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<Chapter 3>


Elsez quickly grabbed the torso of the rabbit doll.

“What are you?”

Then the rabbit doll began to tremble, and then the voice of a child full of anger came out.

“Let go of this! That’s rude! Thanks to whom you survived!”


What surprised Elsez more than the existence of the rabbit doll was the words that came out of the rabbit doll.

Who survived?

The bunny doll quickly escaped from Elsez’s grasp, taking advantage of Elsez’s surprise.

He slid down onto the table, he said, poking out his chubby belly triumphantly.

“It’s me, Master Lezantia who will conquer this world in the future!”


“I will grant you special permission to call me ‘Leti’, human.”

Elsez looked at the bunny doll who spoke generously with a puzzled expression.

“Are you Lezantia? Aren’t you dead?”

“Hey, did you think this body would die so easily?”

Leti snorted.

“It permeated your soul just before you died. It was a bit of a shame for me to seep into a mere human body, but once you survive, you can make a promise to the next one!”

“Did you seep into my soul?”

“Yes. This body knew you were the soul of another world. I attached it to your soul, went to another world, and restored my weakened power.”

“You restored that power and came back to this world? Do you want to conquer this world?”

“Yes. I’ll let you live, even when you’re dead. In other words, this body is your lifesaver.”

So, this damn rabbit doll right in front of me is the culprit behind my planned bad ending?

But Leti exclaimed with aspirations in an innocent tone that knew nothing.

“So, join forces with me and conquer the world!”

Elsez replied with a smile without hesitation.

“Yes, I refuse.”

“Why! If you conquer the world, you can have all the sparkling jewels, and you can steal all the delicious cookies!”

Even if it was a demon who would destroy the world, it didn’t feel very dangerous because he was possessed by a rabbit doll and listened to the rattles.

‘It’s kind of cute because he’s an innocent kid who doesn’t know anything.’

Anyway, this rabbit is the culprit behind the bad ending.

Elsez grabbed Leti again, tied the satin ribbon next to her to the back of the chair, and quickly changed her clothes.

Embarrassed by Elsez’s unexpected refusal, Leti shouted out a beat late.

“Hey, what is this? To treat a lifesaver like this!”

Leti groaned, Elsez put on her outing robe and approached Leti again.

She tied Leti with her satin ribbon.

At that moment, Leti, who had an intuition for something, asked.

“Where are you going?”

“I know someone who knows a lot about strange creatures like you.”

Elsez left her room with determined eyes.

Will you become a demon and destroy the world, or will you simply die at the hands of heroes? There is not even the slightest bit of heart to follow the set fate.

‘Avoid the bad endings!’

No matter what.

* * *


Elsez got out of the house and called a carriage.

The Viscount Rohain not had a carriage in the family because the Viscount Rohain died a while ago and also disposed of the carriage in the process of canceling his debt.

Elsez informed the coachman where she was going.

“Go to Heritz Forest.”

Then the coachman looked back at Elsez with a frightened expression.

“Hey, the Heritz Forest? Why are you going there?”

Usually, coaches don’t even wonder or ask customers.

Elsez answered with puzzled yet obediently.

“I have business to do at the tower.”

“Hey, is it a magic tower?”

The driver, who had a frightened expression since the story of Heritz Forest, was now putting on a terrified face.

He said with a face almost crying.

“I’m sorry, miss. I can’t go there.”

“Why not…?”

“I’m really sorry.”

I was so desperate that I had no choice but to get off the carriage.

Elsez was puzzled and got into another carriage.

However, when the next carriage and the next carriage also asked about her destination, they were all shocked and refused to board.

‘Even before, the image of the tower was not very good, but it wasn’t like this…?’

In the past, people didn’t like the magic tower because there was a strong perception that it was a gathering place for research enthusiasts and magic-crazy geeks.

‘Is it because of the rumors of researching black magic in the Magic Tower?’

Elsez barely caught the next carriage and told him where he was going.

“To the Heritz Forest. I’m going to the tower.”

“Hey, is it a magic tower?”

This driver also showed the same reaction as the other coaches.

Elsez asked the coach.

“What’s going on in the tower? Why are you so afraid?”

“Really… Don’t you know?”

The coachman looked at Elsez as if she was a foreigner and brought up the story.

“Did you know that 3 years ago, the current Master tower murdered the former master?”


Elsez was shock.

Usually, the next master tower is chosen by the predecessor master tower, who is the successor of excellent talents among his disciples who train magic in the magic tower.

It was an extremely rare case in history to kill one’s predecessor and become a master of magic tower.

“Have you ever been to a foreign country to study?”

The coachman continued to explain, bewildered by the fact that Elsez did not know about it.

