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Author: Byuon

<Chapter 1>

I’ll tell you a story about being a former hero and becoming the current final boss


Ruel stood with an exhausted body and looked at the seductive woman in front of her.

The final boss of the game, Marcy Lezantia.


‘If I knock her down, I can go back to reality.’

Ruel, or “Yu-hana,” was possessed by the then-favorite mobile game “Last Heroes” a decade ago.


Last Heroes” is a collection-type RPG game that prevents the destruction of the world by selecting and fostering the heroes you want.


One is a desire to return to her real world, and at that time, she brought in little heroes around the age of 10 and fostered them as great heroes.

Her grandmother, the only family member she has, is waiting for her.


‘Surely, I will catch the demon here and return to my original world.’

Ruel gathered her tired mind and shouted at the heroes, putting on a shield once again.


“Cassian, one more time, please!”


“All right!”


Cassian invoked the “Provocation Skill” at the same time as Ruel’s order fell.

Most of the magic tools created by Lezantia were poured into Cassian.

The shield surrounded by Cassian quickly melted into the pouring magic ball.




Astaire’s recovery spell continued to pour out on the defenseless Cassian, restoring his stamina.

As soon as Lezantia’s magic was concentrated on Cassian, a wave of magic stretched out from Rashiel’s magic camp trapped Lezantia’s body.

The fast-flying Tezette’s sword penetrated the body of the demon.




At the same time the demon groaned, the body of the spirit leaned. Black energy flowed out of the penetrated body like blood and began to fluctuate.

Cassian quickly backed away from being swept away by the aftermath.


“…Did you do it?”


Ruel, who was watching while taking a breath, glared at Cassian with his ax eyes, spouting taboo words.


‘Don’t you know that’s a resurrection message that saves even the villains who have been nailed down?’


It’s a forbidden word!

It was Ruel who watched nervously that the demon might come back to life.



The black energy from the body of the demon swept through the five people like a storm.


“Oh, my!”

Ruel closed her eyes and opened her eyes to the gust of wind rushing in front of her.

In the place where the body was, there was not even a body left except for the blurry black energy.


“Is it…. the end?”

At that moment, a blue system window appeared in front of Ruel.


[The Savior of this World] Clear!


As the final reward, “Return to the Present World” will be active.

However, since the present body belongs to this world, it will face the death.


“It’s really over now.”


At the same time as I felt relieved, I rapidly lost strength in my body and fell down on the spot.

It wasn’t just a lack of strength, but it felt like the vitality itself was escaping.


Peace has come, and it is time for me to leave this stranger world.

‘I’m not really going to die, but… but I don’t feel like dying.’

The first person who noticed Ruel’s condition was Astaire, who was closest to her position.


“Master? What’s wrong with you? Are you hurt?”


Astaire looked anxiously at the fallen Ruel.

At that time, Tezette and Rashiel, who noticed the seriousness of the situation, approached Ruel.




“Ruel? Why all of a sudden…”


Following that, Cassian, who was the farthest from the tanker position, also came up with an unusual atmosphere.

“What’s wrong with you?”


“What did the black smoke from Lezantia do?”


Rashiel, who was looking at Ruel’s pale complexion, deduced by recalling the situation a while ago.

When he heard the story, Cassian pressed Astaire next to him.


“Hey, goddess Knaful. Do something! You’re a healer.”


Astaire would normally have responded to Cassian’s words right away, but now his mind was all focused on Ruel.

Astaire continued to use recovery magic with his fingers in Ruel’s hands.

However, no matter how much vitality he put in, Ruel’s condition showed no signs of improvement.


Like pouring water into a bottomless pit.

“I keep losing her vitality. Why? No injuries, no symptoms of poisoning. How come…”


At this rate, Ruel will die.

Astaire’s complexion, which he sensed, also turned white.

Then, Ruel pulled her hand from Astaire’s.


“…I’m fine.”


“What do you mean you’re fine? With a white face like that!!”


When Cassian, with a worried look on his face, screamed, Ruel frowned.

‘I’m surprised by your voice and I’m going to die sooner, you bastard.’

Anyway, I can see that this situation is quite shocking and scary for four people.


‘But are you attached… a little?’

Although the relief of clearing the game was great, it was regrettable to see the four men terrified in front of my own death.


‘I thought you didn’t care.’

In her original world, she moved to a new school following her father, whose workplace changes every year.

Thanks to that environment, I have the ability to adapt quickly anywhere.

But deep down, I was always ready to leave.


It’s a place to leave soon.

We’re going to break up soon.

And I thought that’s how I felt in this world.


It’s a 10 year school, with people who are about to separate soon.

But I guess it wasn’t. Seeing that I feel so empty.


“… Everyone.”


Four people’s attention gathered to her at the words of Ruel, who struggled.

Ruel barely raised her heavy falling eyelids and looked at the four men one after another.

Astaire, a beautiful boy with divine power, with blonde hair that looks like it was made of light and eyes that resemble the fall sky.


Rashiel with silver hair and fascinating confidence that shines like a snowy field with light.

Cassian with red eyes resembling a flame and golden eyes like the shimmering sun.

Finally, Tezzete, who has dark black hair and green eyes, still has a youthful face.


‘I’m not fighting to die but it’s because I’m about to die soon, these guys.’


When I first got possessed in this world, I lamented, “Why should I have to go through this?” but after completing the journey, I felt relieved and proud. Especially, seeing the four men who grew up to be great heroes.


“You’ve done a great job.”

“Suddenly, what does that mean?”



Ruel, who was talking, coughed in agony. I couldn’t breathe properly.

The four men who saw the scene stopped what they were rushing to say and looked at Ruel blankly.


“And, thank you.”


“No, don’t say anything. Once you’ve recovered from your physical strength…”


Beyond the blurred vision, I could see Cassian shouting hurriedly and Astaire continuing to demonstrate recovery magic with a crying look.

Tezzete, who is staring at me as if he can’t believe this situation.


“Let’s go back to the temple. There must be a way if other healers join forces.”


Rashiel, who judged that Astaire’s power was not enough, hugged Ruel.

Rashiel’s arm was tightly held as if he were worried that Ruel would disappear, but at the same time, he was shaking.

“So… please hang in there a little longer, Ruel.”


Rashiel’s eyes were trembling nervously when he said so. It was the first time I saw him, who was relaxed in everything.

Soon after, Rashiel implemented a teleport wizard.

But Ruel couldn’t hold out any longer and closed her eyes. There was no voice.




Ruel fell into the deep darkness, leaving behind the voices of the four people calling her.

Like that, she returned to ‘Yu-hana’.


* * *


That was three years ago.

‘I’m sure it was, but why…’

I looked out the window with absurd eyes.

A familiar street, a familiar building. I’ve forgotten about it for a while, but I can’t forget the scenery.


A terrifying sigh came out of my mouth looking at the scenery with incredible eyes.

“Why did I in this game again?”


What do you want me to do this time?

A familiar blue system window popped up in front of my bewildered eye.


[The Cruel Ruler Of This World]


You are reincarnated as the resurrection of Lezantia. Eliminate the Obstructionists and conquer this world!


Failure penalty: Death

Final compensation: ???


Profanity immediately came out of my mouth who understood the letters in the system window.

“Are you crazy?”

I just saved the world before the end while going through so much hard time, and now you want me to destroy it?



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