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<Chapter 10>


“It will be a moment.”

Elsez pondered for a moment, then sat down across from Perth.

In case of an emergency, I would be able to overpower it with my strength, so I had nothing to worry about.

Besides, the man across from me didn’t seem like a bad person for some reason.

“Are you drinking?”

“Wh, what… A little?”

To be honest, I don’t know how much Elsez’s body could handle it, but I thought I could drink a little.

Perth called a passing guild member and ordered an additional beer.

Soon, a beer in a large beer mug was placed in front of Elsez.

Elsez asked Firth.

“Are you buying it?”

“I got it today because of you.”

“Because of me?”

“I made a bet with them. How long will it take you to catch the beast and return?”

Perth pointed to the guild members behind Elsez.

When Elsez turned around, the guild members who were watching the two quickly turned their gazes like they didn’t see them.

“And did you get the closest estimate?”

“That’s right.”

“How much did you predict?”

“Two hours.”

Elsez was shocked inside.

Most likely everyone else would have been betting on running away or coming back very late.

“Thank you for giving me a high opinion of my ability.”

“No, I just guessed it.”

“In such a case, it is better to get the other person’s liking.”

“Well, I guess I did.”

Perth admitted his mistake later and chuckled.

However, Elsez did not dislike his open-minded attitude.

“So what’s your business?”

“Hey, would you like to join our guild?”

Elsez blinked at Perth’s unexpected suggestion.

When you join a guild, the guild’s fee is reduced from the quest reward.

From the guild’s point of view, the more competent guild members it has, the more requests it receives, so it was advantageous even if the fee was reduced.

Not only that, when in danger, the guild members helped, and when breaking the quest to kill the beasts that were difficult to catch alone, they formed a plan with the guild members.

‘Do you want to join?’

For Elsez, who need to earn money as quickly as possible, it is better to join a guild and reduce fees.

Elsez, who was willing to accept the offer, stopped.

‘Wait, Elsez Rohain is a nobleman.’

The Viscount Rohain isn’t a very prestigious nobleman, but anyway, he’s a nobleman, so anyone might recognize him if he hears my surname.

‘He may not know the Viscount Rohain, but you may recognize the fiancee of the Duke of Rittenhaus….’

It would be troublesome in many ways if it became known that the noble was working in the guild.

‘But I don’t have any capital, so I can’t go anywhere to do business. This is the only way to make money right now.’

It was at that time when Elsez was struggling.

The guild members who had overheard their conversation rushed in out of nowhere.

“How about joining our Glory Guild instead? If you come to our guild—”

“Our Flash Guild is a guild that treats talented people like you. Come to our guild!”

“You guys don’t even know what a win-win is? Perth opened our guild first, so my friend will come to our guild. that day?”

The man with a lower-level accent seemed to be in the same guild as Perth.

A man named a guild member of the Glory Guild pushed out the lower fat man, whether he judged him at a disadvantage.

“These guilds haven’t been established in a while, so they don’t have a system. Obviously, the guild should go to a place with a strong history.”

“History is a place where all the old and young people gather. You don’t even know the Rising Sun.”

“What, That old-fashioned?”

“Yeah, old-fashioned.”


“My friend, our guild receives requests from abroad. Our captain is rather talented. And our guild has one more advantage.”

The lower fat man mentioned his strengths in a meaningful voice, whether or not the guild members of other guilds said it.

“Even if you go to other guilds, only the black and monstrous guys are all over the place, right? By the way, this is the face of the captain of our guild.”

The man gave a thumbs up, referring to the captain.

“… It’s a bit pricey, but it’s okay.”

The small words he added were buried in the voices of other guild members that followed.

“What, ugly? Have you finished talking!”

“What did I say wrong? You look ugly, you look like monster Kaji. When they get mad when they look like they’re crazy.”

Elsez thought silently as he watched the middle-aged men gossip about each other saying they were ugly.

‘It’s like… It felt like a newbie appeared at the stagnant party.’

In any case, it was quite pleasant to see those who coveted me compete.

Perth, watching the men quarreling, knocked on the table once.

“Everyone stops, it seems like you’ve worked hard in sales, but I’ll stop chasing and leave the decision to this friend.”

At that moment, everyone’s eyes returned to Elsez again.

After examining the men in turn, Elsez made up her mind.

“I will join.”




Elsez had chosen a place where there was someone who recognized her abilities at a glance.

Elsez moved to the guild building with Perth and Jack. Jack was the name of a man with a low-fat accent.

“Come on, leisure is our guild.”

Elsez looked up at the sign hanging in front of the building.


‘Who made the name? You made the guild name cringe.’

Elsez thought so, and entered the guild with the two of them.

Inside the guild, I saw guild members drinking after completing the quest, just like in the guild where they were staying a while ago.

When they saw Elsez, their eyes widened and they asked.

“Jack, who’s next to you? Maybe a hidden daughter?”

“No, my son.”

“Hey, there’s no way Jack has such a pretty daughter.”

As the guild member giggled and said, Jack opened his axe’s eyes and threw whatever he could get in his hand.

However, the guild members easily accepted it and threw it.

“It’s our guild ace that I brought with all my might. She’s much more capable than you, so she won’t take care of anything. Say hello when you meet her.”


Then, he asked Elsez gently.

“If any bastard is nagging at you, just crush it!”

At Jack’s request, Elsez burst into laughter. The guild atmosphere seemed to be quite good.

Elsez sat down at the same table with Jack and Perth.

“Since you’re a newbie, buy me a drink to celebrate.”

Jack offered Elsez a glass of beer.

