Author: LyraDhani

“Hm, I slept well.”


She woke up to the glittering sunlight after a long time. It really had been a really long time. In her previous life, she had to settle down at the tower.


A place without light or normal lives.


‘…It was terrible.’


She would never go back there again. Unlike before, Rene stood up with cool eyes.


‘Cedin probably had woken up, too, right?’ 


Since he was her guest, she had to take care of him. She opened the closet to change her clothes.




Knock. Knock.


She heard a knock on the door.


After entering this world, Rene deliberately turned off most of her senses. If it wasn’t a threat, she wouldn’t notice it.


It was quite annoying to have the senses on all the time, and most of all-


‘I don’t think there’s anyone in this world who can even touch the tip of my hair.’


[The <Monarch of Waves and Healing> is still worried about the lack of vigilance.]


[The <Emperor of Enticement> laughs, saying that even if she’s being careless, nothing can catch her off guard.]


Tsk. Rene turned off the chat window.


“Come on in.”


The door opened, and several maids came in.


 ‘…The Duke’s employees.’


 Rene turned on the status window of one of them.


<Status Window>


Name: Ehren


Fame: 12


Title: <The Duke’s Maid>, <The One Who Despises Rene Marchius>, and <Clear Dexterity>


Power: 3


Agility: 2


Strength: 5


Wisdom: 9


Luck: -13


Favorability: -480


It was mostly like this. She was no different from the other maids. Her stats were low, and her favorability was even lower.


It wasn’t really a problem.


“What’s going on?”


“Come down.”


The problem was revealed in the way she talked.


“…Who, where?”


At Rene’s question, the maids glanced at each other and laughed among themselves.


“Lady, do you really not know?”


“How many people will be looking for Lady in this ducal residence? Is there anyone who wants to scold Lady other than the Little Duke?”


Again, a roar of laughter erupted.


…They did a variety of things. Rene plainly stared at them.


 “You still don’t know your place, Lady? You’re not Marchius, you’re ‘Marchius’ shame’.”


“The only weak swordsman in the family of swordsmen.”


Hmm. Rene listened to them with interest.


This body was probably very weak, so she must have been ignored.


“Then, do you have a good personality? You have a bad personality and are useless, so no one is looking for you.”


Apparently, this had happened once or twice. How could they be so obvious? Rene pondered for a moment.


Just like yesterday, this whole house was too hostile and arrogant towards Rene.


If she used skills, they would be obedient for a while, but…


“It seems everyone believes status is everything here.”


She’d rather use something that would last longer than that.




Right, fear.


Rene took a few steps forward to the maids. Unleashing the power that was deliberately hidden.


She’d been considerate of civilians so that they could breathe, but she had no intention of being treated this way.


“What do you believe in?”


The maids did not answer Rene’s questions.




No, they couldn’t answer. It was natural.




Those who could take on her power and still be able to breathe—


 “No. You just believed in numbers.”


They were one of the strongest people in her past life.


“Because if you’re part of a majority, you feel like you’ve become something.”


Now, the maids trembled and convulsed in front of her.


‘You guys are already dying like this even though I’ve just let go of a little bit of my power.’


“S-Save me…”






Rene pulled back her power.


“Gasp, gasp…!”




The maids who had been triumphant before were kneeling at her feet.


 “Save me! Please…!”


“I-I’ve made a mistake, Lady!”


“You kneel so easily.”


Rene spoke in a slightly sad voice. She was tired of it. This happened frequently in her previous life.


In the first life when she knew nothing, and in the repeated lives after that, Rene was consistently ignored.


Because she had a woman’s body that looked so fragile on the outside. Young and vulnerable.


“Why are you being so foolish?”




But it wasn’t the strong who ignored Rene. Rather–


“I’m saying,”


It was the weakest people who couldn’t even read the situation. People who only knew how to cowardly cling to the strong.


 “I don’t understand.”


Why do jump into the fire on your own? If you’re weak too, why are you bullying other weak people?


She couldn’t understand this when she was weak and still didn’t understand it when she became strong.


Rene left the room with the bewildered maids.


And, as soon as she came out, she had to face someone who was waiting for her.


“Now that I look at you, you’re not just a cat, you’re a stray cat.”


Cedin Anshirad.


Rene smiled, slightly curling her eyebrows. But Cedin couldn’t laugh along with her.


“So much vicious energy leaked out, I couldn’t help but come out.”


“Oh, did it reach that far?”


Rene knew it well, but she pretended not to know. What would he know, anyway. She didn’t want to get nagged for leashing it on civilians.


“…Are you all right?”




“You don’t blame me?”


“Why would I blame Young Lady?”


“Well, everyone I met here said it’s all my fault?”


At those words, Cedin’s eyebrows narrowed even more.


“I know that it’s not Young Lady’s fault. I overheard the entire conversation just now.”


“…I showed a shameful appearance to the guest.”


It was embarrassing. Rene gritted her teeth and smiled gracefully.


“Have you always been treated like that?”




I suppose so. Cedin.


Rene lowered her head bitterly. The owner of this body must have been treated like that all along.


“Does the Duke and Duchess know this?”




“They have to know. I say-“




Rene grabbed Cedin’s hand as he turned around.


“That won’t make any difference.”


“But, you can’t just stay still.”


“Who said I am just staying still?”




Rene tried hard not to break Cedin’s arm.


Actually, she didn’t want to show it, but-


“I’m just going to use a more efficient way.”


Because no one was more upset about this than she was.




“Explain yourself.”


As soon as Rene and Cedin came down to the dining room for breakfast, Ante shoved a newspaper to her face.