“The current master tower has been hiding from the Empire since then.”

Although the magic tower was a neutral institution that did not belong to any country, it maintained a close cooperative relationship with the Empire through ties between ancestors.

So, it was until Rashiel became the new magic tower master.

Rashiel had broken that close partnership.

After that, the Empire put Rashiel on the list of people of interest and kept an eye on it.

“There are rumors that they are studying black magic, but I don’t know the exact details. No one knows where the tower is.”

The magic tower’s wizards took a very closed position to outsiders, so they were reluctant to open the tower.

The one in Heritz Forest is also not a magic tower, but one of the most well-known of the many entrances to the magic tower, and no one knew the true location of the magic tower.

“Anyway, that’s why everyone is reluctant to go nearby. Because if you go nearby for nothing, you might be dragged away as a test subject of black magic. Not even a mouse or a bird will come near. Even if it isn’t black magic, the Empire may be suspicious.”

The coachman trembled as if he was scared just thinking about it.

Elsez only blinked at the unbelievable news.

‘Why Rashiel?’

He must have been the hero who saved the world, the road ahead must have been a bright and flowery road, but why?

Why did he forsake the glory of a hero and choose the path of his corruption?

Confused by the news of Rashiel, Elsez quickly captured her feelings and instructed the coachman.

“Then, let’s go to the village near Heritz Forest.”


* * *


Hours after that.

In the evening when the twilight fell, Elsez was wandering through the Heritz forest with a tired expression on her face.

‘Damn, I couldn’t find the entrance, let alone the tower.’

When I first possessed Ruel, there was a quest that allowed me to automatically interact with the Magic Tower.

When magic ranged dealers like Rashiel learn new skills or craft items, the Tower was a must-go place for players.

However, since Elsez is not a player like Ruel, the quest didn’t come. So she couldn’t even find the tower.

At that moment, Leti, who was tied to Elseez’s waist, grinned sarcastically.

“You have been fooled, human.”

“Shut up.”

“Don’t get too excited. Even if you get rid of me anyway, the power I planted in you won’t go away. Your soul and mine are bound together.”

“Well, there might be other ways you don’t know.”

Elsez nodded bitterly, then turned her steps helplessly out of the woods.

My legs hurt from wandering for hours, but it was more because my hopes of meeting Rashiel had disappeared.

‘When we meet, there are many things I want to ask you.’

Why did he kill his master, whether the rumors about studying black magic are true, and…

Are you okay? what the hell happened to you.

Rashiel was the first of the four heroes that Ruel had fostered.

In real life, when she was playing the game, she could get it by luck by hitting cash and turning the draw.

Among them, Rashiel was not difficult to obtain even in the game, but he had a reputation for being a very difficult character to develop.

He exhibits the best performance among long-distance dealers when he reaches his skill level, but the process of obtaining materials for skill promotion is bad, so players did not use it well.

With that effort and devotion, it was at a level that was able to level the skills of the other two heroes.

For Ruel, who wanted to clear the game as quickly as possible, she had to choose another character that could be developed easily and quickly.

However, the moment she made eye contact with a young Rashiel who had been abused in the slave market.

‘Just let me die like this. It has nothing to do with you anyway.’

I couldn’t help but bring him. I couldn’t turn away from the empty eyes that had lost their vitality and had faded away.

It was Rashiel who was recruited like that.

Therefore, the news of his blackening came as a shock.

‘My heart hurts by thinking about it!’

It was at that time when Elsez grabbed her sore chest as she recalled Rashiel.

‘The flow of mana around has changed…?’

An ordinary aristocratic young girl would never notice, but Elsez, who had gone through many hurdles in the first episode, noticed it at once.

At the same time, space-time was distorted, and sharply forged ice shards suddenly flew.


Elsez quickly evaded the surprise attack, but he could not avoid the shadow that swarmed him from behind.

Someone with overwhelming strength grabbed her two wrists and pushed them roughly against the tree behind her back.


A man’s face in front of Elsez’s eyes, grimacing in pain.

A tall handsome man with dazzling silver hair as if made from moonlight, and mysterious purple eyes that looked as if amethyst had been pierced underneath.

As the face line becomes sharp, the overall

As the face line became sharper, the overall impression became cooler, but this face is definitely… 

‘… Rashiel?’

Rashiel tilted his face with a stern smile and opened his red lips for a man.

“To approach this area without fear, for a person sent by the Crown Prince, it’s pretty daring.”

Following the languid voice in his ear, the blue earring on his right ear swayed.

“Have you recently changed your strategy?”

Contrary to his pleasant low-pitched voice, there was a creepy life in his eyes.

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