchius.


“Well done, let’s go home now.”


“When you said home, do you mean your house, Young Lady?”


“Yes. Are you the type of person who can’t sleep anywhere else besides your home?”


“Not really, but…”


“Then, that’s enough. Let’s go.”


“Can I really accompany you to the Duke’s house?”


“Why can’t you?”




Cedin looked at Sir Martin standing behind Rene with a troubled face. Martin shook his head as if he had given up.


“Young Lady will receive public attention.”


“Are you ashamed of me? I’m disappointed.”


“That’s not it. It’s because Young Lady might be ashamed of me.”


“Why would I be ashamed of you?”


He’s handsome. He’s strong. He’s capable. What more could she ask for?


“I am afraid… that I won’t look good because I’m not an aristocrat. I was awarded a knighthood a while ago, but it’s still not good enough for Young Lady.”


Is the class status system so strongly applied in this neighborhood? But he said he’s a swordmaster.


Just by looking at this young man, she could see just how great he was.


Rene realized how powerful the influence of fame could be in this world while traveling with Cedin.


Everyone looked up to Cedin. It was a look of fear and awe. Just because they looked up to him, Rene’s reputation next to Cedin was rising little by little in real-time


[You’ve been seen accompanied by the <Mercenary King> Cedin Anshirad! Your fame increases by 1. (Current fame: -848)]


[The <Mercenary King> Cedin Anshirad expresses respect for you! Your fame increasesby 1 (Current fame: -847)]


“Whatever. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a noble or a knight. It doesn’t even matter if you’re a slave.”


“Young Lady…”


“Your Highness…”


It really didn’t matter. Lee Young was born and raised in a democratic world so she didn’t know what it felt like to live in a place with a class status system


Even in her previous ridiculous life, there was no such thing as the status system. No. Since being strong was her status, maybe it also could be called part of the status system.


[Cedin Anshirad’s favorability increases by 50!]


[Martin Oreshaw’s favorability increases by 20!]


What? Why is the favorability going up all of a sudden? The favorability was going up but she had no idea why.


“First of all, I will introduce you as a formal investigator dispatched by the Crown Prince and I’ll tell them that I met you by chance. Well, it’s true.”


“That’s true, my relationship with the Crown Prince is so famous that I won’t be suspected.”


“In the first place, with your level of fame, no one would think you would have any relation with me.”


It would be an advantage.


“But, why do you want to take me to the Duke’s house?”


What do you mean, why? It’s because of the quest.


<Special Quest – Your Faithful Disciple>


For the first time, you took in a disciple. Why don’t you promote your relationship with this disciple?


Clear condition: Reach 500 in likeability


Clear reward: Fame +50, Relationship Change: ?? Relationship


The ?? relationship was concerning. Is there a better relationship here? A master-disciple relationship was too much.


“I want us to get closer.”


“Close… Are we getting closer?”


“Yes, you said it’s a master-disciple relationship.”


A master-disciple relationship.


Cedin held the word in his mouth.


It felt good more than he’d expected.






“You don’t have to feel pressured about teaching me. I’m learning a lot just by being around you.”


He didn’t want this young lady to feel burdened.


Cedin said cautiously.


“If you think I’m going to be burdened by you, let me tell you that it’s just your illusion.”


It’s a very arrogant idea. Rene replied in a sour tone.


“And it’s much faster for you to be next to me to know how things going around.”


“So, that’s the reason…”


He was blatantly disappointed.


Rene imagined that if Cedin had a tail, it would be droopy by now.


“Let’s just get going.”


Still, she had no intention of relieving that thought. She had no reason to.




When she returned to the Duke’s house, it was already late, and it was almost midnight.


Rene entered the Duke’s house without much thought. But the moment she entered the mansion, she had to confront a tremendous gaze.


“Rene Marchius. Do you have any awareness that you are a lady?


It was Ante. He had his eyes wide open.


Next to him was Cyril, looking half-interested and half-annoyed.


Rene thought about ignoring them but then realized that she had brought a guest.


“Hmm, I don’t think so?”


It’s not enough that you come in at this time, you even bring in a guy? Are you planning to bring anyone into your bedroom now that the Crown Prince doesn’t take care of you?


“Your Highness, this is–“


Martin tried to explain to Ante, but Rene stopped him.


It seemed that words alone wouldn’t be enough to fix that habit.


“Ante. Haven’t you heard?”




“You tell me to be nice.”


[Cedin Anshirad’s favorability increases by 50!]


[Ante Marchius’s favorability drops by 50!]


Rene could feel Cedin swallowing his breath behind her, but she decided to ignore it.


Sure enough, Ante’s face was getting redder with anger.


“Since I’m an adult and you’re an adult, we can live well on our own, why are you getting involved in other people’s lives?”


“When Father is absent, I am the deputy head of the Duke’s family. So I’m obliged to get involved in everything the Duke does. What I am trying to say is, I have the right to stop your indulgence.”