From what Elsez has seen so far, Jack has been mostly leading the conversation, while Perth has been mostly reticent.

Jack asked, drenched in beer.

“But what’s your name, friend? It’s kind of weird to keep saying, friend. There must be a decent name.”

“Oh. As it turns out, I didn’t say my name. My name is…”

Elsez, who was ready to say her name, stopped.

Even the noble girl’s name would not have been known, so she quickly hid only her last name and said.

“It’s Elsez.”

“Ah, what a beautiful name.”

Normal people didn’t seem to suspect that Elsez hid her last name, as the commoners thought that the last name was not important.

“As you may have heard, I am Jack. Next is Perth.”

Jack reached out to shake hands with a playful smile that didn’t sound like a middle-aged man.

“Welcome to our guild once again, Elsez.”

“I wish you all the best, Jack.”

Elseez smiled and took his hand. Contrary to her rather thin physique, her hands were stout as if to prove the past years.

Jack took a sip and said.

“You came here for the first time today, so do you have a lot of questions about our guild? ask anything. It’s okay to talk about anything other than the guild.”

After pondering for a while, Elsez asked, thinking of her ‘real purpose’ to raise money.

“How much money do I have to offer to get information from the magic tower?”

Firth was startled by the word ‘Magic tower’, but Jack responded without noticing it.

“If it’s information from the magic tower, you will have to save up so much money.”

“Is it very expensive?”

“It’s expensive. It wasn’t like that in the past, but the price has risen since the change of the owner. The current owner of the tower is crazy, and if you enter the tower by mistake, you can get crushed.”

Jack squeaked and pretended to hit the head with his hand.

“If it’s difficult to infiltrate, you have to entice the inner wizard, but these guys also won’t come over even if you try to convince them that they’ve been caught by Captain Zug, these days.”

Hearing Rashiel’s story, Elsez’s expression hardened subtly.

“Still, if you need information from the tower, you have come to our guild.”


“Didn’t I already tell you? Our captain is competent. Our captain is a little close with the magic tower owner. If you tell the captain, he may bring you into the tower.”

Elsez rolled his eyes.

Did Rashiel just make a new friend?


At that moment, Perth, who was quietly listening to the conversation, intervened.

“…They two don’t get along.”

“Eh? Really? Did they fight?”

“I don’t know, but… Anyway, it’s not good.”

Perth said so, but Elsez became curious about the “captain” at the story of Rashiel’s new friend.

Having solved one question, Elsez asked another question.

“Jack, then, do you know who the Duke Rittenhouse is?”

“Ah, the young duke? I’ll do it like this.”

“Bark, bark, bark…”

“A crazy dog.”

“Why is it a dog?”

Jack gulped down his drink, choked his throat, and continued.

“Did my friend live abroad? The Duke is originally the illegitimate child of the former Duke Rittenhouse, but he became a hero and one day returned to the Duke and killed his father and brother.”

Hearing the story of Tezette, Elsez’s expression went blank in shock.

‘On,one guy kills his master. One was his father and older brother…’

“However, His Majesty the Emperor acknowledged the Duke’s rank, saying that the previous Duke had been plotting treason and the current Duke was helping him.”

“Emperor… Your Majesty?”

“Yes. So, after that, he became the king’s dog, didn’t he? If he is ordered to kill, he will kill, if he is ordered to live, he will save you. His Majesty the Emperor has been ill recently, so he must be working under his Majesty the Crown Prince.”

Elsez’s brow furrowed.

In the past, the Imperial family had never directly harmed Ruel, but she did not like the Imperial family for various reasons.

It must have been the same for the Tezette.

By the way, he became an aide to the Emperor and Crown Prince.

“Since the Crown Prince is very clean, he may be chasing the Magic tower owner under him these days.”

Elsez’s heart sank when she heard the story.

‘The two weren’t on good terms in the first place, but… No, like this!’

Along with Elsez’s expression like that, Perth’s expression darkened as well.

Jack continued to tell the story without noticing the faces of the two of them.

“Not long ago, there was rumor that the Duke and the princess were trying to get married. But it said the Duke has a fiancee?”

At the story of Tezette’s fiancee, Elsez was terrified.

‘That’s why Tezette needed a fiancee.’

Due to his personality, he is not the type to work for others.

I don’t know how he became a close aide to the emperor, but seeing the refusal to marry, which was nothing more than a chain, did not seem like a very smooth relationship.

“However, don’t even come close to the Duke’s. If you get caught, you’ll be in trouble. Crashed.”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

Elseez smiled awkwardly and drank only the beer.

Her laugh was awkward.




As time passed and evening came, more guild members returned to the guild after completing the quest.

‘Should I go now?’

I hate being noticed.

“Stop. Let’s go home and eat cookies.”

Elsez reached out with a bat out of her inner pocket and pushed Leti, who got up to pick snacks, and I got up from my seat.

Jack, getting drunk, went to another table and who was chatting, and Perth was away from work and will come back for a while.

Elsez put on a robe hood and headed towards the door to avoid the attention of other guild members.

Just when I was about to leave the guild, I bumped into someone’s solid chest who had just entered the guild.


Elsez, who had been reeling, managed to keep her balance by holding her opponent’s hand.


Elsez reflexively apologized and looked up at her opponent.

An intense red gold eye that is clearly visible even under the dim lighting under the intense red light like a fluttering flame.

“It’s the first time I see your face.”

And even a familiar voice.

Before Elsez knew who the face and voice were, she heard Jack’s voice from behind.

“Hey, Captain! Did you come back early?”

At the same time, Elsez’s eyes widened, realizing who the opponent was in front of her.

‘… Cassian?’

Why are you here…?


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