Rene simply tore the paper in half and passed through it. Cedin suppressed her laughter and sat down with her. 


“Rene Marchius!”


Ante huffed and sat across from Rene. He looked back and forth between the carefree Sedin and Rene, then cut the newspaper with a knife.


That punk. She needed to teach him again.


[The <Lord of Vile Blood> recommends himself to be the one to teach him.]


Grandfather’s teaching starts with breaking everything. No.


“What do you want me to explain?”


Rene asked back, frowning at his insolent attitude.


“This article, explain it.”


“There’s nothing to explain. It’s all written there. You can’t read? Do you want me to teach you?”




“Calm down, Little Duke.”


Cedin stood up and threw a word to Ante, who raised his voice.


Because Ante had done something wrong to Cedin, he had to sit back in his seat without being able to answer.


“You don’t have anyone to blame so you frame the Crown Prince!”


“It’s not a false accusation, it’s a reasonable doubt.”


“You probably don’t even consider that Father has to go to the Imperial Palace because of you!”


“Father doesn’t consider my situation. Why should I do that?”


“Have you ever thought about how difficult our family’s position would be if an article like this is published?”




Rene cut a piece of meat and held it out to Ante.


“The reason why you get so mad is probably because you’re hungry. Do you want a bite?”


[The <Emperor of Enticement> says that even a spoonful of rice is a waste for a guy like that.]


“Just answer me.”


“It’s not a false accusation. Didn’t you see the priest’s testimony? I played a little bit of a prank on the name, but I didn’t play with the facts.”


She was kind enough to give the priest the pseudonym Bobatean. That should teach him how to read backward.


(TL note: I didn’t notice it in the previous chapter but bobatean = ante babo = Stupid Ante. Lol, I am ded.)


[The <Monarch of Waves and Healing> likes that prank.]


[The <Lord of Vile Blood> complains that you should have written more swear words.]


“Are you certain?”


“Ask him about that.”


Rene pointed to Cedin with a fork. Cedin nodded his head and admitted.


“It’s true that it was testified like that.”


“Is there any credibility in the testimony?”


“I can’t be sure, but there’s a reason why His Highness the Crown Prince tried to bury it himself.”


Only then did Ante’s face change into a serious expression.


Things were leaning toward the truth in the article. Then, that meant they were about to persecute Rene, who was innocent.


‘No. She brought it on himself.’


If she were a little bit kinder, no, if she hadn’t harassed the Saint at least, she wouldn’t have been framed as a suspect. It was Rene’s fault for losing trust.


Ante repeated this thought in his mind.


“Why did you come all the way here, sir?”


“I was dispatched to investigate the case by order of His Highness the Crown Prince.”


“I asked why you came to my mansion, instead of just visiting the territory.”


No matter how harshly Ante spoke, Cedin didn’t blink an eye. 


“To investigate the case. As the Little Duke said, isn’t the suspect here?”


“Leaking evidence to my sister is an investigation?”


“You sound uncomfortable. Are you uncomfortable with me helping your sister? Or, are you uncomfortable with your sister being cleared of the charges?”


Oh, Cedin, you’re pretty good.


If Rene was the main character in the novel, it would have sounded roughly like this.


[Rene Marchius’ favorability increases by 100!]


[<Rene Marchius> cheers, saying, ‘Our Blackie is the best!’.]


“… I didn’t know that you’re acquainted with my sister, sir.”


“I am not.”


“Then why-“


“So, I am going to get acquainted with her from now on.”






Ante was at loss for words at Cedin’s firm words. In fact, so was Renee. The kids here were so shy.


 “Well, then it’s your turn.”


“What do you mean it’s my turn?”


“Apologize to my guest. For yesterday’s disrespect.”


Rene said as if was natural. It was actually to be expected. It was Ante who didn’t ask Cedin who he was.


“…Sir Anshirad. Yesterday was my mistake.”


“I don’t need an apology. It seems the Little Duke has someone else to apologize to.”


“Yes, apologize to me now.”


Rene pointed her fork to his face.


The blue eyes that poured out the light were shining.


“Why should I apologize? The reason you were drawn as a suspect is because of your usual behavior. And there’s still not enough evidence that this article is true. If you bring me the evidence, I will apologize then.”


[The <Lord of Vile Blood> is brushing his teeth to turn that bastard into a jiangshi.]


[The <Monarch of Waves and Healing> quietly prepares boiling water.]


[The <Emperor of Enticement> recommends summoning the Demon King here]


‘Everyone, calm down. It’s not just once or twice that he’s done that.’


<Special Quest – Innocence>


You made a deal with Ante Marchius to prove your innocence within a month. Let’s prove your innocence as soon as possible.


Clear condition: Proof of innocence


Clear reward: You can claim 1 wish from Ante Marchius. Cyril Marchius’ favorability +100


Seeing that the quest hadn’t been completed yet,


It seemed that more solid evidence was needed. It couldn’t be helped. If he wanted something more definite.




Rene shrugged her shoulders. 


“I was afraid you won’t believe me, so I have prepared something more for you.”


“…What do you mean?”


Rene quietly put something on the table.


Ante opened his eyes wide and looked at the object.


It was a little scripture and a note. Ante picked up the note and read it.


“Isn’t this an address?”




“What does this address mean?”


“It’s the place where the Saint was last seen. Three days ago at that.”

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  1. Oh geez, this is wild. Can’t wait for her to leave this family, if she ends up leaving- the fact that they treated the original owner like this in the first place is so wild, like I get that it’s because of ‘the way she acted’, but obviously if someone is villified in this way so much, they will eventually become a villain no matter what. Nice one to Cedin though, and thank you for the chapter!!