She didn’t like the word indulgence very much, but Rene put up with it for now.


She was going to fix his habit.


“Really? You’re the head?”




“Then I understand. You may get involved.”


Rene patted Ante on the shoulder and passed by him. Cedin followed her after a brief bow to Ante.


‘What the hell just happened?’


Ante was immersed in the incomprehensible phenomena for a moment, then realized the situation at the sound of Cyril’s laughter.


“Rene Marchius, can’t you stop there?”


“I can’t.”




[Cyril Marchius’ favorability increases by 20!]


“If you want to get involved with me at least once, then yes, I can’t. Really.” 


At Cyril’s laugh, Rene smiled and laughed together. Then she pointed to one of the maids who was watching the situation with interest.


“Will you show my guest the room?”




The maid, who was pointed out, was surprised as if she had been struck by lightning. She smiled with an embarrassed face.


…How dare you in front of an outsider…


She would have to discipline them herself sometimes. But she was in a hurry


[Skill activated! <Asmodeus’ Noose>]


By using the power of the skill.


<Asmodeus’ Noose>. She didn’t expect to use this. Rene frowned. In fact, although the skills of the <Emperor of Enticement> were very useful, Rene was reluctant to use his skills.




“I accept your orders. Your Grace.”




It worked so well.


Perhaps surprised, the other maids looked with their mouths wide open at the maid who had answered. No, is it that surprising to listen to your employer?


Rene sighed. It was temporary, but it was still a little uncomfortable to control a person’s mind like this.


“Cedin, go up and rest. I’ll have a conversation with my older brother who forgot his manners then I’ll go up quickly.”


“Yes, Young Lady.”


When Cedin left, Ante opened his mouth. 


“‘My guest’? Do you think you are in a position to dare to invite guests, Rene?


“Yeah. Why can’t I? I’m a part of this family, too.”


Ante had to grind his teeth.


“Should I explain again what kind of situation you’re in right now?”


“No. Just read the newspaper tomorrow morning.”




“I was originally going to explain it to you myself, but seeing you like this, I think it would be a waste of time. Just look at the paper tomorrow. It’ll be all written there.”


It was true. Rene had tried to explain it to Ante herself in a friendly way. There was also the quest as well, and it was good to raise his favorability.


But when she saw what this cheeky guy was doing, her mind was blown away.


She thought she would have to educate him regardless of his favorability. 


“What’s written on it-“


“My innocence.”


“Ha! You proved your innocence within a day?”


“Do you know who that guy is? Do you know who that guy you just treated harshly is?”


Ante shut up at her question. Perhaps Ante had heard about Cedin but actually met him for the first time today.


Just because a good-looking man came in, he was only recognized as Rene’s toy.


That’s why he ignored Cedin right in front of his face.


“It’s Cedin Anshirad, I’m sure you’ve heard of him?.”


“…Are you talking about the Crown Prince’s loyal dog?”


“Why would you attach someone else’s dog to that guy? He’s my loyal dog.”


“What the hell?” 


Cyril intervened instead of Ante who was still slow to grasp the situation.


“Wait, Rene. Did you just say that he was Cedin the Mercenary King?”




“Why is he here?”


“The Crown Prince himself dispatched an investigator to get to the bottom of the incident.”


“…His Highness…!”


You didn’t think the Crown Prince would do that, right? Rene smiled bitterly.


“I ran into him while I was investigating to prove my innocence. It’s not polite to just send him away so I personally invited him to the Duke’s house. I’ve been investigating with him so far, that’s why I’m late.”


Cyril glanced at Rene with surprise, then turned to his brother.


“If what she said is true, aren’t you screwed?”


“Do you believe what she says, Cyril?”


“There’s nothing else I can believe. Even if she’s a crazy kid, why would she lie when she would get caught soon?”


Only then did Ante harden his face. He seemed to have a hunch that he was wrong, too. Rene headed to her room, regardless of whether Ante realized it or not. At times like this, instead of saying a hundred words–




“I expect an apology. Get it?”


A strike was much better.


Ante blankly let Rene go. He couldn’t keep up with this situation. It was confusing. What is the truth?


Just in case, really just in case.


He didn’t know if her little sister was telling the truth.


So he stayed awake at dawn.


And the next day, he received the morning paper before anyone else. There was no need to unfold it. The article he was looking for was on the front page.


<The Real Culprit of the Kidnapping and Murder of the Saint, Prince Ishir?>


『…In response to the priest Bobatean (23, pseudonym), “The Saint said in her sleep that she wanted to escape from His Highness the Crown Prince,” It means that there could be more inside the case. He is the last witness to the Saint who was a victim of forced perjury. Also, Young Lady Rene Marchius, who is currently suspected of murder, complained the unfairness of it all, saying that the Crown Prince who hid the witness could be the real culprit…』


After reading the article, Ante lay quietly in bed. And he thought as he covered his face with the newspaper.


It’s all ruined.

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